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  1. Obs, Was this the lady? http://newsfeed.leedsvirtualnewsroom.co.uk/2012/04/persistent-blue-badge-abuser-prosecuted.html?m=1
  2. Hello Peter, I see you are online?

  3. sadako

    Too Cold?

    Ha ha...was you with him Observer...the user name is quite appropriate and with all that knowledge you have
  4. sadako

    Too Cold?

    Highest recorded was 18.7*c over some parts of the UK. I don't know how warm everyone was in Warrington last night but I opened a window and my pj's came off.
  5. sadako


    ...my friends don't have motivation so that isn't a good combination to get motivated. Swimming is what I want to do. Works all areas. Now I just need a cossy that fits.
  6. sadako


    Well I have a bike. Hurts my bum though ha ha. I used to have a gym membership. I found it very boring and very expensive so I started swimming instead. I'm going to start pool aerobics I think....feel free to join me Peter. Is quite like to start dancing though.
  7. sadako


    I'd look a bit daft doing that by myself. I may start Zumba again. That was a laugh....there is always tv remote lifting. *sigh
  8. sadako


    ...someone who will be my swimming partner in order to motivate me to take up regular exercise. If you can't swim...I'll teach you!...if you don't like swimming then suggest another activity that will make me fit.
  9. Ha ha ha...I'm so glad I decided to check this thread out. It really made me giggle. Thank you Dizzy.
  10. You're so lucky Bill. I'd love to see them. There are reports of sightings just north of Blackpool last night. I've always wanted to go to Norway to see them but time and money had always been an issue.
  11. Apparently there is a possibility of seeing the Northern Lights over parts of the UK during the next few days. Yorkshire have already had a show and if is expected to be seen as far down as Bristol....anyone light spotting this week then?
  12. sadako


    ...and that concluded this thread
  13. Ha ha. I've done the lot. Bungee, skydiving, white water rafting, storm chasing. I'll have to stick some photos and videos up.
  14. Click on the blank space if your on a smartphone. It didn't appear for me until I touched that area.
  15. I've done a few bungee jumps but never thought about doing it horizontally
  16. Wow, that looks amazing. I want to play!
  17. I didn't see the last series unfortunately so I can't compare, but I do agree there was little for the public to do if you don't have the right equipment. Some fascinating photos that people sent in though.
  18. Apparently it's car vs motorbike. The biker has broken his leg but is okay. Not sure about the driver in the car.
  19. Sorry to hear of your loss. Oooh...what type of telescope did he bring? I would love one but not sure where to start. I was about to ask my partner if he'd go halves with me but he beat me to it.
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