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    Gary's blog

    Gary one of the things that may be worth mentioning That meeting with the police I spoke to your father about is taking place this thursday I will let you know the outcome I do know that some of the scroats are in court a week on friday and the lady who is going to give evidence against them is terrified so I will be at the court with her treatment allowing. And just one other thing Gary what is a Blog.
  2. Mick Curran

    Gary's blog

    Gary could not agree with you more the shameful antics on those games always reminds me when my kids were young and I used to take them to see Man-U thier was no fighting on the pitch or of and my kids used to roam all over the place and I knew they were safe, but the violance is know on the pitch and not in the crowd its time these overpaid morons were dealt with far harsher so they will realise thier are young fans out thier who mimic them, a very sad day indeed and its not sport.
  3. I think they should call this post a word my Father used quite often the DOOLALLY post with a lot of people looking through idiot information blaming everyone for all this stupidity but themselves, or is it just the usual Tory-Lib-Dem mob with to much time on thier hands and nothing else to do.
  4. I still hear nothing but praise for pink ladies from people in the community so good luck to them.
  5. PK at least they are trying to do somthing about the problems what as your party done except take up a few of them precouse Cells up by breaking the law and I dont think I have to mention any names it was all over the papers at the time.
  6. You have all got to open your eyes to the real problems, Observer is correct the PC brigade as caused a lot of problems for the rule of law in this country,but as someone who deals with the Police nearly every day in Warrington the police do a very poor job, I understand this year again they have come the bottom of the league again for service and they dont seem to be bothered and because of this people in our communities are getting no protection from criminals elderly people dont open thier doors after 7 oClock at night making them prisoners in thier own home, and untill people stop making excuses for them nothing will change.
  7. And another one Birmingham City Council pays lightbulb fitter ?91,000 and he as been of sick for twlve month,Crazy or what.
  8. Its a crazy world PK but a cheap shot at Labour becouse its been going on under all political party,s.
  9. I think its got more to do with the fact thar there are to many police of on sick pretending to be ill and they are just lazy.
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