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Giant Hogweed !!

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and did you know that Local Authorities can actually give people fixed penalty fines of £100 if giant hog is found growing on someone's land and hasn't been removed.

If it's still ignored the individual can be fined up to £5000 and an organisation upto £20000

It should also be reported to the Environment agency through their 'Plant Tracker' website.

So there you go, and I can hear you all saying 'another bit of boring and useless info, thanks for that Dizzy zzzzz' :lol:

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:lol: :lol: Not sure if the one I saw is still there Sha but yes I reported it on the website.

The council did put warning signs up along the river path near the transporter bridge where there was some more, no idea if they removed/killed it though. No way am I going on my own to have a look :lol:

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Do you want to come for a nice little stroll with me along the secluded and overgrown river path Peter?  Obviously I can't promise that I wont push you in the Mersey but I'll try my best not to, chances are you will just fall or slip in though...quite by accident  :P

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I must admit I have never heard of the danger of this. thanks Dizzy for raising this issue, I'll be on the lookout on my rambles in future.

Shouldn't thanks have a capital t?  Pedantic I know but you seem to like this sort of thing.

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