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  1. Windrush -

    It appears that, not only in this country, but in the USA voter fraud is endemic and for some obscure reason the left of centre parties are against any form of voter ID being put in place. I wonder why. (When I say left of center parties I include the Tories and the Republican party, otherwise known as RINO).
  2. Windrush -

    But you can't vote if you're not on the voting register, and I presume you can't register to vote if you're in the country illegally. Or am I presuming some sort of competence on behalf of government?
  3. Playing with fire ?

    Most people only know what is supposedly happening under the Trump administration through the mainstream media which has been virulently anti-Trump since he started campaigning for the election. It's interesting to hear the views of someone "on the ground" so to speak without the media bias.
  4. The House of geriatrics -

    I wouldn't say it was a challenge to the government but rather a cry to the world outside that they be noticed and treated as somehow relevant. Most commentators agree that it's a mere flea-bite on the government's thick skin.
  5. Town Hall flag

    That's a possibility Dizzy, and would make sense.
  6. Town Hall flag

    I thought that at first glance Obs, but it wasn't.
  7. Town Hall flag

    I noticed today that the flag flying over the Town Hall wasn't the usual Union Flag, but instead it was a blue flag with a circular yellow motif (no it wasn't the EU flag). Does anyone know what it was?
  8. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    The town isn't really welcoming to visitors, particularly the bus station. It's become very drab and run-down looking. Quite often the sliding glass doors malfunction (either not opening, or opening and closing continuously), some of the bus information screens at the stands show the wrong time (and therefore the wrong bus times). The whole place needs a good clean, and when it rains it resembles a wholesale bucket warehouse. The scene that greets you when you come out of both stations is less than welcoming. And the amount of litter covering most of the town's streets is nothing short of disgraceful.
  9. Playing with fire ?

    Obama funded them. The Russians have a gas pipeline they want to route through Syria.
  10. Playing with fire ?

    So the USA forced Saddam to invade Kuwait so that they could eventually depose him? That's an interesting take on reality you have there Obs.
  11. Playing with fire ?

    So if Saddam hadn't invaded Kuwait everything in the ME would be rosy Obs? I somehow doubt it, the region is too volatile. Obviously the interference of the western alliance has done nothing but harm.
  12. Salford away

    Yes, yesterday's game against HKR was a strange one, racing ahead to a 20-2 lead at half time only to practically throw it away in the first 10 minutes of the second half. But then racing away again in the second half to win easily in the end. Ratchford well deserved MoM again.
  13. Automatic cake server

  14. Playing with fire ?

    Why don't you stretch reality a bit further and blame Britain for it's actions in the ME in WW1 Obs?. When you come down to it every action has consequences, it all depends which action you want to blame for a particular consequence.