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  1. That's because you only start off somewhere near to where you really are.
  2. There may well be, but there isn't one outside my house.
  3. Might be 'Site' clearance
  4. That's why more and more people shop in Widnes, because they don't have any traffic wardens.
  5. Dizz, a pensioner :shock: nowt down for you artie
  6. Not certain, but I agree with you alg, I only ever remember it being sold on the Golden mile.
  7. wolfie

    20 mph

    Did you know that Bald Eagles have all their feathers combed over to one side.
  8. wolfie

    20 mph

    Well spotted Eagle
  9. wolfie

    20 mph

    Diz, if you look at the link I posted you will see a 20mph sign post next to the car parked on the pavement.
  10. wolfie

    20 mph

    Diz, Cleos right. I looked on Street View this morning and again tonight and there's a car parked on the pavement and it has never moved. 25 Honister Avenue
  11. wolfie

    20 mph

    How a misguided safety policy is increasing pollution and slowing our towns to a crawl Is Twenty Plenty?
  12. wolfie

    20 mph

    Wouldn't have made any difference if they had. :roll:
  13. wolfie

    20 mph

    All the formulas in the world ignore the fact that most cars need to be driven in a lower gear at 20mph than 30mph. Lower gear = higher CO2 and higher fuel consumption. Forget the other formulas
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