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  1. Latchford 1889. This the one Latch?
  2. A few years ago my mum was persuaded to switch to SSE by the salesman telling her "your electricity will be provided by your local power station at Fiddlers Ferry". Not an out an out lie to be fair, more like being economical with the truth. In common with most people my mum didn't know anything about the National Grid and how it works, nor did she care so long as the kettle boiled when it was switched on etc.
  3. You can't get decent sub-editors these days 🤣🤣.
  4. https://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2019/08/20/new-food-store-set-to-open-at-great-sankey/#comment-340724 In the article it states that the new store will be using 100% renewable energy. I'm curious as to where they're getting it from. The solar farms in Yorkshire bought by our council? Must be a long cable 🤔
  5. Here's hoping for a positive result for us at Wembley for a change.
  6. https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/~cmi/books/emigrant/tayleur.html
  7. Gasoil or kerosene would probably be a safer option...................................
  8. It is strange how Belfast looks on building a ship that sank on it's maiden voyage as an achievement to be proud of.
  9. I think, actually, that he has matured. Perhaps watching the likes of Farage and Trump, and listening to them, has made him reconsider his worldview.
  10. Once they grow out of their rebellious teenage ways (admittedly some never do) and find their parents aren't going to subsidise them forever, they will revert to wanting to live a normal life.
  11. Want one! https://youtu.be/yvS8wtnNQz4
  12. Ship sat on the Atlantic seabed for over 100 years rotting away! Divers who have been down to look at Titanic seem surprised that it's rusting away. I despair.😏
  13. I think the Twitterati are going to be busy: https://youtu.be/rsPKuZz2JQU
  14. It's revealing how recent climate alarmists are such narcissists. Back in the 1970s the alarmists would pick a number like "70 years" which would give them a fair chance of having kicked the bucket before their fantasies could be shown to be garbage. Todays alarmists seem to want to be around when they are found out to be fruit-cakes in 10 to 12 years time. Charlie is one who seems to take perverse delight in predicting the earth's demise sometime in the very near future "if we don't do something immediately", but for some reason nobody calls him out on it. Or maybe it's because everyone knows he's nuts and ignores him.
  15. Gullible has been removed from the Oxford English Dictionary as it is no longer used.
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