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  1. 80,140, if you are trying to ridicule the sport at least try to deal in facts. Your first two points are possibly valid but your third is poor. Half empty?
  2. Don't you mean that it is the poorest 10 minutes of a final that you have ever seen?
  3. Don't watch it very often then?
  4. What about the number of "foreigners" leaving the country? I know it doesn't suit your dogma but there must be some?
  5. A fullback who can tackle should be the first priority.
  6. 3880, probably because some answers were first in the list.
  7. I have never seen the point of taxing success to give to the can't be arsed.
  8. Leigh with 20 points start looks a good bet.
  9. Eagle


    BREAKING NEWS: US Police confirm that, when arrested, all seven FIFA officials threw themselves on the ground and pretended to be injured..
  10. Assuming we (Leigh Supporters) will be in the West Stand, could someone give me an idea what time the gates will be open. We are bringing my grandson and given that it is all standing would need to get in early to be near the front. Thanks.
  11. It is a good well organised site, well done.
  12. The number 10 sticker came off the ball partway through the draw and was stuck on the side of the bowl. When Edwards was asked to comment on the draw he hadn't a clue what the draw was.
  13. Yes, he/she would be deemed unable to plead.
  14. 'few' would have done,
  15. I doubt your use of 'select few' is an accurate description.
  16. " Then just as we were chatting who should walk in but Netto UK managing director Morten Nielsen, and Sainsbury's Business Development Director Helen Buck on a fact finding visit." Wow, how lucky was that?
  17. The Conservative Councillor Woodyatt was spot on with her self assessment, " I know it makes me sound like a terrible snob"; take out the 'sound like' and it is even more accurate.
  18. The derision aimed at the self confessed snobby shoppers of Lymm is totally deserved.
  19. Probably because the trivia is better than the topic. Will England qualify for the Quarter Finals in the Cricket World Cup?
  20. A Scouser, a Manc and a Rasta are all in the maternity ward waiting for their partners to give birth. The midwife comes out and tells them congratulations, they're all fathers of beautiful healthy boys, however unfortunately they've run out of the name tags, and the babies have been mixed up, so if they could each go in and identify their sons from any family resemblance etc. The Manc wants to go first, so in he goes and comes out with a black baby. The Rasta looks a bit confused, "Excuse me", he said, "but don't you think he's likely to be mine?" "Probably", said the Manc, "but one of t
  21. As at 31st March 2014 there was £11,860,000 uncollected Council Tax, collecting that would save us from quite a few increases.
  22. Who are you to tell me I shouldn't compare the two, I will please myself thank you?
  23. You answered a question that nobody asked. The only comparison being made and quite easily is that Wigan haven't raised Council Tax whereas Warrington have.
  24. Did City make a mistake signing Álvaro Negredo Sánchez?
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