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  1. asperity

    Brexit again -

    It seems that Treacherous Treeza is now officially World Can Kicking Champion.
  2. asperity

    Motorway woes

    Sounds like a solution to overpopulation 💀.
  3. asperity

    Brexit again -

    Nigel Farage says that May's deal is a good deal: https://youtu.be/aUmqufiDRAA
  4. asperity

    Brexit again -

  5. asperity

    Jumping Jack Flash,

    It depends whether you buy into the global warming/climate change scam aka removing the money from the plebs as surreptitiously as possible.
  6. asperity

    Jumping Jack Flash,

    They have experimented with hydrogen for domestic purposes. Getting the hydrogen from methane rather than using electricity to get it from water is probably the most effective way. One problem with hydrogen is its tendency to leak due to its low density, which is probably why it isn't used domestically as yet.
  7. asperity

    Christmas again

    I don't think that it's actually coming round so fast, it's more that the commercials are starting earlier every year, so that eventually Christmas shopping will start on 26th December (if it hasn't already). Unusually for me I've already done mine for this year. I'm not doing any 🤣🤣🤣
  8. asperity

    Weather ?

    Seems as good a guess as many others Obs.
  9. asperity

    Weather ?

    Wasn't the story last year for wetter summers and warmer winters? It's hard to keep up with the scaremongers, they change their stories so often 😆.
  10. asperity

    Brexit again -

    https://www.continentaltelegraph.com/columns/brexit-project-fear-eu-plans-metrification-for-sporting-events/ Warning, may cause a chuckle 😉.
  11. asperity

    Asperity and Confused

    I've noticed this topic has me in the title but, as I'm ignoring anything PJ posts, I'm not interested in whatever he is saying so he may as well give his brain cell a night off 🙄😉.
  12. asperity

    Peoples vote ?

    If only Stallard, Treason May is no Trump unfortunately.
  13. asperity

    Christmas again

    Sorry Stallard, can't help you on this. As usual at this time of year I'm struggling to find gifts to send to my favourite relatives (obviously I'll be sending PJ what he deserves and card).
  14. asperity

    EU Quiz

    Me too. I thought UK civil servants worked for the EU.................🤔