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  1. 250gb USB drive £19 off ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-250GB-External-Portable-2-5-USB-Hard-Drive-With-Free-POUCH-and-Warranty-/181710288296?hash=item2a4ec6f5a8
  2. Sweet dreams are made of cheese...who am I to dis a Brie?
  3. It looks remarkably like the proposed flag for India, excepy that was much later. ​
  4. The Irish flag has Vertical stripes alg.
  5. How do you get job seekers if you already have a job, albeit one that pays nothing???? ​ .
  6. I did have a look but after Mon and Tue it said WTF so I didn't bother.
  7. I remember failing my first driving test. There were a couple of minors. The examiner said that I was right slowing down by the school, but wolf whistling was a definite no-no. ​
  8. Do I have to wear short pants?
  9. All you need to know,
  10. wolfie


    Dizzy, why are you not accepting any new personal messages?
  11. A sensible post at last Sid.
  12. I must be looking at the wrong reports. The news stories I saw made out Lymm to be a beautiful village and lovely place to live and that Netto was not welcome because in the past it tended to be associated with run down council estates.
  13. I think they did the original brickwork, if you look closely.
  14. I nearly choked on my silver spoon then Eagle
  15. Couldn't care less what supermarket they put in Lymm but feelings must be strong, because far more people have voted on the online petition against Netto than have liked the Warrington Transporter facebook page over the last couple of days.
  16. Well I'll sleep tonight.
  17. Not sure what development you are on about in Widnes but it certainly isn't in the town centre. Apart from a few pubs and the odd chippy Widnes town centre is dead. They did try developing the old town centre with a vision of wine bars and continental eating but that turned out to be just a couple of clubs with trouble similar to Bridge street but on a smaller scale. The only other development is around the cinema which no one wanders around because you basically need a car to get to it. Like most visions of family friendly town centres they tend to just turn into the odd boozer, a couple of fast food outlets and late night clubs with bouncers on the door.
  18. wolfie


    I find it difficult to argue with any of that.
  19. Oh, Ok, I'll carry on playing my bagpipes.
  20. Keep up PJ, It wasn't me that suggested it. I was just supporting the proposal.
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