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    The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary. H.L.Mencken

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  1. I'm with you Stall. And if Donald Trump doesn't win the next election he can shrug his shoulders, say "sorry losers, I tried my best" and disappear into the sunset to live out the rest of his life in luxury. While the rest of the world disappears into leftist hell. I'm glad I'm not young.
  2. The thing is, Trump isn't a politician which probably explains his appeal to a lot of people. And also why he is so unpopular amongst the sheep who like politicians.
  3. asperity

    BLM -

    There certainly is a thirst out there. Fortunately the pubs are re-opening on Saturday 🍻🥂🤣
  4. In the USA you have 95% of the media pushing the narrative in one direction and that is not on the pro-Trump side. I have relatives in the States and all they ever do is parrot the pro Democrat line, Orange man is a stupid racist warmonger who is trying to destroy the country. And, by the way, all the lives that have been lost to Covid-19, every single one, can be laid at Trump's door. I get the feeling that the real electorate is keeping their powder dry and saving it for polling day when the Donald will walk it. Well for the sake of the Western world I hope he does. I say this in a completely non-partisan and non-controversial way.
  5. It will be interesting to see if the recent marches/protests/rallies/celebrations/beach parties actually cause an increase in cases. It's like a real time experiment with human guinea pigs.
  6. asperity

    BLM -

    The Democrats haven't forgotten their roots, they're just desperately trying to stop anyone else remembering them - the party of slavery, the party that wants to keep the underclasses beholden to the welfare state much the same as the Labour party in the UK.
  7. Super League is coming back in August, with all games being played behind closed doors. The season looks like it will finish in November with next season's start being delayed until March.
  8. None that could be counted as more than casual 😇😉.
  9. Much too complicated to go into on here, as I suspect many others would say. Suffice it to say, alcohol was involved 🥂 and we had 26, mainly happy, years together. Lets leave it there.
  10. Free speech is dead in this country Davy. Rebecca Wrong Daily has found that out as well, but I doubt that she would ever admit to being part of the problem.
  11. He is a she Stall, and she's been promoted to full Professor by Cambridge now, so that part of the academic bubble has worked for her.
  12. It's when you remember all those things when you've left the house but can't remember where you live to go back for them..............................🤪
  13. Why would a, presumably, well educated academic say something so stupid on social media?
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