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  1. So your suggestion is to drop the 'World' part and change to Warrington forum??
  2. Wayne Rooney stopped in last night, because his latest "lady friend" was busy. Knitting Shreddies. There you are Knitting, General Sport, Recipes, General Chat and History all in one post.
  3. She puts a post in 'Find Family and Friends'
  4. That was another one. Should I post it again to jog your memory
  5. Quite right Diz and I'm proof that it works, when you deleted one of my posts.................... not that it was justified.
  6. Albania's economy was thrown into crisis today as their donkey died.
  7. I was joking about the jokes section
  8. Photos of Warrington - nothing since July 2014 Frodsham Life as Dizzy said Book and Film Reviews...as Dizzy said Poets Corner... as Dizzy said Recipes... as Dizzy said General Sport - 4 threads since August, not 1 reply to the last one. Jokes and Quizzes the jokes are crap and the quizzes too easy. Find Family and Friends only 4 threads since 2009. Computers and Internet only 1 new thread since 2013
  9. "you've just got a forum frequented by people who are just in love with the sound of their own voices." "one of our resident keyboard warriors with nothing useful to contribute" "maybe one or two individuals would have to actually get a life!"" "just too much arguing and name calling here and it's driving people away." Who are all these people, who are either upsetting everyone or leaving?
  10. There may well be, but there isn't one outside my house.
  11. I would argue that oral sex was an eating disorder.
  12. Copied from the Guardian - There is no such thing as free speech - and a good thing too. There are rather just degrees of tolerance, permissiveness and relative freedom, with boundaries, legal, social and cultural. And there are always limits, many of which we are barely aware of, so much so we take them for granted.
  13. Already happening, there are at least 3 such establishments in Halton. http://www.nhs.uk/CarersDirect/guide/practicalsupport/Pages/extra-care.aspx Widnes http://www.housingcare.org/housing-care/facility-info-158740-naughton-fields-widnes-england.aspx
  14. Don't worry Diz, he was hit by a bus 2 days after he got back.
  15. Might be 'Site' clearance
  16. Come on alg, at least it's free.
  17. Not sure if Eagle has golden hair, grey hair or no hair, but we get along great together.
  18. My wife once said "Sarcasm will get you nowhere in life," "Well, it got me to the 'International Sarcasm' finals in in London 2009, 2010 and 2011," I informed her. "Really?" she asked. "No," I replied. Does that count as 3 jokes?
  19. Was that a joke or a quiz algy? I counted 2 jokes ?????
  20. Bloody hell algy, that kids grown up, got married and had kids the videos that old.
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