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    They are probably off all week, we missed a collection on Tuesday.
  2. A wind turbine that doesn't work in the wind, brilliant.
  3. 4/11 Dis, there possibly is a Bethlehem in Wales but in a Christmas Quiz it is the country of the "real" Bethlehem that is required.
  4. 12/16 13,24,26 & 34 require a rethink.
  5. 1 According to legend St Nicholas dropped a purse of money down the chimney, what did it land in 2 How many beans did Jack receive in return for the cow he was supposed to take to market 3 In the 1951 version of Christmas Carol who played Scrooge 4 Who wrote the well-known children's Christmas story The Snowman 5 What Christmas book, written by Chris van Allsburg and first published in 1985, tells the story of a boy who gets a silver bell from Santa after riding on a magic train 6 What links Frank Carson with Christmas 7 Which character from the nativity is in the ti
  6. 17. Cake 18. 2004 19. Frost Fair on the Thames 21 We Three Kings 24. Washington DC 28. Onion?
  7. .....and by coincidence they are both full of criminals.
  8. A man is cupping his hand to scoop water from a Highland burn. Game keeper shouts ' Dinnae drink thon water min, its foo o' coo's shyte n pish.' Man replies 'My good fellow, I'm English. Repeat that in English'. Gamekeeper replies 'I said use both hands - you get more that way.'
  9. I hope you will step over me rather than tread on me.
  10. Geoff, the WWW community are obviously "On-Liners" because we are ermm, on line.
  11. Dis, I didn't get any of my four wrong. 22. Australia 23. Samuel Pepys 30. Turkey
  12. 1. George V (1932) 4. 6th Jan 8. 25 th Dec 15. Delaware
  13. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/suffolk/8431483.stm
  14. Not fit for purpose. Applies to both people and objects.
  15. There are currently 13 Premiership clubs with British managers
  16. Baz, we all know Fergie is a manager but he certainly isn't a manger.
  17. A trough or an open box in which feed for livestock is placed.
  18. You and I are part of the voting public let us find an alternative; you go first.
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