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  1. Less than six months ago the news that a group of loveable nomads had set up illegal camp somewhere in the town would have had a spokesman from WBC announcing that 'something must be done!' and that for all our benefits the council was going to have to rush out and borrow two million quid to build a nice new traveller camp to make the problem go away.

    Strangely, the last couple of incursions have met with...silence.

    I dare say they'll pick up the megaphone again once May 5th has safely passed and they're all good for 4 years, especially the ones who know their ward will be getting the gift which will keep on giving but are keeping their traps shut.

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  2. The £8,882 price includes cleaning it of years of pigeon poop. I don't know much bell metal actually sells for.  Perhaps it is heavier than 1 ton ?  

    Whatever, the above costs are those quoted by the foundry who now own the bell.  

    It was just a heads up, I suppose they can ask what they want, seeing as they now own it, though at that price a cynic might suggest that they don't want to sell it.

  3. Utter nonsense of course, but they've probably secured more funding for themselves :lol: :lol: :lol:

    "...You can't hardly get a science grant these days without saying it has something to do with climate change."

    Dr Patrick Moore Phd. co founder Greenpeace.

    And on the bought and paid for scientists and their predictions;

    "You could learn more about the future by throwing a bunch of bones on the ground."

  4. Problem is proving that it was not already cut off when they got there. A case of Guilty, definitely guilty but we have no proof of guilt so can't act. Had the police response been quicker then maybe they could have caught them in the act as i believe somebody called the police as soon as the travellers turne dup but by the time they got there it was too late to prove that they had cut the lock off.

    I was at a place one time where they got on to a disused site next door by removing a couple of sections of concrete fence and building their own entrance with hardcore and a mini digger.

    "Not us Mister."

    They were a rum bunch, it was like being in Fort Apache for the next month.

  5. Hmmmm seems the Germans may be starting to regret their open door policies even more after New Years Eve.... 

    Yes, they're rather cross about it, in fact they're getting hopping mad as they learn about their authorities covering stuff up. 

    Compare that to this country, where the public greeted news of the Rotherham/Birmingham/Oxford (and the rest) sex offending shenanigans with "What times X Factor on? Did you see Big Brother? and Great, the footys on!" 

  6. The Mersey might be full of fish Diz but are the fish full of metals & chemicals?

    The reason song thrushes have declined is because they eat live slugs that have eaten poison slug pellets! Hope you are right and the fish are not 'polluted'. (I wouldn't risk eating anything out the Mersey though, yuck!!)

    Didn't the last seal found in Warrington die? I can't remember exactly what it died of. I just hope they get this lovely little creature safely back to it's seal family. As you said, it must be lonely by now.

    I read some years ago that mercury levels in the livers of Mersey seals were among the highest ever recorded, IIRC the report claimed that pound for pound there was more mercury in their livers than in the ore the mercury came from.

    I'll give the Seal Liver Pate a miss, methinks.

  7. When it was announced in March that there was going to be a Netto in Lymm, the residents of Spam Valley went ballistic, "Oh, how common! We don't want one of those around here!"

    No such uproar this time, the locals are just peeved about losing the pub, score one to the level headed citizens of Penketh.

    And the Netto PR department, of course.

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  8. If they honestly think that they can keep the site of the traveller camp secret until it suits them they're kidding themselves, people don't walk round with their eyes shut.

    It will have to be surveyed, test holes dug, soil samples taken, power and drainage planned, all accompanied by endless paperwork.

    Somebody will spill the beans, be sure of it.

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  9. Sigh!  I said, I don't believe there is an Organisation called Global Warming Incorporated , I am not that stupid, do you?  Freeborn John admitted he made it up.

    Groan. I informed you that it is my own personal term for a very real occurrence, the rise of the eco shysters.

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