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  1. The actual word I used was 'rankew', I don't think I have ever used the word 'rankwe'. In fact I don't even think it exists. I am rather disappointed that you think it was only an attempt at an insult. I am finding it difficult to find appropriate phrases but most of them will have 'sad' in them somewhere. Lets get one thing straight I have never doubted your prowess in your particular field I am just sick of your repeated reminders. I shall now take Gary's advice and ignore you. [ 22.04.2007, 11:07: Message edited by: Eagle ]
  2. Poser, poser, poser, poser, Eagle you are overstepping the mark!! anymore you action will be take to stop you posting such post?s on here! Steve (Administrator) [ 22.04.2007, 15:15: Message edited by: Steve the original ]
  3. Sheffield should have had a penalty and Heinze could perhaps have been dismissed. Man U could have had a penalty for handball in the first half, the thug that assaulted Evra should have been booked, etc, etc,. The score was comfirmed as 2- 0 in the paper this morning which is the only fact that matters, everything else is opinion. I don't think it is luck alone that has put United twenty points in front of Liverpool; before I forget Bob, are City still in the big league?
  4. What the hell do you mean "its getting boring"? You introduced boredom to the forum with your manic,pathetic self promotion; it is a wonder your ego hasn't burst. I have never doubted that you are good at what you do but I am sick and tired of your repeated reminders. Fortunately you have the moderators in your fan club which keeps criticism down to a minimum. [ 18.04.2007, 08:07: Message edited by: Gary ]
  5. This forum is in desperate need of a new set of emoticons; the current set have nothing that could accompany any contribution I might make to this thread. [ 17.04.2007, 16:15: Message edited by: Gary ]
  6. I look forward to your regular broadcasts Bob and don't know what I would do without them.
  7. ........and some that should be kept hidden.
  8. "..keeping our female posters happy"; where's Steve, he is good at that (so he says)?
  9. Step 1, Doctor in North London has his three laptops stolen which contain valuable photos of his kids over 10 years. Step 2, Police do nothing Step 3, Doctor offers reward for return of items Step 4, Police threaten to arrest him for receiving stolen goods. :confused:
  10. When you get into a vehicle driven by someone you know you take it on trust that they are insured. When you pay to enter a vehicle they should have proved that they are insured before being allowed to charge you.
  11. Summed up in four words. " take a proper taxi ".
  12. Item on Granada Reports Thieves steal an expensive motorbike, Police see them ride off but can't follow them because the thieves were not wearing crassh helmets; elf'n safety regulations.
  13. How puzzling, you say he is talking rubbish yet you can't understand him :confused: Is it because he is saying things you don't want to hear? [ 17.01.2007, 18:02: Message edited by: Eagle ]
  14. Most of the Insurance Company ads are dire Churchill's irritating dog, the mouse, the crusader, but the worst is Lombardy Finance's Oh eight hundred fifteen bloody thousand. My irritation stems from the fact that when you don't need money they fall over themselves to give you a loan but when someone needs money they don't want to know. [ 17.06.2006, 16:48: Message edited by: Eagle ]
  15. It is probably the coping with success syndrome; a new company gets a good reputation which leads to more customers but doesn't expand to cater for the increased trade. The customer satisfaction then starts to fracture, word gets round (the word that increased trade), trade falls off and the 'new' company will join the statistics of good ideas gone wrong.
  16. Men not allowed, is that allowed?
  17. theinsider,why do you assume that anyone who tries to bring a touch or realism about Liverpool's achievement is a Manc. Your mind must be of the narrowest variety. The whole sport of Football reeks of greed, obsession and fantasism and I have not touched on the players yet. When a sport (an I use the word loosely) is decided on my ?s are greater than your ?s then it ceases to be a sport. To bring this topic back into perspective it is now alleged that Stevie G (pass the sick bag) will be paid ?7,800,000pa to prevent him absconding to more a financially better environment. If he goes Carragher will have a problem, no one will understand him in the dressing room. There is a fervent support from the fans of Liverpool but the most fervent is from "fans " who have never watched a game. That I might add is not unknown at the other end of the A580. Football stinks FULL STOP, Greatest Sporting Achievement, your havin' a laff. [ 29.05.2005, 23:16: Message edited by: Eagle ]
  18. The greatest sporting achievement of all time? What a load of garbage, what a very narrow channel some of you numpties swim in. I suppose the next greatest will be your favourites finishing fourth in the league after being fifth at Christmas. From the top of my head the greatest that comes to mind is Jim Laker 1956. I will be back with more. This thread wins the trophy for the biggest load of tripe posted so far.
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