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  1. Mary

    Dear Idiots

    Call the police - DO IT!!
  2. Mary


    It Was Awesome!!!!!
  3. Mary


    At Midnight tonight I am going to see Deathly Hollows 2 - and say goodbye to Tom Riddle for good!! B) :mrgreen:
  4. An 11-year-old boy in Brazil has been dubbed "Magnet Boy" because metal objects apparently stick to his skin. Paulo David Amorim, from Rio Grande do Norte state, can carry spoons, scissors and even casserole pots on his body, according to footage shown on TV Globo. The boy's father claimed he discovered his son's magnetism when he asked him to bring him a knife and fork "and much to my surprise, they stuck". Paulo David said classmates have started calling him "Magnet Boy" and ask him to demonstrate his "powers" with objects in class. "In school, everyone asks me to put things
  5. Mary

    Gonna here?

    I wonder if an STI is the same as an STD?
  6. Well unfortunately unless you come here Gart - you won't bump into me, mores the pity.
  7. Mary

    The 4th

    Thanks I worked - but it was a lovely day for the people I work with. They are of the generation that remembers the war - WWII that is.
  8. Mary

    The 4th

    Well Monday is our Independence Day - happy 4th to all -
  9. Photographs of hundreds of thousands of criminals could be published online as part of plans to expand "crime maps" in England and Wales. Home Officer Minister Nick Herbert is backing the idea, which he claims will help to reduce crime and boost public confidence in the justice system. He told Sky News: "We want to put this information in the hands of the people because justice must be seen to be done. "There has to be a presumption of transparency. If there isn't this transparency then how do we hold the criminal justice system to account?" West Yorkshire Police is currentl
  10. I got mine and by the way nice new format Gary!
  11. Maybe when you run a different program that needs a different screen resolution the computer automatically changes it for you. Go to start, click on control panel, then click on appearance and personalize and click on change screen resolution; click on that then click on graphic properties then click on display settings then you can change screen resolution from there too.
  12. Mary

    guess what ..

    And all were interesting and or fun!!
  13. The world's largest sculpture of a human body is being carved out of the British landscape using more than a million tonnes of rock and soil left behind by coal-mining.
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