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  1. The only time I've ever seen people fired up enough to want to knock each others heads off is over football, politics...nah. Explains a lot about the state we're in. Muppet power.
  2. Oh, just a keen amateur of the Captain Spaulding variety. "What's the matter PJ, don't ya like clowns, don't we make ya laugh?"
  3. I'd suggest a blood pressure test too, you can have one at most pharmacies, or you can even buy your own testing machine for not very much money, just over a tenner will get you a basic one. As for my career, you'd run home crying...
  4. You posted this at 4 in the morning. PJ, this is all getting to you, when was the last time you had a holiday?
  5. Not a meteor but more of a bombshell, the famous petition for another referendum has been thrown into disarray by the discovery that at least 80,000 votes on it are fake, with, for instance, 39,000 coming from Vatican City, population 800. Oh, what a to-do!
  6. You're talking about people who have never been told "No" all through their lives, not at home, not at school, not in 'uni',not in whatever branch of the public sector they inhabit. The N word must come as a shock.
  7. 'Smile at us, pay us, pass us; but do not quite forget; For we are the people of England, who never have spoken yet.' The Secret People. GK Chesterton
  8. 'A reluctant Parliament', now that's putting it mildly. I suspect that, displaying the respect for democracy that is the trademark of the Mother of Parliaments, its inhabitants are already planning the best way to pee up the Leave voters backs while telling them it's raining.
  9. Some of the subprime individuals who have made a career in politics out of turning up and voting as directed by the whip, hoovering up expenses and fielding the odd complaint from their constituents with a templated reply in a House of Commons envelope are going to struggle. Shape up or ship out, I say.
  10. Oh, you're so impatient. It will take several years and a great deal of effort to finally extract the cash hungry ones hands from our pockets. As for the financial situation, look at it as a punishment beating, the money jugglers aren't happy at our temerity, it's inconvenienced them a lot.
  11. English Civil War? Londons Burning? White Riot? You could have a point...
  12. All Middle Eastern states with stable (if thuggish) governments, governments with an unfortunate hankering for trading oil in other currencies than the Dollar. Happily for the Dollar, the dictatorships have all been replaced by beardy weirdies who don't give a toss about the international petrocurrency as long as everybody sticks their backsides in the air five times a day.
  13. Unbelievable. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-32412542
  14. A set of false plates and an epic 24 hour drive will see nice UK cars under new ownership anywhere in Europe, in the Ukraine there's even a law that if you buy a vehicle which turns out to be stolen it's still legally yours...
  15. That's a pretty pale excuse for the actions of this mass murderer, in fact it borders on mental gymnastics. A man just killed 49 human beings and you're blaming a piece of metal and plastic. Bizarre.
  16. So what inclined that gun to murder 50 innocent people then, did it wake up in a bad mood?
  17. Gosh, those assault rifles, they just hate gay people.
  18. Another hard hitting political critique from the mouse that roared...
  19. Voting in the referendum is BY FAR more important than turning out for the usual suspects with their coloured rosettes, who you just know are then going to disappear for another four years. This decision on the political, economic and social future of this country for decades to come has been downgraded (probably intentionally) into a personality battle where the same old talking heads go blah, blah, blah. Perhaps the idea is that the result will be decided by voter indifference.
  20. For corruption watchers, the Birmingham Sparkbrook ward is an entertaining case, postal voting went up from 28,000 to 70,000 before one council election in 2004 and there were actual reports of people turning up at polling stations and counts with sacks of postal votes, while the police raided an empty warehouse shortly before election day to find industrial quantities of unsealed postal votes ready to be filled in. Some gentlemen called Shah Jahan, Shafaq Ahmed, Ayaz Khan, Mohammed Nasrul Islam and Mohammed Amin Kazi (titter ye not) got their hands slapped over it, but in spite of a High Cou
  21. If you mean what makes me think the image features an ethnic angle, only an extraordinarily insensitive person could miss the crude stereotype of a skinhead threatening an elderly ethnic lady. If you mean what is the purpose of introducing the ethnic angle into the poster, as I said before, why on earth would anyone foster a racial aspect to a referendum on EU membership?
  22. This is a puzzling one, somebody (operation Black Vote, actually) seems to be trying to introduce an ethnic angle to the referendum on UK membership of the EU. Why on earth would anyone do that?
  23. Far from being silly, I thought the picture was thought provoking, and more relevant to the discussion than anything you've ever come up with by a factor of ten.
  24. Teddy has just been thrown out of the pram, the dummy has been well and truly spat. You could have just posted a well reasoned argument for staying in the EU you know...oh, hang on, you haven't got one. Give us a riposte then, Oscar.
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