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  1. Tom Bowe

    Hello Dizzy, Yes, the pub on the right is the Hop Pole, the whole row where Tom Bowe and others were was knocked down and redeveloped. The pedestrianised area past the pairs of skittles seems narrower now than when buses could travel in both directions ! The photo was taken from roughly where the taxi rank is outside the new bus station.
  2. Tom Bowe

    "What I advertise I sell" I remember seeing this shop when going through town on my way to school on the No.1 bus. I remember thinking to myself, what a strange slogan, why say that, it's obvious you wouldn't advertise stuff that you didn't sell ? In later years he stopped advertising what he sold ?
  3. Lost Pubs of Warrington

    The Bowling Green Hijack from another thread:- http://forum.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/index.php?/topic/9886-bowling-green/ I didn't know this had closed. Here it is in the 70's, I notice the background is a little different to what you see today
  4. Lost Pubs of Warrington

    The Roebuck Here is my pic of the Roebuck from the 70's, in Greenalls livery. No wide angle lenses for me then, hence couldn't get a front on shot like the modern photo. I had forgotten the Halfords shop was next door.
  5. Lost Pubs of Warrington

    The Railway Opposite Rock Oil and the Honda showroom (Thanks Algy).
  6. Lost Pubs of Warrington

    The Prince of Wales Imagining where this one was is easier to place due to the distinctive curved fronted building that was once Ryland's Labs. Opposite the petrol station entrance at Sainsbury's. It's a pity its just grassy nothingness now.
  7. Lost Pubs of Warrington

    The Legh Arms Approximate position of the Legh Arms in todays world, along Mersey St just past the job centre building.
  8. Lost Pubs of Warrington

    Algy, Once again your illuminating maps hit the spot, it looks like the Legh Arms was along Mersey St. somewhere in between the Victoria Vaults and the Packet House. I'll get my bearings and take a 'now' pic for posterity. Once again thanks, Graz
  9. Lost Pubs of Warrington

    The Legh Arms Here's another one I can't do another 'now' picture for due to memory lapse - can anyone shed light on where this used to be ?
  10. Lost Pubs of Warrington

    The Broad Oak This is on the A57 heading out from Great Sankey on the left just before the Trigger Pond (on the right). As was, The Broad Oak, with the limited view you get from the road now, you would never guess this used to be a pub.
  11. Lost Pubs of Warrington

    The Packet House This pub is well documented on the internet, I wonder if it will be obliterated when the area gets re-developed A not high quality of it in the 70's. One thing you do notice between 'now' and 'then' is just how much street clutter there is these days, yesteryear was much tidier !
  12. Lost Pubs of Warrington

    Algy, Apologies for the delay, (I've had internet provider problems), unfortunately I don't recall the Ship Inn and the Green Man pubs, I will look through the negatives over the next few days but I think they might have gone before my time. Regards, Graz
  13. Lost Pubs of Warrington

    That Picture is Ace ! Thanks for posting it Regards, Graz
  14. Lost Pubs of Warrington

    Baz, Thanks for finding and sharing this soon to be extinct Raven. I have to say this is the saddest image in the whole thread up to now. On a happier note, I can just about make out the Devil's Grill in the background, scene of countless purchases of burger with relish ! Regards, Graz
  15. Lost Pubs of Warrington

    Algy, That's a lovely image, thanks for sharing it, pity it has to go ! Regards, Graz