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Found 3 results

  1. Gary

    forum over facebook

    While many of us have turned to facebook over forums these days, one area where the forum wins hands down over facebook is in SEO. It is amazing how many old topics get resurrected many years later because someone has found it on google or some other search engine. It's not often you see an old facebook post resurected. So this forum is pretty important for future generations and the town's history. God help future researchers with some of the ramblings on here lol
  2. Dizzy

    The end of the world ?

    The end of the world.... ok not really but I bet some people feel like it is and are going into complete meltdown tonight Facebook has crashed (for some service providers anyway) and has been off for a few hours now apparently. Mines not working at all (not bothered though) and some reports online said it's a Virgin Media problem (I'm with VM) but having just rung their 150 support number their recorded message says they are aware of the facebook problem and it's affecting them and other service providers too and they [VM] are working with facebook to try and rectify the problem. I wonder if it's been hacked.... or maybe it's down as it just couldn't cope with all Gary's news links across the groups and pages
  3. Dizzy

    Panic in the world !!

    It's all over the news... worldwide.... FACEBOOK IS BROKEN !! Algy is that your fault