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  1. They are currently on St Philip's school field. How come the law of trespass doesn't apply?
  2. Helicopter woke us up at 5:45 this morning. Seems to be about quite a lot these days.
  3. milly

    car boot

    fundraising for Woolston Rovers junior rugby teams at Brookacre School Hildon Road.
  4. milly

    Hosepipe ban

    But what about all the snow on the Cumbrian hills? There was still patches of snow in March/ April - when it melts surely it runs into the lakes - or don't we count that because it's snow and not rain? I think someone is stealing our water. Although it may not have rained as much as in the past it's not like we've had drought-like weather for months on end. It lasted about two weeks!
  5. The snow isn't a problem, it's the ice underneath. We have taken our daughter back to Uni in Nottingham today. M6, A500, A 50, M1 and into Nottingham - roads completely clear (they don't seem to have half the amount of snow either though). Came back the scenic route - M1, M62. Roads clear despite of the snow till we got near home. It just seems to be us that haven't cleared the snow properly - driving down Longford Street is the awful. And there's more snow forecast tomorrow, just in time for school on Monday!!
  6. We reopened on Monday following the Christmas break despite a leak in a heating pipe that flooded two classrooms. We closed on Tuesday and have remained shut - not because the school has a problem but because the roads and paths that the children (and staff) use to get there are hazardous. 40 staff getting to school safely may not be a problem, but 420 children, with parents and siblings slipping on the ice that would get icier through use is my idea of a nightmare. And I do think schools have to think of the safety of the children en route.
  7. Due to work commitments, Woolston Rovers ARLFC are looking to recruit a First Team Head Coach and Assistant Coach with immediate affect. The first team currently sit top of NWC division 3, unbeaten, after winning division 4 last season and gaining promotion over the previous 2 seasons! A first team coach is required for immediate start to complete this season and guide the team forward in the future, Coaches of any experience and at any level will be considered, Anyone interested please contact Paul Berry on 07793 213 329 for more information,
  8. If the latest news is anything to go by, schools have got too many teachers, head teachers and teaching assistants anyway, whatever gender they are.
  9. You've just described my son! (He wears his seatbelt, doesn't smoke and you forgot the mention the extremely loud 'music' )
  10. We took our kids out onto the school field to play in the snow. We don't get it very often in Warrington and felt we had to make the most of it - it would be gone by home time! We had a snowball fight, made snow angels and built snowmen - it was great! Well, I enjoyed myself anyway (even if I was the main target for their snowballs)!
  11. ...causes chaos across the UK. According to the BBC this morning there has been 5cm of snow across the south causing the cancellation of buses, trains and planes, people unable to get to work, motorways at a stand still. How the hell would we cope if we got several FEET of snow? Why is it that other countries seem to be able to cope, but anything less than normal and the country grinds to a halt! Do they not have rock salt down south?
  12. Surely it's the context that the word is used that decides whether was meant to be insulting or not (and it this case it was clearly not)? And how is it that certain words can be used within their own culture and not be taken as offensive (the P word and N word spring to mind) but if used by a white person it is seen as racist?
  13. milly

    Some people...

    Our blue bin wasn't emptied because someone added some plastic bags when it was put out for collection. When my husband phoned to complain (his argument was it would have saved time if the collector had removed the plastic bag and put it in the black bin that was alongside it compared to opening the bin, then getting a sticker to slap on the bin to tell us it was CONTAMINATED!) the woman that he spoke to told him to empty the blue bin into the black one so we didn't have to wait three weeks to get it emptied! Surely that defeats the whole object of recycling? And how are you supposed to stop people putting extra stuff into your bin once it has been put out for collection?
  14. You want to try running a junior rugby team. Getting the kids registered is all done by post and is a nightmare, taking anything from a 10 day turn around to 8 weeks! They have 'lost' so many of my forms I know duplicate everything from the start so if I haven't received in back in two weeks I send a second lot in the hope that one will run through!
  15. It will also be quieter up there as the schools are closed and people are on holiday, so no 'rush hour', no school run for the primary schools and no parking and blocking up Cromwell at St Gregs.
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