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  1. I've never used any illegal drugs and have never seen the attraction. The industry I worked in (Merchant Navy) recognised the dangers inherent in the use of drugs (including, and in most cases especially, alcohol, but also illegal drugs like cannabis) and actively discouraged their use. In the case of alcohol if it wasn't banned on board drinking was severely restricted to the extent I personally would have rather had a cup of tea or two. Regular blood or urine tests found drug users and heavy drinkers out very easily. When it comes to what is becoming a social norm in some circles of drug use, well the Liberal attitude is anything goes provided that it does no harm to anyone else. I'm happy with that, the problem being that someone who is high on drugs doesn't think, or even realise, that they are doing any harm. Does smoking tobacco products bring about this sort of recklessness? I don't think so. Drinking alcohol does to some extent but, as I said in my other post, I drink, I get drunk, I fall down. No problem. So where are we? A hundred or so years ago people were taking drugs in private, writing rubbish novels and poetry etc and harming nobody. Then government stuck their size 13s in and banned the drugs, making them attractive to people who didn't like government banning things, thus creating a vicious circle. If it seems like I'm rambling, I might have had one tot of rum too many. Goodnight. Hic. πŸ₯΄πŸ₯΄
  2. The government would probably like to legalise cannabis so as to tax it and replace the revenue they are losing by putting people off tobacco and alcohol. Never make the mistake of thinking they are looking after our best interests. Drink problem me? I drink, I get drunk, I fall down. No problem πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
  3. LibDems: Brexit is the biggest existential threat this country has ever known and we must do all we can to defeat it. We need a government of national unity, right now. Jeremy Corbyn: I agree, and as leader of Her Majety’s Loyal Opposition (snigger) I will step forward to lead that GNU and ensure no deal Brexit doesn’t happen. LibDems: Its not that big a threat.
  4. Happy Birthday!! Have a good one Dizzy πŸ˜πŸŽ‚πŸ₯‚
  5. The Adam and Eve computer virus takes a couple of Bytes out of your Apple.
  6. A sit down fish, chips and mushy peas meal with bread and butter and a nice cup of tea. My mouth is watering just thinking of it. Last had one in Blackpool years ago. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  7. Make up your mind Obs, which is it - too many children being born, or not enough being born to look after the elderly?
  8. Obs, I didn't say that the wealth gap was narrowing, I said that the poor are being lifted out of poverty at an ever increasing rate. One of the things that is holding them back is the insistance of the green lobby that underdeveloped countries be denied electric power "to save the planet". That is the reason why economic migrants are coming to developed countries - they are being denied the prospect of becoming developed countries themselves by the eco freaks. Hang your head in shame Attenborough.
  9. I've been all around the world actually, and was in Ethiopia for 4 months in 1982. Not a rich country at the time but it has come along in leaps and bounds since then. Very friendly people, unless you weren't on the opposite side of the civil war of course. The Russians and East Germans were very much to the fore at the time but, of course, once their influence was gone things could only improve. You don't show any signs of having been outside Lancashire/Cheshire yourself Obs. Do enlighten us, holiday in Spain perhaps?
  10. The extremes of wealth and poverty? Interesting that you should bring that up at a time when evidence shows that, although there is an immense gap between the wealthy and the poor, the poor are being lifted out of poverty at an ever increasing rate where capitalism is allowed to flourish. Not so much where socialism tends to enrich the bien pensants who push the ideology and keeps the poor where they "belong".
  11. Just to put your argument in some sort of perspective Obs, take the case of Ethiopia. In 1985 (remember Live Aid? When the whole of Ethiopia was supposedly starving to death) the population was 40,800,000+. In 2019 the population of Ethiopia is 110,135,000+. Either Ethiopia somehow managed to feed a rapidly increasing population or the rest of the world managed to root around their cupboards and feed a rapidly increasing population. Something doesn't add up here, but I'm pretty sure the true story isn't going to be told in the MSM (that's you BBC) anytime soon.
  12. Unmitigated garbage Obs. People have been pushing that line for well over a hundred years. If there was any truth in the "planet can't support any more people" rubbish the human race would have starved to death long before the socialists/communists tried to do the job post 1917.
  13. Actually Sid, now you come to mention it, sunspot activity during the present cycle is very low/non existent leading many experts to believe that we're in for some very cold years to come. Which will leave the "Global Boring" gang with some reassessing to do. Stock up on jumpers, yesterday's power outages are a sign of things to come.
  14. There are links in this blogpost on how to cook your daily allowance of meat: https://velvetgloveironfist.blogspot.com/2019/01/cooking-with-lancet.html
  15. More global warming/climate change nonsense. We should be increasing the amount of CO2 (AKA Plant Food) in the atmosphere. There's already evidence that the planet is greening thanks to enhanced CO2 levels.
  16. A Wire team with a couple of debutants and youngsters playing against an also under strength Saints meant that this was not a dress rehearsal for the Challenge Cup Final in a fortnight. Wire took an early lead through Mamo but allowed Saints to run in a couple of simple tries, making the score at half time 12-10 to the Saints. Wire tried valiantly in the second half, but could only add another 2 points while Saints ran in another 3 tries without seeming to get out of second gear. Final score Wire 12 Saints 30. Hopefully if Wire get their injured players back and field a full strength side we will see a different result at Wembley on 24th August.
  17. Insurance companies employ experienced people to put a price on the risk and this will be the reason why it is so high. They have hundreds of years of experience in the field and don't pluck numbers out of the air. If they are going to stay in business they have to offer competitive premiums.
  18. So, if the cost of an air ambulance is Β£20,000 why do you think the insurance companies want to charge a high premium? It's a business not a charity, so they aren't going to put themselves in a loss making situation are they? Unlike the NHS πŸ˜‰.
  19. Just to make it perfectly clear where Labour stand on Brexit: https://youtu.be/jHwPsdOZUMk Meanwhile the Conservative Party are in two minds about the issue (other minds are available).
  20. I'm sure you know more about this than I ever will Milky, but don't you think that Stobarts will, with any eye to the overall cost of such a project, have looked at existing properties first? I mean it is a large company with expertise in warehousing, and won't want to waste money building a new warehouse for no good reason if cheaper options already exist.
  21. I understand peoples' objections to this development. However have the people making the objections any opinions on the two solar farms (at York and Hull) purchased by WBC? The Stobart development calls for 15.7 Hectares of land while the total for the two solar farms is 133 Hectares. If there are no objections to the solar farms, is this because they're on the other side of the country, out of sight out of mind? Someone else's green and pleasant land being covered by an eyesore? Just asking.
  22. This is worth a read - and a chuckle 😁. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2254467/How-drive-jobsworths-potty-IN-devilishly-inventive-manifesto-late-astronomer-Sir-Patrick-Moore-tells-fought-box-ticking-bullies.html
  23. That dam at Whalley Bridge is older than Victorian. It opened the year before Victoria acceded to the throne! It's actually earth covered with concrete slabs and, over the years, water coming over the top has leaked through the gaps between the slabs and washed away the earth beneath them until the inevitable happened.
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