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  1. doesn't '24/7' include the 7 days of the week?
  2. do they make 'em that big?
  3. Gary wrote: "There is absolutely no need to fly post when there are so many other ways to promote a business - including a very high quality full colour magazine with prices starting from just ?10 a month plus VAT! It would cost more than that to print some posters! " isn't a free magazine just a posh flyer?
  4. well I'm just glad it was the northern team wot won it
  5. Grow up? who me? Nah! The air guitar still rocks! I am now online at home and will try and remember to listen to your Tommy Vance impersonation on Saturday nights!
  6. i got this last tuesday and it is without doubt one of the greatest videogames ive ever played! the multiplayer side a right laugh! top stuff!
  7. it's a shame for the dogs, it's not their fault but the idiots that own them.
  8. Mort


    are you leaving the new media centre then?
  9. it IS great fun - even Mrs Mort likes it
  10. I can play guitar too Dismayed and it IS a bit tricky to start off with 'cause you're used to a normal guitar obviously but after about an hour you get the hang of it.
  11. OMG how good is this game? Hours and hours of my life are disappearing because of this addictive and plain ol' darn good fun xbox game. And it makes you feel like a rock legend :biggrinbounce:
  12. or what about the dyslexic pimp? he bought a warehouse.
  13. nothing wrong with good ol' corporation pop I drink nothing else at home. The missus wont touch it though :confused: bottled water everywhere in our house
  14. Hart's just an old word for Stag isn't it? Apologies if I'm wrong
  15. used to find loads of money on the floor at smiths!
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