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Found 1 result

  1. SusanW

    WW2 bomb on Knutsford Road

    Hello, With reference to the Cheshire Museum of Policing photos of WW2 bomb damage, I would like to add a little more information. Included in Dizzy's post was a link to an image of a lorry in a bomb crater on Knutsford Road and I know something of this incident. The link below is another photo of the same event. 11th September 1940, Knutsford Road, Grappenhall http://www.museumofpolicingincheshire.org.uk/Collections/bomb_image.aspx?photo=1S69.jpg My Uncle Leslie told me the story a little while ago, but I hadn't realised that there was this evidence in police records! He was 10 years old and the family was living in one of the Bellhouse Cottages. A bomb had fallen on Knutsford Road and the news spread around the village - a notable event in a rural area not used to receiving the attention of German bombers. It was early in the morning and his Mum insisted on going down to see straight away, so he had to put his shoes on and his coat over his pyjamas (he objected to this, but to no avail) and hurry on down Bellhouse Lane to Knutsford Road. The bomb must have been dropped during the night causing a large hole in the road. The lorry driver, making a journey in semi-darkness (no street lights, of course), hadn't seen the damage done and the lorry fell into the crater! By the time Leslie and Grandmother got there, both driver and driver's mate had been rescued and stood by the side of the road enjoying the attention of the crowd. The driver had hurt his arm in the accident and now had some sort of bandage applied. Leslie thought he was rather enjoying telling everyone the tale and eliciting sympathy for his 'war wound'. His mate, on the other hand, had a slightly downcast look - perhaps envious of all the attention his superior was receiving? As more people arrived, details of the event were repeated over and over again. Locals who had arrived early on heaped praise upon the rescuers who had "worked like Trugans" to extricate the two men from the wreck of their vehicle. Leslie never forgot the event, or the peculiar local pronunciation of the word 'Trogans'!