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  1. Which is the biggest pub in Warrington?The Memphis Belle?
  2. It should have an Aircraft Hangar on it(Burtonwood),with a couple of 2nd World War aircraft flying over.
  3. I thought Greenall's Brewery had stopped brewing?
  4. Dunno what you Warrington people want,your town centre is better than ours(St.Helens).Wanna swop?
  5. The United States spends more time taking an interest in it's Rugby teams,rather than it's Soccer teams.Why? Because the USA love games with high scores!Why aren't the powers that be in Super League,making a push in to the USA?Potentially the most lucrative market,financially, in the world! I had this question published in LEAGUE EXPRESS,3 weeks ago.So far,no answers
  6. I'm Rugy League,through and through.But,watching the World Cup Rugby Union on ITV,is far better and more exciting than any soccer match!Is it any wonder that the USA Rugby team generates more interest in America than their national soccer team!!!!!
  7. Gary,i think the team that finishes top of Super League,should automatically be Champions!
  8. Would rather win the European Cup again,than Premier League.Both Ferguson and Murino want it SO BAD!
  9. Anelka throws his rattle out of the pram too much,and poses a problem for any team bonding efforts!
  10. Jay c,i agree with you,but Gary,hang on a minute........don't forget,Roy Keane is manager of Sunderland........he's regimental,a total out and out winner,so i can't see Sunderland going down!
  11. Man U not to win a European cup.........they can't play in Europe! LFC RULES!
  12. Pink Ladies,yes ive seen those beautiful cabs,but ive yet to see Olivia Newton John at the wheel!Way better than black cabs,though,black cabs are more suited to funerals!
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