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  1. What an awesome threat to deal with the serial irritant, abuser and troll. Turn the points system off!! Brilliant Dizzy, you will go far unfortunately the board won't.
  2. The Group seems to have enrolled a new troll and the admin team do nothing.
  3. Eagle

    20 mph

    ............ and hopefully at 20mph we would miss the conference.
  4. Eagle

    20 mph

    ............... and the car still hasn't moved.
  5. Eagle

    20 mph

    Please, please delete this garbage from the Forum. If this was Speakers Corner there wouldn't be enough rotten tomatoes available.
  6. Feel free to depart these shores.
  7. I suppose it could be Geoff's ploy to divert attention from his deceased party.
  8. I find it strange that there is an option to vote for a deceased person.
  9. It is because people have more money than sense and it is time the exhibitionism that is public grieving is declared illegal. Substitute anything else for the "tributes" and it is called fly tipping.
  10. I have just done the quiz and it is rubbish.A quiz should have factual answers, too many of these questions have answers that are based on opinion and speculation; with the odd guess thrown in.
  11. Is it better or worse that BBC High Blood Pressure and how much a month is it?
  12. The bid has already been made.
  13. I have got a butterfly in a jamjar if anyone wants to increase their count.
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