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  1. asperity

    problems accessing site sunday

    Почему вы обвиняете Россию в каждой проблеме?
  2. asperity

    Gang of seven -

    I say! Isn't that a bit ageist or something?
  3. asperity

    Gang of seven -

    Evenin' all.
  4. asperity

    Insulin ?

    It depends on what tariff, if any, the government put on car imports surely? So until that is known Porche can't put a price on it, unless they intend increasing the price by 10% themselves.
  5. asperity

    Gang of seven -

    Fixed that for you Obs. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/prima donna
  6. asperity

    Can you qualify?

    It wouldn't be permitted viewing in schools because it gives a distorted view of history in that it glorifies the racist, bigotted empire building British imperialists selfishly trying to prevent the German attempt to build a peaceful European trading bloc which would bring benefit to all European nations. Let's call it the EU. (Don't mention the holocaust, I'm sure if we ignore it long enough it will be forgotten in time.)
  7. asperity

    Motorway woes

    There's loads of them Milky, even the UK!!!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_automated_urban_metro_subway_systems
  8. asperity

    White Goods Removal

    Had to laugh at this, so true! If you want to inspect the goods go to Curries or the Range and inspect them there, pick out something you like, then go online and see if you can get the same item cheaper there.
  9. asperity

    Dialect quiz

    There was a guy on the forum where I found this quiz. It correctly identified him as being from the Galway area although he lives in Liverpool. You could test this by putting in answers obviously from another area...............................
  10. asperity

    Motorway woes

    The unions wouldn't allow it Milky. We've seen the disruption caused on Northern Rail by the suggestion that dedicated guards be replaced by service staff.
  11. asperity

    White Goods Removal

    I was making the point that, contrary to Milky's assertion that there are no appliance shops in Warrington apart from Curries, there's The Range. Also Martin Dawes, Padgate Appliances on Marsh House Lane (where I got my cooker donkey's years ago) and a few small retailers I've found on Yell. That's before we start on the Internet (AO, Argos etc).
  12. asperity

    Dialect quiz

    https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/02/15/upshot/british-irish-dialect-quiz.html I've done this, and I hadn't realised how common I am 😂😂😂
  13. asperity

    White Goods Removal

    The Range is a massive store on Winwick Road which sells everything you need for the home including white goods.
  14. asperity

    A breath of fresh air ?

    Be careful what you wish for Sid: https://www.historic-uk.com/HistoryUK/HistoryofBritain/Great-Horse-Manure-Crisis-of-1894/
  15. asperity

    White Goods Removal

    In Penketh at least once a week there's a van or a truck deriving up and down every road on the lookout for such items, so that most people just leave them in front of their house and next thing you know they're gone!