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  1. Some people are into threesomes, others are into twosomes, me.................... I'm just handsome.
  2. Me too, but are we allowed to mention councillors?
  3. Sorry I couldn't help. Posted from my Iphone
  4. http://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203097
  5. Well without logging on and checking I have no idea but according to this -http://www.ukpower.co.uk/home_energy/tariffs-per-unit-kwh The cheapest average tariff both for gas and electricity is with electricity at 9.397 pence/kwh and Gas at 2.899 per pence/kwh
  6. Quite a few would be stumped on this one.
  7. Just to be different HAPPY BIRTHDAY 'T' BENNETT
  8. Could you post it again to jog our memories.
  9. I'm inclined to agree with Robbo's comment then.
  10. Not sure if there is a difference but whenever I have travelled around the EU it's difficult to find fresh milk, they all seem to drink the UHT, particularly in France.
  11. Which would be nothing compared to if my wife found out. Just as well the earth didn't move for her today, in fact by her absence nothing seems to have moved her.
  12. But you said that we could ALL debate, you didn't, aim your comment at any particular group in your earlier post.
  13. Well that would be ground breaking news if she said yes.
  14. Now't like stating the bleedin obvious. And there's me thinking that posting on a local forum could change government policy.
  15. No point in telling me Bill, tell the Chief Inspector of the Constabulary who has prioritised crime to suit the number of Police available. BTW the Chief Inspector of the Constabulary is an ex railway worker employed by the government to reduce costs, in doing so he has decided that minor crime will not be a priority.
  16. Tom Winsor the Chief Inspector of the Constabulary stated, The police have already made and done, cuts of 20% in the last four years, and they are facing cuts of a further 5% next year. "Nobody would argue that shoplifting is as serious as a violent assault and therefore the police need to look for the crimes that matter most to people, that do greatest harms to communities - serious and organised crime, drugs, violent offences, the grooming and sexual exploitation of children. It means that they need to understand the kinds of crimes that people are experiencing now - cyber crime, cyber enabled crime, the sexual exploitation of children, crimes that are either enabled by the internet or indeed carried out using the internet Not sure how the vandalism of a bench fits into that.
  17. Well in that case leave the moderating to the moderator(s).
  18. Never in all my years have I seen anyone go into a bookies with a whippet.
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