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  1. Considering that all involved have now agreed to move on, how does your post help anything.?
  2. Diz, If you want to keep other posters guessing then leave it as it is.
  3. The answer is YES I did say it and taken out of context could be seen as offensive. However the statement was made after my original post had been deleted and the assumption had already been made. My original post was simply a reply to someone who had stated that a 90 year old would have no enemies, tongue in cheek I stated that if he was a councillor he may have had many. That statement wasn't made to judge your grandfather but rather to echo many statements about councillors in general who, if you were a regular poster would realise get a fairly bad press on this forum. If that upset you then I apologise, but I have no reason to apologise for any of my posts.
  4. First may I say that I am sorry for your loss and like others hope that the culprits are caught and dealt with appropriately. Having said that, this is exactly the result you get when posts are deleted. There is an assumption that they must have been offensive and/or judgemental. They can't be used to prove that nothing judgemental was said about this person, or that no one said that this person was a councillor. They also can't be quoted to prove that no one asked who had paid for the bench, I reiterate that I would defy anyone to consider my posts as offensive and Dizzy confirmed that, but by deleting it the assumption has been made.
  5. The last joke I posted about a cow was deleted by Dizzy.
  6. The good old days when United fans didn't remember anything before 1993 and Liverpool fans don't remember anything after. When Sport was the most popular topic. When banning threats were an everyday occurrence, and before we had a female moderator.
  7. Do I need my dustpan and brush? The dust hasn't settled on the park bench yet?
  8. No one at any time asked who paid for it, so why make an issue of it?
  9. Threats, Insults, Deletions, Offending people, bring it on !!!!!!
  10. Since most mp's don't know what day it is, talk down to everyone else and think we are all inferior to them, a refreshing change would be the DIARY Party. Lets face it, writing in a diary is basically talking to yourself, and so selling diaries is exploiting the mentally disabled.
  11. Quite right alg, but I thought that the topic of 'should it stay or should it go' agreement had been reached that things would change.
  12. Now even more confusing, delete the reference to (etc) in one post and leave it in another. We've gone from the sublime to the ridiculous.
  13. My post was simply a reply to Bill who assumed that he would not have offended anyone because of his age. I simply said that IF he was an ex councillor he may have had many enemies. If the reference to councillors etc was deemed upsetting enough to have the post(s) removed then Horace's post which highlighted the reference should have been removed also.
  14. Ye Gods, I would defy anyone to consider my post offensive. Was the bloke an ex councillor or not? If not then why should the Parish Council honour him by way of a plaque on a bench?
  15. Does he tell lies? If not he is totally unsuitable.
  16. Was Canal St there before the Gay Village?
  17. Of course it always helps if people read posts before they comment. My statement wasnt about having to put up with it on here, it was simply a reply to alg's point that They obviously do and that was an example of why.
  18. Anyone who has worked in a engineering workshop (Electricians, Fitters, Tiffy's) will have endured far worse insults than have been posted on here. Anyone who has frequented the pubs and clubs around here also. If you have ever been seated near to opposing football fans you would have your eyes opened albeit that the insults are not directed at you personally. Why do you include your own past behaviour alg? I can't remember you ever insulting anyone or even coming close to it.
  19. Hundreds of Special Needs schools for mentally and physically disabled kids have been closed, and the kids forced into mainstream without any thought of bullying issues.
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