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  1. I noticed this the other day when I was checking on bin collections. I see it's £30 if you pay online. Warrington is just the latest in a long line of councils starting to charge for garden waste collections, Wirral did this 3 or 4 years ago.



    I notice that it's an extra 10% if you don't pay 'online', presumably to cover the cost of that bored council clerk having to deal with all that expensive talking to the public and stuff.

    These people really do specialise in peeing up your back and telling you it's raining.

  2. Isn't it strange how the people who are saying that the sovereignty of parliament is sacrosanct are the same ones who have been happily giving it away to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels for the last 40 years.

    At the same time, I believe that if the referendum had gone the other way and the majority had voted Remain, those same people would have already had us irrevocably committed to full EU control for the next ten generations, 'It's what the people voted for...'

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  3. TBH i think i would trust Hilary better with the safety of the world as we know it. I should think Donald would be gung ho enough to press the button & think later .

    Just the opposite, she appears to be the same material of which Blair type war criminals are made.

    A criminal investigation has just been reopened on her by the FBI which seems to centre on her breaching US national security on a grand scale for personal gain, it's possible her presidential bid is on the rocks anyway.

  4. Yes it certainly miffes me off that I get £100 fine for using what I believed to be a legitimate car park while two cars were parked in the pedestrianized only area directly outside the pub.


    Some time back now I was waiting for a takaway when  a young girl pulled up and parked on the double yellows directly outside.

    I mentioned to her that there were three police cars less than fifty yards away but she didn't seem in the least concerned saying she was only waiting for her food.


    Bill :)

    There it is, recent generations of motorists have grown up believing that as long as they don't offend in front of a speed camera they can do what the heck they like.

    Since the police appear to agree with them, what can you say?

  5. The amount of 'block the exit and just sit there staring into space' muppetry which takes place during the towns regular Friday gridlocks, a good police officer with a sharp pencil could probably raise some serious cash and do some good at the same time.

    Unfortunately, since there's never a copper to be seen amongst even the most monumental, whole town traffic jams, it isn't going to happen.

  6. That's the concern Sid, these people are not "politicians" but a new breed of bureaucrat that has taken over our Town Halls, Hospitals and other NGOs, under the banner of "if you want the best, you have to pay the best"; thus producing a kind of football promotion race of grossly inflated pay rates; which  either have no political control or are aided and abetted by weak politicians. Perhaps time for a National cap on such pay rates and some limitations on their numbers ?  


    In a system where large salaries are justified as being necessary to procure the best people, we should therefore see the finest minds, the elite, at the top.

    Is this the case; I suggest not, in fact I believe that the public sector is little more than sheltered accommodation for some pretty sub prime individuals who wouldn't last five minutes in the real world. 


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  7. I think a lot of Remainers believe that Britain will somehow be towed away from Europe & out into the Atlantic. The only thing that will change is that we won't be part of Europe politically & the UK will once more get to run its own affairs,  free of Euro meddling. Nothing will change in terms of people having European holidays, people retiring on the continent or villains living on the Costa del Crime. Benidorm will still be just a couple of hours away.

    The fact remains that the EU panhandlers need the worlds 5th biggest economy more than the worlds 5th biggest economy needs the EU panhandlers.

    And when the EU comes apart, as it will shortly, the real pecking order will become apparent, it would pay some of our Eurochums to bear that in mind.

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  8. In the same way that Britain has been resigned to putting far more into the EU coffers than ever came back our way, certain of our Euro chums have become used to sucking lots of money out and putting very little in.

    With the second biggest contributor to the EU grand giveaway heading for the exit, belts may need to be tightened.

    My heart bleeds.

  9. Sarkosky is giving it the big one in the run up to the forthcoming French presidential elections.

    Good luck with that, he's so Clintonequely bent he can't lie straight in bed, and the press are on to him, prison awaits...if there's any justice.

  10. Regarding the proposed new traveller site, at £90 pw and with a £150 good behaviour bond I don't see this problem element queuing up to use it when they can crap and run for nothing.

    Once word gets around I expect that travellers who are happy to pay, keep their noses clean and then go on their way will be drawn to the town to use the site, I further expect that WBC will point this out as a vindication of their £2 million jolly, but the wild bunch will still be running around making a mess.

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  11. While England's dismal p


    Perhaps the UK's medal success in Rio, is a good indicator of what can be achieved by Britain when we have a Government and people, with the will to succeed.

    While England's dismal performance in Euro 2016 was perhaps an indication of what makeweight money grabbers with no national pride get up to! 

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  12. How many more times do I have to remind folk, that we are still in the EU.   Thus, any tangible downside being felt is not being relieved by our membership; and is being caused the intangible of speculation in the financial casinos.  If there is cause for "doom and gloom", we should be looking at the global economy, which is in decline.   Clearly their is no loss of faith in the migrant community, as they are still piling into the UK more than ever.     :twisted:

    And not forgetting the legion of EU gravy suckers who are still embedded in all levels of our government, who are foot dragging at best and actively trying to scupper the economy at worst. 

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