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  1. I just knew you would disagree with me.
  2. First thing this morning, there was a tap on my door. Funny sense of humour my plumber has. Has that helped, or are you more confused?
  3. For all those who are thinking of moving to Facebook, apparently, if you put your location as Newcastle you get a 'like' button after every word.
  4. And well done Diz for agreeing with me.
  5. wolfie

    Ed who?

    I think the media try to make out that Milliband is a bit of a dick, and with Balls behind him we could all be fu**ed
  6. Seems there's not much interest in whether it should stay or go.
  7. They don't give a sh*t some people.
  8. I went to the Walk in centre at Widnes on Sunday only to be told there was a 4 hour wait.
  9. Certainly different to when I started in 05 so I agree pull the plug.
  10. I think it was forced open shortly after taking the pills.
  11. I suppose it explains why he got rid of the back door at his house.
  12. They have also "emphatically denied" that he has been in talks about signing for League One club Oldham Athletic.
  13. 1 degree = 60 minutes. there are 30 degrees between 12 and 1, 60 x 30 = 1800 so D
  14. There's absolutely no reason to believe that Lymm would be any better off under Cheshire East or Cheshire West either.
  15. Isn't Widnes Labour controlled ??????
  16. Yeh, they should all read a booky wook instead.
  17. Merry Christmas to all the paranoia sufferers out there. Just remember, you are not alone.....
  18. As it's Christmas I say 'stuff em'
  19. I once wrote a book about Euthanasia, but I needed assistance with the ending.
  20. The disadvantages of Private medical insurance apart from the cost, is that it will always exclude certain conditions including accident and emergency. It will not cover you for pre existing or incurable conditions and obviously is more expensive for those who need it most ie those who are most at risk of becoming ill including the elderly. It may fall down on speed of treatment but give me the NHS anytime.
  21. I just can't believe that people are promoting a so called fair policy of charging everyone the same for using a car park, and of charging everyone for parking in a residential area. Surely the aim should be to dispense with charges altogether, and traffic wardens. In Widnes (as I already mentioned) the car parks are free. No one is charged to park in front of their own house and there aren't any traffic wardens and it seems to work. The benefit from that is that hundreds of people from Warrington, Runcorn and St Helens regularly shop in Widnes, helping businesses and employment.
  22. Or, we could have free parking at all car parks as Widnes do.
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