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  1. At a meeting this week and it seems this referral system is not very efficient.and there has been loads of complaints backing up what Milky said about waiting times on the phone. It amazes me we have to have this service (based in Manchester & Bolton) when for years our GPs did it quite effectively
  2. I think you are right Dave, local elections are about trying to get someone who will "do" and not sit back
  3. Any major housing development in Warrington needs to be put on standby until the road infrastructure is sorted and I dont mean just repairing potholes. Much smaller towns have better roads the gready so and so's at the town hall staff and councils just want cash in from builders/developers without any thought on what the town actually needs. Promises promises from the politicians thats all we getand NO action. Anyone with a grain of sense would see this.
  4. WBC should put it right 1st. They have spent little on it in the last 20 years compared with other areas. Why should volunteers do something that many of us remember the parks dept doing and we pay for. When Geoff got elected he organized a bloke from the council to come round regarding tree maintenance. The chap said they would not prune trees that were in open parkland - rubbish they had done some in another area. The following day they started a mass prune up in Peel Park. When I was at school there was a word that described stories like this
  5. I just get fed up of going to shops and them not having stock or saying they have to order. Ordered an SD card last week on line arrived the following day post free. That I could see none of the places where there was free parking around Warringon had the card capacity needed. Had I gone into town centre if I could find one, the unit cost would be higher and I would have to pay for parking increasing the price again
  6. I imagine they go off page hits/day, Unless they have done a survey I dont know how they would determine who was a new reader. Lets say someone reads an online paper at home then goes to work and reads same paper at some point. Tracking would show a hit from both addresses but in reality its the same person. I do believe that online daily newspapers in one form or another will take over from printed matter, particularly where the site is well organised and laid out. Cant say I am fussed with the clutter/cram it all on one page brigade though. W-Ws' Full News Index Page is in my
  7. I thought it was a bit cheeky the poor kid could find nobody at his party. Just show what grabbers they are thinking people would pay to see "them2
  8. Yes, I like it too. Nice and clean easy on the eyes to read. I also think the calendar is a good idea (for those of us whos' grey cells are not as good as they were)
  9. Come round the corner at lunchtime or somedays pm, Geoff and you will get a few more
  10. Dont post as many as some, but I do read the forums daily even if its from the phone
  11. Hey dont knock him - I know he works for the area he represents
  12. Whilst it might not be the worst, can I suggest Geoff that your close is bad, and has been since murphy's mob wrecked the estate sinking cable stuff. Mrs Reader has to walk on the road past your place
  13. If you want to try another package Dizzy have a look at "Gimp" its fairly straight forward to use and will do most if not all that the other programs will. It is open source so its not going to cost anything. I originally found it in a Linux download, liked it so much downloaded the Windows version and now dont use any of the others.
  14. I thought Virgin was fast, I am round the corner from Geoff on a bt landline (not bt isp tho) and i am getting better speeds than Dizzy or fugtifino. I am changing providers next month to get away from bt. Glad I decided against virgin with these probs and speeds
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