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  1. I've only heard from the blues. Getting tons of stuff through my door!
  2. sadako

    Old faces

    I'm still watching you all...
  3. Thanks Gary. Still waiting for more details
  4. Poor horses I'm interested to hear more as details are released!
  5. Sorry just seen this. Yes it is reported. They said they'd look into see if it is linked to any other reports.
  6. I come back to a forum and now I want to go again. Thanks for that algy.
  7. Thanks for the responses everyone
  8. Hello. Thought I'd ask everyone's opinion on this as I witnessed something horrid today and not really sure what to do (or if there is anything I can do). I was walking with family and friend at Lymm Dam today and a staffordshire bull terrier (think it was thay breed) attacked a puppy. The staff was on a lead but was being controlled by a young girl (around 12) who obviously didn't have the strength to stop the dog when he decided to attack. The dog's owner (girl's father) was shouting at the dog to let go and was trying to prize it's jaws open which didn't work and he got injured as a result. The owner of the puppy was frantic and her kids were traumatized. It wasn't until my partner grabbed the dogs tail that he let go. The lady of the puppy ran off holding the pup that wasn't moving. Not sure if he was dead or stunned. The man and his staff walked the other way. Do/should I report this? It is playing on my mind and I'm shook up thinking about it but not really sure how to go about. If I did I couldn't give a good description of the man or any details as to where they went. It bothers me thay this dog didn't have a muzzle and the owner didn't know how to deal with its behaviour. There were young kids about including my own thay witnessed it. Really angry.
  9. sadako

    Sad News

    I just heard about the news and came back on here to pay my respects. R.I.P Peter. Very sad. Hugs love to all of his family and friends x
  10. For a minute there, I thought you meant the pub. Once I read the article I relaxed a little :)
  11. If I owned the land then I would try and profit from it too. Don't see what the fuss is. I heard that some of the profits were going to charity. Gary, can you confirm this is correct?
  12. I haven't heard about this. Who is against it exactly Gary? I think it is a lovely idea. I can't see why people would be against it. It is something a little different, it attracts people unto the town and the kids will love it!
  13. Like you Dizzy, I have been meaning to go for some time. I went to Dunham Masses not long ago but didn't have the time or money with me to see it then. I didn't realise that they were closing it soon. Anyone know the opening times?
  14. Yes it should...it brings me back to the forum, although I must say it has gone very quiet in recent years. Where did everyone go?
  15. I shop at Aldi so I got into the habit of taking bags with me a long time ago!
  16. I wanted a photo of the bridge...not David Mowat!
  17. That's an interesting way of looking at it Obs. I quite like that idea.
  18. Ha ha. Great video. I still have a lot of my old cassette tapes. I still have my Now That's What I call Music tape somewhere. The best thing about the cassettes was playing the songs and trying to write down the lyrics. STOP. REWIND. PLAY. It used to take forever. Me and my friends would also record mini radio shows using my cassette player mic to record over a blank tape and then adding music from my other cassette. I think the most annoying thing about cassettes was trying to record songs off the radio, especially if the DJ decided to talk over the first part of the track.
  19. It wasn't PJ or Sid in the bush again was it? Takes me back to the fiddlers ferry...
  20. I have always done mine online and have never had a problem....but then I always have insurance and a valid MOT. I find the online method very easy and fast. The only thing you need is your V5 form for the vech code I think.
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