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  1. Can I hear a (too late) stable door slamming shut?
  2. An insult is not an invitation to murder however much you resent the provocation.
  3. I see "our" NHS is still struggling to fill vital positions. Notice the one for Nottinghamshire even references Saint George Floyd for some obscure reason. You really couldn't make it up 🙄.
  4. Welcome to East Germany MkII 🙄
  5. They get paid about £8 per hour, half as much as a nightclub bouncer. I don't know about you but I wouldn't get into a confrontation with some chav over the wearing of a face-mask for minimum wage. And why should the supermarkets take on extra staff to try and enforce unpopular government guidelines? As I said to Obs, if you don't feel comfortable in a shop just leave, go somewhere else, come back at another time. Are you really so busy that you have to keep to a tight shopping schedule?
  6. If you go into a shop or supermarket but find its full of people without masks or not social distancing/sanitising their hands and you don't feel comfortable, turn around and leave. They aren't going to change their behaviour to accomodate you so you are going to have to either put up with it or go somewhere else. And best of luck trying to get shop staff putting their safety at risk at your say so.
  7. Con, I've read that through and it reads like a surrender document, "this is what we'd like to do but there's too many things making it difficult so we'll just throw our hands in the air and blame humans".
  8. That describes me to a T, except I'm sensible enough to restrict my shopping trips to a minimum, go when it's quiet and I don't moan about what everyone else is doing or accuse them of trying to kill me.
  9. That being the case, the people most at risk must be readily identifiable (older people, people with underlying conditions) and should be protected (locked up? I don't know). This will leave the other 95% or so of the population free to carry on with their lives. Of course this will mean that the vulnerable grumpies won't be allowed to wander around the Asda moaning about other people "putting them at risk" by not obeying the "rules", but hey we all have to make sacrifices in these troubled times right?
  10. So if I'm understanding the situation correctly, the rising number of people being admitted to hospital with Covid 19 have brought it on themselves by not wearing masks/poor hygeine/shopping in the wrong shops/travelling on public transport/not keeping their distance from other people/having parties in their houses every night/insert your favourite transgression here. In other words they deserve everything that's coming to them? Sounds like victim shaming to me unless I've missed some other nuance.
  11. While I have every sympathy for the "no child should go hungry" campaigners, I don't think that expecting the government to sort it out is the right way. For a start I refuse to believe that every child in the country is in danger of going hungry so therefore a more targeted response is required, meaning that a local response is the way to go. The government has already given local government extra money to cover this sort of thing. Also local businesses having been stepping up and offering free meals. Central government has shown countless times how hopeless it is at doing anything constructi
  12. When I joined the Merchant Navy in 1967 the food for the crew with the company I worked for was fantastic. Sunday dinners every day, Christmas Dinner on Sunday we used to say 😄😄. Even the breakfast menu ran to 5 or 6 courses!
  13. BREAKING NEWS: Seven dinghies packed with refugees arrived on a beach at Weston-Super-Mare this morning. Government sources said they are being returned to Wales immediately.
  14. Those of you who object to other shoppers having the temerity to be in a shop at the same time as you, can I recommend online shopping? That way the only other person you will have to deal with is the bloke who drives the delivery van.
  15. It's more than "a bit ott" Bill, it's hysterical nonsense that goes hand in hand with a lot of the hysterical nonsense we've seen over the last 6 months or so. And at the same time the PTB have been encouraging this, they have signally failed to bring in measures that would have protected the vulnerable, not to mention the T&T fiasco still on-going.
  16. I hear that you used to be able (pre Corvid) to see all sorts of wildlife on Bridge Street on Friday and Saturday nights.
  17. I have to ask, how are Immortals normally dressed? Just out of curiosity you understand 😄😄
  18. Perhaps we should all send a sample to Downing Street to show that we are supporting this initiative 🤔😉
  19. And how many of these young so-called "covidiots" are actually getting ill, or at least ill enough to require hospitalisation? Does anyone know or is this just more guesswork and conjecture? Meanwhile the Welsh government has banned the sale of non-essential items in supermarkets, going to the extreme of having supermarket shelves of what they deem non-essential items screened off. This is beyond crazy.
  20. Warrington has apparently agreed to Tier 3 restrictions next week. Meanwhile Wigan has been placed into Tier 3.14159265359 😄
  21. Looking on the bright side: https://newtube.app/user/TonyHeller/D84FACc
  22. Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. Winston Churchill
  23. Angela Merkel says that she accepts that the UK would like "a certain amount of independence". Wow! That's big of her! I never knew she had a sense of humour 🤣.
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