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  1. For anyone who doesn't fancy forking out a load of cash to experience a trip through the Panama Canal someone has done it for you. A quick trip from the Pacific to the Atlantic: https://youtu.be/m8TkcWhmByg
  2. They don't do the preventative burns in the fire season Bill, it's obviously done in the winter. Also it has been widely reported that government policy, driven by a "Green" agenda, has led to landowners being heavily fined for trying to clear all the dead foliage from their land to try and reduce the fire risk. If you have a wood burning stove or household fire in Australia you can be fined for collecting deadwood for fuel. Sheer madness. Bear in mind that it is only in very recent years that we have had satellite surveillance of the earth's surface which has enabled accurate measurement of the extent of these fires, so to try and say that they are "unprecedented" is something of an exaggeration.
  3. The worst fires they've ever had Bill? The first British colony at Botany Bay was established in 1788, a mere 232 years ago. A mere blink of an eye in history really, and it's not even recorded history. The Aborigines used to set fire to brush to clear the land for planting and aid in hunting. In fact Captain Cook called Australia "the continent of smoke" so prevelant were fires at the time. It isn't "Internet conspiracy theories" that set government policies which penalise landowners for trying to protect their property.
  4. That is refreshing, in stark contrast with the attitude of some MPs who wouldn't consider being friendly towards the "enemy" (Laura Pidock for example). Only by co-operation can anything constructive be achieved.
  5. The Greens and Environmentalists have persuaded the Australian Government to make it illegal for anyone to clear dead underbrush and trees and maintain firebreaks even on their own property. This results in a build up of fuel for wildfires which then spread uncontrollably. They've even put locked gates and barriers across tracks making it very difficult for firefighters to get near the fires. The laws of unintended consequences then take over. People have been fined large amounts for cutting down vegetation on their own property in any effort to stop fires. Heres a video explaining things: https://youtu.be/xNRB8SQbVvE
  6. Frogmen and submarines! Remember them well. Down with the bansturbators!!
  7. asperity


    And there was me thinking I was the only miserable stay at home sod in the country Bill 😂😂
  8. asperity


    Okay Bill, but doesn't the very existence of food banks disprove your theory somewhat? You know, people reaching out to other people instead of expecting government to do it?
  9. asperity


    Davy I think you are probably right. It's human nature that some individuals will help themselves to something if it is offered to them in return for little effort, and there are plenty of these individuals around. By the same token there are a lot of individuals who will go out of there way to provide free stuff to others, no questions asked. Hence food banks. And there are a lot of people who need temporary help to get by, we probably all know someone in such a situation.
  10. Is that taking into account that 2020 is a Leap Year Sid? My brain's too addled at the moment to do sums 😵.
  11. Bah!! Humbug!! Only kidding 🤣 . A very Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year 🌲🥂💹. Don't drink too much (you know who you are 😂)
  12. asperity


    Ed Davey thinks it's a bad idea so it must be good..............................................
  13. It's more to do with how much ale they can handle I believe: https://youtu.be/_90AqcVvuPM
  14. I like haggis actually, but chacun a son goute.
  15. asperity


    I can't pretend to know much about the subject of food banks, I can sympathise with people who find they need them for whatever reason. Their existence points to failure of government to organise this sort of help for those in need, and for this reason I can't understand the calls for the government to be organising this sort of assistance. However, the government needs to urgently sort out the benefits system so that those in real need get the help they require, but in the mean time the voluntary sector, in the form of food banks, is filling the gap much more efficiently than the (obviously) inefficient government can do. I believe that the use of food banks has risen massively in recent years, but the number of food banks has also risen massively so it's a chicken/egg scenario isn't it? In the mean time it is beholden on all of us, and not just because its Christmas time, to help anyone we know in need as much as we can all year round and not just demand that the government "does something" when we know what a useless shower we have in Westminster at the best of times.
  16. Are you absolutely sure your information is correct Dizzy? 🤔
  17. https://youtu.be/GE6mx6wyKmU
  18. Have you been taking any notice of the new VAR rules in football? Describing them as chaotic would be too kind 🤣.
  19. So if that's the case why is the complaint being made that A&E departments are overwhelmed "because it's the flu season"? Obviously hospitals can't be geared up to the busiest time of the year, with loads of doctors, nurses, beds and medical equipment lying idle for several months of the year because there isn't a call for them. This is why we get the same moans and groans every year when the public likes to share germs around.
  20. He's gone back to his mum's spare room 😉.
  21. Patients with chronic conditions should already be known to their GP who can assess their needs and have them admitted to hospital if necessary. These aren't the people who are clogging up the A&E departments and denying treatment to other patients who may have more life threatening conditions than a temperature, sore throat and runny nose, demanding a bed on a ward when they have a perfectly suitable one at home in their bedroom. It's beyond me why anyone would voluntarily go into hospital anyway given the chances of picking up infections while there.
  22. Last year 5,505 people were hospitalised with flu in England, the other 95,000 must have been in Scotaland and Wales. People who suspect they have flu should self treat at home and go to bed. They should only go to hospital if they are referred by a doctor, not just go to A&E to share their germs more widely, after all if you're well enough to get yourself to A&E it can't be flu, more likely a bad cold!
  23. Well really Halton is more like the other constituencies to the west like the Liverpool and Wirral ones. Warrington is historically a Labour seat with occasional forays into Conservatism, Brexit and the performance of our last MP probably tipping the balance this time. So I would presume that Halton is red rosette on a donkey territory.
  24. When I were a lad (many years ago) the family GP would, for things like flu/winter cold, prescribe lots of warm milky drinks and, for reasons I could never fathom, a new pair of shoes!
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