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  1. I had a tenner at 6/1 with Willie Hills , no finger nails left though . Brilliant
  2. Excellent photos , HDR is great when not overcooked
  3. I remember these things going passed my house when i lived in Hollins Lane , the whole place used to shake
  4. Isn't it something to do with a pig stealing things during the construction ? My Dad was caretaker there at some point in the 60s , my sister and i were at St Oswalds school and lived at that time in Golbourne road ( the house is long gone) I thought the church and surroundings looked very nice after all these years though i thought Hollins Lane was looking a bit sad . On the upside Burger King in Delph lane got extra business
  5. Not Warrington so forgive me but one i liked from my recent trip south
  6. A 52 mm is what i'm after too , i expect to take lots of pics with water and sun so need to filter primarily cut out glare
  7. I'm leaving on Thursday so i'd rather just do it the traditional way plus have a gander at anything else that might catch my eye
  8. Cheers , I'm after a Circular Polarizing Filter so i'll try there
  9. Hi Guys Any decent camera shops in Warrington ??
  10. I've just booked the travelodge so i'll be having a fairly brief look around Winwick & Warrington on June 14th
  11. Looks like it's HDR and very nicely done in my opinion
  12. Ah yes , i've got an FZ38 and i agree they are excellent
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