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  1. Not as boring as your comments :sleeping: :sleeping:
  2. wolfie

    Ricky Hatton

    Hey up, the scousers have started to slag each other off now, one having a go at Manchester as usual
  3. Considering that West Ham was sold for ?104m, where does that put City in the pecking order of the 'big clubs' :thinker:
  4. Well looks like Thaksin (I've supported Liverpool all my life) Shinawatra has bought the club for ?40m less than predicted, and Sven is favourite to be manager. What a bad week for City
  5. Bit of a joke really, considering that United spent less than ?25m last year on Carrick, Evra and Dong and recouped ?15m on Van Nistelroy, a total outlay of ?10m and still won the title.
  6. And to think he could have bought Liverpool ah well some you win
  7. wolfie

    Liverpool fans

    I think the 'so many' bit was a touch of sarcasm.
  8. wolfie

    Liverpool fans

    We are talking 'unique' trebles here Goonerman, ie FA Cup, European Cup and Premiership, not mickey mouse trebles
  9. wolfie

    Liverpool fans

    That's the closest any scouser will get to a unique treble.
  10. wolfie

    Liverpool fans

    Why stop at Europe? How about The World
  11. wolfie

    F.A Cup Final

    It's worse than sad Eagle, Gary is proving himself to be the typical jealous scouser. The FA Cup was disappointing to say the least, not so much because we lost but more so in the way we lost; playing slow, boring, unexciting football. At one point I thought I was watching the Poo I repeat my views as in ' can wolves make it three' thread, in 'Now the Wire' and good luck on Wednesday.
  12. You seem to be one of a rare breed Chrisg....... a Poo fan that can acknowledge the efforts and achievements of a rival club. Well done
  13. Correct oh honourable one ( me toeing the line)
  14. Why not be totally dishonest and just say - you won.
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