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  1. 1. Argentina 2, Second in group, beat Colombia in Last 16, lose to Brazil in Q/Final 3. Belgium .
  2. After watching the latest performance England will have no more than three games in Brazil. Slightly off topic, why does, why does, why does Adrian Chiles start every, start every, start every sentence three er, three, er, three er times?
  3. http://www.superleague.co.uk/article/30380/smith-plays-down-australia-link
  4. Surely these countries are entrenched in their own version of 21st Century thinking not medieval.
  5. It reminds me of the old joke. Old lady reports a man walking around naked in his garden next door, the police arrive and fail to spot the offender behind a large hedge. The lady tells them to go into her bedroom, put a chair on her bed and climb on to the chair.
  6. Can this headline on the Gruniard website be read read two ways. "Appeal after flasher spotted with binoculars hiding in Padgate bushes" It should read," Appeal after flasher with binoculars was spotted......"
  7. The 19 Warrington to Leigh timetable has altered slightly, the buses will no longer go down Hob Hey Lane due to safety reasons, the junction with Common Lane has been deemed unsafe. It has been used for donkey's ages without a problem.
  8. I didn't think anyone still read the Gruinard.
  9. Big announcement but no substance. Mother, " How are you approaching your maths exam tomorrow?" Son, " I am going to make every effort to pass, Mum" Mother, "Great, I will tell the family and neighbours" Son to himself, "If she believes I have any chance of passing she is going to get a nasty shock".
  10. If it had been an animal the shells would have been left behind, it is likely that Observer is correct.
  11. I haven't watched it since Wittering Wogan took over, I am led to believe that Norton is much worse.
  12. Guaranteed to start another round of bloodshed & bombings. Is it worth it?
  13. Possibly not but it is what usually happen in this country.
  14. I have obviously missed the trial, conviction and sentence?
  15. The statistics are meaningless unless they take into consideration the number of miles in each road category.
  16. Toerag is far too kind, but even toerags and others of their ilk find immediate support from the Forum numpty..
  17. Moyes has been recruited by UKIP they are using his experiences of getting out of Europe.
  18. Started and finished in one weekend?
  19. My home insurance has rocketed to the tune of 1.6%
  20. It isn't music as we know it Jim...............don't tell Adam.
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