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  1. Brexit again -

    Mrs May's Brexit negotiation tactics: https://youtu.be/YCiaWE9w9h0
  2. Time for regular re-tests ?

    In the interest of fairness should the same ban be imposed on the boy racers?
  3. Brexit again -

    Compare and contrast with It seems Donald wants us to be at the front of the queue.
  4. Grand Final

    So he isn't being punished at all. That will fuel the conspiracy theories!
  5. Hilary 2020

    I've been watching all this unfold since the election in 2016 and have to say that the media is all (with the exception perhaps of FoxNews) on a mission to destroy Trump by all and any means possible. This includes the media in the UK for some reason. The BBC never fails to talk about Trump without sneering and talking down any of his achievements. The way Treason May treats him is disgusting for a politician and shows what a hole we are in with her in charge. But I think Trump's attitude is "sod them all, I don't need them." The Democrats are nasty though, not at all the party of the people, more like the party for themselves, much like Corbyn's Labour really.
  6. Hilary 2020

    Stallard, what I can't understand is how many Americans (including some of my relatives) are taken in by them. Can't just be the promises of free stuff, although that seems to work for Corbynites over here
  7. Grand Final

    So it wasn't to be. A great day out but the wrong result in the end, but next year is.......................2019! Onward and upwards the Wire, can't be the bridesmaid every year
  8. Hilary 2020

    Not a fan then? Can't say I blame you
  9. Hilary 2020

  10. Colourful collision

    Is that your best effort at a joke PJ? Okay I'll give you a sympathy "laugh" then.
  11. First woman on the moon

    First woman going to the Moon: "Houston, we have a problem." What? "Never mind, it doesn't matter" What's the problem? "Nothing" Just tell us "You know what the bloody problem is..."
  12. Space reserved ?

    Wow! Talk about word salad. Perhaps you could undertake a bit of proof reading on that mish-mash .
  13. Colourful collision

    If you're so smart PJ, how about regaling us with some of your up to date humour instead of constantly carping from the sidelines? Or maybe keep your misplaced criticism to yourself?
  14. Space reserved ?

    So Confused, would you be in favour of Network Warrington increasing all fares across the board to support a full bus service in the evenings, used by few passengers, on the off-chance that you might want to go into town one evening sometime? Or would you accept that they, having the experience and the supporting data, know what sort of service is viable? As the saying goes "you don't get ought for nought".
  15. Colourful collision

    Some members of this forum desperately need to get a sense of humour