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  1. Great Britain consists of a load of Atlantic islands and we don't always have an abundance of wing, wave and solar power potential. Certainly nowhere near enough for base load.
  2. Solar wind and wave power all being intermittent..............................................
  3. A thought on the Porto Santo thing. Why don't the authorities just buy a load of batteries and use them as the stored power source at night, thereby cutting out the need to buy the power from the car owners?
  4. The island is called Porto Santo which is only 16 square miles in area, so any commute is going to be quite short. Apparently the cars maintain enough charge to allow a run to the nearest charging point. The population is only 5500 people which, compared to Warrington's 210,000, is minimal. It also enjoys a lot of sunshine!
  5. asperity


    Climate change? Seems to get the blame for everything else Stallard 🤣.
  6. Well if the Government can't agree a deal with the EU for which it has the backing of Parliament, then there is no deal and we should leave on those terms (as we should have done in March). The EU bureaucrats have had long enough to agree with a package that will have the approval of the British electorate and they have failed, so goodbye EU and good luck on your own without us watching your back.
  7. Further to my last post, why is the government even bothering with road improvements when their aim is to price everyone off the road? I'm completely flumoxxed 😕.
  8. It won't really matter in 10 years time when everyone has to have an electric car by government decree, but can't afford the electricity to charge the battery (or the power companies don't have the capacity to supply the electricity - pick your worst/best cas scenario 🙄).
  9. According to Sky Catalan were by far the better side. Yes, minus 30 points better 😂.
  10. I think PJ gets turned on by Obs, although it may be the other way round 😏🙄🤣.
  11. Doctor: we had to remove your colon. Me why?
  12. Why are people acting so surprised at the revelations of Tory ministers taking drugs? After all we've had 3 years of TM as Prime Minister demonstrating what drugs can do:
  13. Agreed, but Catalan never really raised a threat, and Wire's discipline was much improved.
  14. My front door never asks me anything 🤔.
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