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  1. Brexit

  2. World Cup

    I think there's actually 4 refs watching the screens for VAR, so that would be a lot of brown envelopes..........................................
  3. NHS again -

    It's been said before, the NHS is a black hole. Any additional funding goes in wage rises and increased bureaucracy as well as things that shouldn't be under the NHS budget like campaigns against lifestyle choices e.g. smoking, drinking and eating!
  4. Stopping the volcano

    Stopping the Volcano in Hawaii: According to ancient Hawaiian tradition, the quickest way to APPEASE PELE and have the volcanic fires stop is to make a human sacrifice into her fires, and according to tradition, that needs to be a celebrated leader who was born in Hawaii and held a position of power for 8 years. Obama quickly announced he was actually born in Kenya, and has the Birth Certificate to prove it.
  5. Father's Day

    “When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.” ― Mark Twain N.B. Although this quote is attributed to Mark Twain, the fact that his father died when he was 11 puts some doubt in the picture. But it does have some truth in it's meaning .
  6. World Cup

  7. Loosing it

    Why wait until 65? Why not every year after the age of, say, 18?
  8. World Cup

    Off to a tame start, but tonight's Spain/Portugal game brought some excitement back. It'll all die away again with England/Tunisia though .
  9. Loosing it

    I was tempted to mention the spelling of "losing" but I'm trying to get away from the "spelling/grammar pedant" thing. Apparently it doesn't matter anymore because we all have computers with spellcheckers hahahahaha
  10. flying the flag and the world cup.

    My interest in this topic is flagging . I'll get my coat .
  11. What's the problem ?

    The war between Ethiopia and Eritrea ended 18 years ago, besides which Eritrea is neither in the Middle East or in Sub-Saharan Africa, although the Eritrean people are fleeing their Government which is, of course, Socialist (so who can blame them?)
  12. What's the problem ?

    The people coming through Libya aren't refugees from the Middle East wars, but economic migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa.
  13. flying the flag and the world cup.

    What PJ said about it being fake news. Anyway the police don't have the resources due to .........................................* for dealing with such minor matters. After all they have to monitor social media for people being rude to each other or about anybody. *Insert your favourite excuse for the police not doing their job here.
  14. Pavement Parking (Again)

    I can understand the dilemma faced by people who can't park on their road without potentially obstructing road traffic, and therefore put a couple of wheels on the pavement. What I can't understand is parking like this when you have an off-road parking space in front of (or to the side) of your house. Most of the time I have to walk the length of my road on the road because of all the vehicles parked on the pavement., luckily it's a cul-de-sac. Even worse is one of my neighbours who has a large parking area in front of their house which is occupied by a badly parked camper-van that hasn't moved to my knowledge for the last 10 years. So they park their car, on the pavement, further up the road. Ignorance is bliss!
  15. flying the flag and the world cup.

    Sounds like people stirring it to be honest.