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  1. Any manager who feels the need to include half a dozen players that are not 100% fit, include Heskey, convince Carragher to come out of International retirement and try to convince Scholes to do the same in my opinion hasn't a clue, regardless of his past history.
  2. Don't mention scousers, Poo, Rafa or allotments and you'll get on fine.
  3. I usually shop online with My supermarket and Tesco always comes out the cheapest.
  4. Regardless of how strong or weak the economy is, one only makes money by buying low and selling high.
  5. I wouldn't mind watching digital tv c**p or otherwise as long as the picture didn't break up
  6. What about 'Out of town' category?
  7. What do you think is the biggest problem in Britain that the next government should prioritise?
  8. Girl Guides and Girl Scouts celebrate 100 years of the world Guide and Scout movement.
  9. I thought scousers were supposed to be 'experts' at all things football.
  10. That is the opinion that is shared by the majority. I agree.
  11. Well deserved, and not a flash in the pan like previous winners.
  12. Is it right that just like Hillsborough 20 years ago, Police should now be blamed for the death of a 4 year old boy, who was savaged to death at a house where fighting dogs were illegally bred?
  13. wahl if you think that this ultra right wing bunch of cretins in government are communists then you are 'confused' about politics to say the least.
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