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  1. Project hypocrisy at its finest, oh the fear...
  2. I remember a TV series that Jeremy Clarkson did years ago, 'Meet the neighbours' or some such, in his trip to Spain the opinionated one pointed out that the country had indulged in a national road building and infrastructure project which was financed by the EU, with the result that Spain was taking out the same amount of cash from the EU that Britain was putting in. The programme included a scene with Clarkson sitting at a Spanish toll booth in an E Type and refusing to pay, explaining that as a Briton he'd already paid once, and the show ended with him being chased by a crowd of local fishe
  3. I wonder how many countries worldwide are currently dotting the I's and crossing the T's on fresh new trade proposals which they'll present to the UK on the day of a Brexit? A Britain free of strangling EU legislation, protectionism and restrictive practices would not be the international outcast that the Project Fear people are predicting.
  4. It's alright for some...but I baulk at paying £100 for an opinion, an offer to investigate further and a paper floor mat every time a Merc throws a sulk!
  5. When Ireland voted against the Lisbon treaty, a nasty outbreak of democracy which went against the EU's wishes, the result was considered as so non binding that the 4th Reich felt obliged to turn off all the Celtic Tigers funding until the Irish voters rolled over and begged. The second vote turned out OK, the cash flowed again. UK cash probably, since it's only us and Germany who actually put money in instead of take, take taking...
  6. The Cornyn Schumer bill is going through the Senate right now, an act which will allow the US families of victims of terrorism to sue any state which supported and enabled the terrorists, for some strange reason Saudi Arabia is trying to sabotage this bill by hook or by crook and is actually threatening economic reprisals if it goes through. How odd.
  7. When it comes to long lost railway stations the website 'Disused Stations UK' takes the biscuit, nothing else comes near.
  8. At least it would get me to work when my big flash Merc would be sat on the drive after a fault in one of its multiple £330 signal acquisition modules chucked a p0600, flagged a serial communications link fault and crashed the Canbus, turning my big silver 'all eyes on me' status symbol into a paperweight...
  9. I'd swap in a blink for XP Pro with MCE, now there was a stable OS with the bugs shaken out.
  10. The UK is the worlds 5th largest economy, arguably in spite of our being in the EU and not because of it, the only European state above us is Germany. This being so, it's hard to see how we're going to plunge to our doom if we don't hand monetary, political and social control of our country to a committee composed mainly of economic basket cases.
  11. Talking of Peel, I'm beginning to wonder if they have got bigger problems on their plate, they were committed up to their necks in the huge Port Salford project and that's gone very quiet...and late. Still, if it saves the towns bridges from opening and closing every five minutes I'm not complaining.
  12. Unfortunately, they can instantly raise hundreds of thousands of votes among those who have a smart phone instead of a brain just by making it an issue on social media, witness the half a million who recently wanted an American presidential candidate banned from the UK because...well, because.
  13. I haven't spoken to anybody who intends to vote to remain in, then again, I don't rub shoulders with the twitterati.
  14. While in news elsewhere, in Munich a gentleman shouting 'allah ackbar' is reported to have stabbed at least one person to death at a railway station, it wasn't an exercise, the victim is very, very dead.
  15. I heard that a treacherous worn area had developed on the roadway of the busy junction, in a line from the door of the King and Queen pub to the bookies. Might be true, might not.
  16. The nation sat glued to the telly when some bloke went "Cheese please, Louise!" Advertising has come a long way. I bet the cheese was nicer back then though.
  17. It is rumoured that the evil one had so much 'influence' on Murdoch's then wife, Wendi Deng, that divorce papers soon followed...
  18. Another upset was when Cadbury relaunched their iconic 60s Aztec Bar for the millennium, I rushed home, tore the wrapper off and...it was vile. It's true what they say, never eat your heroes.
  19. I saw some Wrights Coal Tar soap in Wilkos and had to have some. After getting it home and reading the box, I found it contains none of the original ingredients and it's made in Turkey.
  20. Please don't interrupt while I'm pointing and laughing at you, it's very rude.
  21. I don't believe I ever said that funding was secured years back, you did. Tut tut.
  22. I'm trying to remember what the top of the range prize was, a speedboat or a caravan, I think.
  23. Watch out, you're dealing with a hairy chested, bare knuckle political brawler here...
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