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  1. Maybe they should move it to Widnes then.
  2. The Facebook page has managed to reach the lofty heights of 620 'likes', hardly what you call overwhelming support, and one of those suggests moving it to Widnes where it will get more tourists ??????
  3. Well looking at an earlier example I would say the Warrington Transporter and the Fourth Bridge was a fair comparison. In answer to your question the answer is No, I wouldn't want to waste Council Tax money renovating a piece of junk that serves no purpose, and doesn't even look good.
  4. When I see you taking photos from the top of the one in the first pic I'll accept the comparison.
  5. The English part was enough to keep me interested.
  6. When I read about political parties announcing stunts like this and others promising to have yet another vote on foxhunting I realise that none of them have a clue about the real world. I despair.
  7. Who actually owns the bridge? Is it Ineos or Unilever or someone else? If it's privately owned why do the council have a duty to look after it? To be honest it doesn't look much different than a container lift, hardly something that you would want to preserve.
  8. Sporting events tend to be made up of local police, visiting police, British rail police and specials. However, when they are at a sporting event there are even less on the streets. Why so many at Warrington, I thought rugby didn't have any trouble?
  9. Not going to happen Davy. I know of one locality not far from here where the total workforce is made up of 2 Police officers and 10 PCSO's. Even if the Police are lucky enough to catch a criminal, the majority are let off with a warning because there is nowhere to put them. Most of the public are not even aware that every day they are mixing with people who should be in jail.
  10. Well it's about to get a whole lot worse, bothered or not.
  11. The Police service is fast becoming a 999 service only, except if you phone the Fire brigade there is still a chance they can put out the fire, and if you call an ambulance there is still a chance they can save a life. Call the Police to report a crime and the criminal has long gone. Reducing Police numbers is a reaction to falling crime figures, but the idea that crime is falling is a joke.
  12. What about 'Skittles Alley'?
  13. The chap that took this had also scaled and photographed other transporter bridges. His comment for the Warrington was "Shame, turns out its a total derp! " whatever that means
  14. I thought it was no longer transporting rail as it was converted into a road bridge?
  15. I believe the bridge is protected as 'Scheduled Ancient Monument' which means it would be a criminal offence to Destroy or damage it, or Do any "works" which would demolish, damage, remove, repair, add or alter it So I guess all you can do is leave it until it rusts and collapses.
  16. I think one of the biggest regrets that Widnes Council had was to scrap the Widnes Transporter bridge, it was always felt by the people of Widnes and Runcorn that it would have been a tremendous tourist attraction. However, for it to succeed it would have needed tourists to pay to cross the Mersey to finance the upkeep. I'm not sure that Warrington's transporter would generate the required income from tourists to justify keeping it, therefore it would just become an expense. I'm not sure many people would support that, if for instance money was taken from Social care. I could be wrong.
  17. The same could be said of the rich, it's all relative.
  18. Good one Eagle, but prepare for the response.
  19. So if I was a poorer student I would see my student loan reduce from £9000 to £6000, great, don't give a toss if a wealthier student can pay it off quicker, I'm still quids in. Plus the shortfall is going to be made up, so the Universities don't lose out either, win win. BTW do wealthier students pay off their loans quicker than poorer students under the present system?
  20. I'm not homophobic, in the same way that I'm not arachnaphobic. I'm not scared of gays; I'm not scared of spiders. But if I were to walk in and find one in my bed, I'd be a little worried
  21. The legislation brought about in 1972 was based on proposals from 1969 which Harold Wilson had accepted and published in a white paper. Ted Heaths government altered the proposals and published their own white paper. I accept that the county councils were elected in 1973 but they were not formally established until April 1974, and it certainly wasn't Ted Heaths idea, no matter how stupid it was.
  22. You compare the level of Council Tax at band E as being favourable to nearby Halton, but wouldn't it be fair to say that the number of Band E properties in Warrington far outweigh the number in Halton even taking into consideration the difference in population.
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