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  1. Will nobody shed a tear for those hit by the recession in the plastic bag making industry? Aww, come on PJ, some of them might be immigrants...
  2. When the landlord of that same pub is overridden when he points out it is actually a dead loss as a pub, you have to wonder what planet some people are on. Planet 'get my name in the papers' perhaps.
  3. On the subject of 'Uni', a recent report revealed that graduates from 23 (unnamed) UK universities ended up earning less than their peers who never went at all. I reckon that higher education has been horribly mis-sold to some youngsters.
  4. The US finance houses really, really didn't want Brexit, they put money into the Remain campaign and sent their yard dog Obama over to openly threaten us with the dire consequences of voting to leave the EU. Given this malice driven market situation, with a thwarted Goldman Sachs and the rest beating on the Pound like a gong, the recent Dollar/Pound graph was never going to be pretty.
  5. I'm afraid that if a pagga like the one at the Alford Social Club, a traveller christening celebration involving knives, an axe, and much blood and snot didn't result in any convictions, a little criminal damage certainly won't.
  6. It is being reported that the loveable rogues will be expected to pay £90 a week to stop on the councils planned £2million camp, as an alternative to crapping in bushes for free and clearing off at the drop of a hat when things get too hot, I don't expect much of an uptake on that idea.
  7. She walked away from some extremely serious charges as recently as last week, not because of her looks, but because you can't indite a Clinton, a family almost as fabulously corrupt as the Kennedy clan but not quite as dumb. Better a **** than a crook and a liar.
  8. Oh I do apologise, I thought that US presidential candidates were fair game around here. That must only apply to the other one then.
  9. Anyone who describes Hillary Clinton as looking like a sadistic nurse from a mental hospital can't be all bad.
  10. If Brexit turns off the tap supplying endless cheap migrant labour, the poor may find themselves back in demand again, there's a thought.
  11. Whichever 'Crud' will be voted in as Tory leader, at least it won't be on the whim of any entryist soap dodger who can raise £3. Unlike the scarecrow.
  12. 'You builds them up and then you knocks them down' is a tried and tested media tactic, it looks like old hatchet face has got the people who matter in her pocket.
  13. Something tickled me last week, I happened to listen to the Jeremy Vine radio show and the days subject was the ill feeling caused in families between young and old because of the result of the referendum vote to leave the EU. To my amusement, most of the whiny, self centred brats who came on to hiss at their parents and elderly relatives were in the 25-40 age group...hmmm.
  14. Oh, you little nit picker you, Operation Black Vote put it out as part of their Remain campaign then!
  15. Yes, that poster they put out of a stereotypical tattooed skinhead gesturing menacingly at a harmless Indian lady was a horrid thing that was bound to stir up racial tension. Oh, hang on, Remain put that one out.
  16. The media's stinky agenda was perfectly demonstrated when the Warrington Guardian ran a headline last week to the effect that no hate crimes had been reported in the county in the wake of the Brexit. No hate crimes, why write an article about it then? There were no outbreaks of cholera, plagues of locusts or cases of elephants falling from the skies either, yet local journos were strangely silent about these non events, what's all that about then?
  17. Looks like the 52% of us who voted Leave are thoroughly bad lots. Best have a second referendum then... "Is that right yer a racist Father Ted? Have we all got to be racists then?"
  18. I don't care for May one little bit, most of the EU shenanigans which fuelled the leave vote occurred on her watch, and were rubber stamped without a murmur. If the media are to be believed, Mrs Leadsom seems to be a throwback to a time when politicians were intelligent, dedicated and principled, no wonder we've heard so little of her. Yes, Leadsom it is.
  19. They're bigging Andrea Leadsom up for all they're worth, I'm not sure if this is a real challenge or just an attempt to make the race interesting, we'll see.
  20. I'm confident that the probability and projected costs of major incidents involving broken down vehicles in heavy fog have been carefully weighed against the savings to be made by not upgrading our motorways, and that the government concluded that the occasional bout of carnage makes sound economic sense.
  21. I would be too, normally, but just every now and again the **** drags himself away from the footy, Big Brother and X Factor, away from the media propaganda, away from the politicians who tell him they own his opinion because of the colour of the rosette they wear, and he tells it like he sees it.
  22. You get a postcard to fill in which asks where you've come from, where you're going and why, and if you'll be using a motorway. Plus what phone network you use, I suspect the survey company are killing two birds with one stone there. There's the option of a prize draw, naturally you need to identify yourself in that case...
  23. I've got all nostalgic, the mini ice age thing was all the rage in the 70's, that was before the smart money switched to global warming of course.
  24. This entertaining political Wild West saloon fight has been staged by the pigs in coloured rosettes to divert attention away from that nasty outbreak of democracy last Thursday, the one where the man in the street ignored them. Gosh, that won't do.
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