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  1. I also hate that "when the saints" dirge which is on a par with the dirge from Carousel much loved by the red half of Merseyside, Celtic and numerous European teams. There's no ads on Netflix, and you can FF through any on Youtube.
  2. See Nigel Farage's reports on Youtube. Far from being released into the community, these illegal immigrants are being put up in 4 star hotels around the country at taxpayers' expense (Serco has been given a £Multimillion contract for this), being fed and watered, given medical and dental treatment and a cash allowance every week. These illegals have their asylum claims heard but, even if the claim is rejected, they aren't being deported. You have to wonder what the government thinks it is doing.
  3. But unless a high percentage of people get infected with the virus, and recover, it won't go away will it? We can all sit at home in our isolation bubbles and never be able to go outside. Sounds like fun - NOT!
  4. It was a black comedy Latch, so looking to satirise the political situation at the time rather than trivialise it.
  5. Doctor Strangelove, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb. A classic. Who says I don't have mental issues? 😱
  6. You can't legislate for what everyone else does Obs, only act in your own best interests. Whether or not you're wearing gloves, if items you pick up have been contaminated you can pass that contamination to other items you touch, or to parts of your own body and clothes. So you can disinfect yourself, your clothes and all the items you bought when you get home (not forgetting the interior and external parts of your car) or you can stop worrying so much. Be sensible and all should be well. For what it's worth I think the mask wearing edicts are OTT but I'll comply because it's no big deal for me.
  7. The problem with gloves is that they can spread germs/viruses equally as well as bare hands, and don't tend to get washed as often. When used in a medical environment gloves are, or should be, changed very frequently i.e. after every use. That isn't likely to happen in a shop!
  8. You will probably find that the people who refuse to wear masks are the same ones who, if regulations were made to forbid the wearing of masks in shops, would insist on their right to wear one. People, in general, are thick. I see it on buses all the time. Everyone getting on wears a mask but then, when they want to talk to someone, pull the mask down over their chin thus defeating the whole object of the exercise. I don't have an answer except look out for yourself and leave the rest to their own device.
  9. https://youtu.be/GiPe1OiKQuk
  10. We've been spying on Russia for at least 200 years, and them on us. "The Great Game".
  11. The remoaners are still grasping at straws. They don't realise that the world has moved on and we have left an EU which is busy tearing itself to pieces.
  12. Seasonal flu is lethal for some, so situation normal.
  13. Dip your glasses in a washing up liquid solution and allow them to dry naturally. This leaves a film on the lenses which doesn't fog up.
  14. Just to make things absolutely clear: https://youtu.be/wVs5AyjzwRM
  15. PHE are not fit for purpose and should be shut down. It has executives on salaries higher than the PM's with pension funds to match.
  16. Corbyn is back on his hobby-horse about the government planning to sell the NHS to Donald Trump. Perhaps, to sweeten the deal, they could throw in PHE as a BOGOF?
  17. That was what we had for tea in the good old days Latch, jam butties and a brew 😉.
  18. You're right Latch, I spent years in a job where I would roll out of bed in the morning, go down one flight of stairs for breakfast, back up two flights to my workplace where I might get to see a couple of people for minutes. It gets boring after a while 🙄.
  19. A lot of people rely on other people being in work places and commuting. If people don't return to work there could be many more redundancies than necessary. Its time common sense took hold of the Great British public.
  20. I received another scam email supposedly from TV licencing today (the second in 3 months). The senders email address wasn't TV licencing's, and the quoted licence number wasn't even close to correct.
  21. The same thing in the ASDA Stall, hardly anybody following the arrows. The worst offenders are the staff (sorry, "colleagues" 😉) stocking shelves and doing the online shopping, who seem to be making a point of going the wrong way. They do keep the numbers inside the store strictly limited though.
  22. That's certainly something that's overlooked by the "open borders" cheerleaders.
  23. I can't claim to have read them all but I've certainly made a sizeable dent in the catalogue. My mum was a librarian so I was always pointed in the direction of good literature!
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