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  1. The Liberal Democrats fought the most disgraceful, disgusting and dishonest campaign that I have ever seen. Their politicians and activists here in the Constituency should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. It seems apparent to me that their current Leader here in Warrington has disowned the campaign, and rightly so.
  2. Better take my bed with me I guess. I have to say that as the Conservative Election Agent for Warrington South, both my candidate and the team have been superb, fighting an honest and professional campaign, I am very proud of them all.
  3. he has gone very quite on this issue now As an Election Agent, I am currently far too busy to spend too much time posting on this Forum. My normal excellent postings will resume in due course.....possibly
  4. Alas for you Dizzy, there are no local elections in Stockton Heath this year, only the General Election.
  5. The problem is that "the people" speak with many and mostly differing voices. We are talking about the man in the street, not politicians,Paul. No I was talking about the man in the street, or should I say on the doorstep, Peter. You would be amazed by the variety of comments and opinions expressed.
  6. Daily Telegraph: "David Cameron is prepared to rule out any coalition deal with the Liberal Democrats and will try to lead a minority government if the Tories narrowly fail to win an outright majority in the General Election on Thursday"
  7. I wouldn't have them anywhere near Warrington Town Hall either Baz.
  8. Oh for God's sake, don't bring religion in to it.
  9. The problem is that "the people" speak with many and mostly differing voices.
  10. How very ill informed, indeed not informed at all. The following is the current state of play: Walton Hall Estate & Gardens This note is intended to give an overview of the process the Council is currently pursuing for the restoration of Walton Hall estate. In 2008 the Council?s Executive Board agreed to explore the potential of the estate in order to preserve it for future generations. This would be a mix of commercial opportunities as well as enhancing the current range of facilities. The main buildings within the estate are in a poor condition, particularly the Gla
  11. Interestingly he sounded quite calm when he discussed the matter in the car, didn't use any F or B words. Could have been worse, he could have hit her with his "clunking fist". Mr Brown shouldn't have called Mrs Duffy a bigot, because she isn't she was expressing widely held concerns in a most reasonable way, but personally I thought it was dreadful that Sky allowed what was a private discussion to be broadcast. I do hope that this matter does not become the determining factor in this election.
  12. Alas Observer I rather think that there would be very few significant ones that could command majority support....even though there will be those on this Forum who think that they might.
  13. I notice that the Warrington South Labour candidate is saying that his shoe has a hole in with all the walking that he is doing, should be OK for a repair though, his Party's manifesto is full of cobblers.
  14. I recall somebody in the South standing as an Independent in 2005 for exactly that reason, 453 voters availed themselves of the opportunity that he provided. Cost him about 3 grand I think....and a new car for his wife. Interestingly, and accepting that I have a bias, it is worth looking at each candidate personally, ignoring their party banner, and asking do you think that they would represent you well, could they lobby for you, do they have gravitas, are they serious, what would they do for Warrington. Take a long hard look at each of them and ask searching questions of each one.
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