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  1. Double the cost, double the winnings? This is a rip off.
  2. http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&q=Warrington+market+and+time+square+project&meta=# This link says the future plans take us up to 2030.
  3. When the market is demolished along with Time square area and a new market built along with cinema etc as planned then Bridge street should once again be at the heart of the Town with footfall crossing all day long. As a family man in their mid 30's I'd like to see the daytime trade do well, family places / entertainment but also also much better night life. ( cos i still got it ) I can't go for drink on bridge street because I'm not 16 and mental but if I do it's the Barly mow or cairo street. There needs to be more sophisticated night life/ restaurants in town but I don't think there are enough decent people interested and they tend to go to the city. Town could be so much more.
  4. Ah well. Think that sums it up then.
  5. Anyone on here know a councillor who should know.
  6. So it looks like the white Lady isabella statue has gone. I think this situation sums up Warrington council present and past, because this maze has been run down for the last 10 years possibly
  7. Pete76

    The Bins

    Council website has posted a questionnaire about the proposed reduction. I read that it will save them £900k.
  8. Well put. Was it a cremation. Makes more sense than Digging a hole.
  9. I think as soon as you start giving anyone a perch and the power to spend large amounts, they lose sight of common sense and who those decisions affect. On the other hand if voluntary commities are involved then that can end up with dead end discussions and people with chips on their shoulder just trying to mess it up for their own game.
  10. I agree with a lot of the views here, politicians are useless locally and pretty much nationally, but needs must. The elected councilers need to be held more accountable and everything that they do should be run past some sort of local voluntary alliance and made very public. It's a nightmare, I want a new political movement, and I want it to be called the Common sense party!
  11. Without revealing my political preference I'm interested to know how we can get a better council. I often think that who ever runs our council are doing a poor job. Nationally I think that my political preference is often different to my local preference. Anyone feel the same and does this expose issues with our political system. I suppose running a council with such budget reductions isn't easy and then you have these ridiculous rules about having to spend a budget on anything otherwise next year there won't be one. Are the rules of running a council to blame. By the way, im only speculating about how councils are run, I'm no expert so don't get your high horses correcting me.
  12. No, I'd have hoped the poor people living there will have done that. I swear if I'd have stopped my car and breathed in I'd be turning green.
  13. It's full. I'm happy with the present population but can't accept a rise in numbers. But I welcome foreigners, as lomg as they speak only english and pay tax. Really id like to get rid of the work shy scum and replace them with hard working polish for example. But keep the numbers the same.
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