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  1. Ambition

    I've been told I'm not ambitious enough. If only there was an olympic sport for being a lazy sod That bronze medal would be mine.
  2. Red Flag !

    The problem with the BBC is that, although it sees itself as unbiased, it actually has a left leaning worldview such that anyone who is actually middle of the road politically is seen as right wing. This has the knock on affect that anyone who is right wing is seen as extreme, and anyone on the left is seen as neutral.
  3. Red Flag !

    Be careful Confused, when I suggested on here a couple of weeks ago that the media describe people as being far right but rarely far left I was hit by a mountain of links to news media that did just that
  4. Confused by the News ?

    I believe that net immigration from the EU has dropped to a mere 90000. How will we manage?
  5. Downvote

    I can, and have
  6. Red Flag !

    The US establishment is even further left wing than the UK's which is why they were so desperate to have Killery elected and to have Trump impeached. They will probably welcome Corbyn with open arms.
  7. The KFC panic

    The recent closure of half of KFC's outlets due to a chicken shortage is obviously a failure of capitalism! Putting the distibution in the hands of greedy profiteers (DHL) has led to mass starvation and panic throughout the land. Surely it is time the government took over this vital role and used the army to resupply this vital resource before we have dead bodies in the streets of our major cities! Or is it actually another failure of the EU, given that DHL is owned by Deutch Post?
  8. At the Zoo

  9. At the Zoo

    I was at the zoo yesterday and there was a baguette in a cage. The keeper told me it was bread in captivity................................
  10. Gun Law ?

    The BBC like to think they are there to tell us plebs what to think/believe/who to vote for. I take everything I see/hear on TV news with a large dollop of salt. And it's not up to them to tell the US what their policies should be, they have enough biased news outlets of their own for that.
  11. Gun Law ?

    You might not Obs, but you don't live in the US. Lots of people there do feel the need to be well armed, but I don't think it's any of our business what they do in their country.
  12. The Future ?

    I guess I will never find out (b.1951) but no, I don't want to live forever.
  13. Grid lock at Sainburys - again

    Whatever happened to LtKije? I owe him a pint.
  14. Gun Law ?

    At the time of the 2nd amendment guns were a lot more sophisticated than muzzle loaders. You're just parroting the anti gun propoganda Obs.