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  1. Presumably the same people who managed to miss the organised 'grooming' and sexual abuse of under aged girls in the town for twenty years, in spite of it being reported to them. Repeatedly. Odd that.
  2. 20,973 votes were cast in Warrington apparently, I don't know where!
  3. In case anyone thinks this is just a Tory issue; Google labour25.com
  4. The Independent candidate, Sarah Flannery, is part of the Cheshire Independent Network movement and has previously run for parliament as Independent so she's no sock puppet from one the big three parties. She'll do for me.
  5. Quite. And just to keep the smaller players out they've set the deposit required to stand for a PCC at a wallet busting £5,000. To put this sum into context, the deposit required in order to stand for an MP is just £500. Looks like the big boys want to keep this nice little earner for themselves.
  6. The police have now announced that they dropped no fewer than seven investigations against Savile over the years 'due to lack of evidence'. I'd have thought that by the time they got to the seventh complaint of a serious sexual assault the previous six might have counted for something, obviously not.
  7. Sharia? Is that where it takes the word of two female Sky TV presenters to equal the evidence of one male radio DJ?
  8. Anybody crass enough to invent the nickname 'The Hairy Cornflake' for himself is probably capable of anything...
  9. But did the director general of the BBC say that 'lessons have been learned' though? Because until the spokesman for any grossly negligent public body utters those immortal words, well, the public won't take him seriously. They're not daft you know...
  10. Perhaps because some powerful people knew that if Saville was exposed while he was alive he would spill the beans on them too? People powerful enough to make Saville immune from prosecution by gagging the press and suppressing police investigations until after his death? That's powerful...
  11. I'm sure they're really scrupulous about throwing away all the fish that gets past its sell by date...not. Russian roulette with seafood, good luck with that!
  12. It does seem a pity that this individual got out of it alive after murdering two unarmed police officers in cold blood. And that capital punishment is not an option for him. The logic in valuing his life so highly when he values others lives so cheap escapes me.
  13. Those lawyers are pleading the innocence of avowed suicide bombers by virtue of faulty workmanship on their own bombs. For the money, obviously. What scum some lawyers are.
  14. Regarding the power station, when I worked there (back in the 90s admittedly) water was pumped in to the canal as a favour in order to maintain the correct level, and only when necessary, which probably isn't just lately given the rainfall we've had. As for the cooling water being deoxygenated, after being circulated through the towers it was anything but, there was an on site fish farm and escaped carp got into the towers and loved it...they were whoppers.
  15. The obelisk looks very much like a sewer vent, they built them like that in the old days.
  16. No they do not Are you familar with French and British tactics, How do you know that the professionalism of the French army is less than the British. And to think that any other mainstream political party would have not gone in with the Americans at the time is very naive Yes, they plainly do. Nowhere have I stated that the calibre of one nations troops is lower than another, I believe it was you who lamely suggested that superior French tactics explained those awful figures. Look up the Rules of Engagement laid down for their troops by the different nations for an explan
  17. The figures prove that British troops are being put in harms way by the British government in a way which other nations troops are not. This cynical waste of life cannot be excused away by silly claims of inferior tactics, the professionalism of the British forces is second to none. It seems that one government is prepared to pursue it's political ends at the cost of many lives while other governments are keeping their troops out of combat in pursuit of theirs. But that's Labour for you...
  18. UK killed in action 292 French killed in action 38 German killed in action 33 Looks like Labour are willing to throw our bravest and best away where others won't.
  19. It's hard to imagine a situation where confidence in the ? goes through the roof after a debacle in Afghanistan. The French are indeed in Afghanistan. Sitting on their hands.
  20. If the Dollar takes a prat fall in Afghanistan the Euro gets a nice little boost, if I was the French I'd sit on my hands too.
  21. No public transport after 6pm...welcome to the town that thinks it should be a city.
  22. Oh, the money is there, some private enterprises are thriving by cherry picking the more troubled cases like this lady. Just off Winwick Rd and very convenient for the town centre is a discrete building in which patients 'who are likely to present risk if accessing the community' are confined, guests in this privately owned forensic medium secure unit cost the NHS between ?400 and ?700 per day each depending on just how likely they are to abscond and 'access the community'. Not a lot of people know that.
  23. Would anybody with a fully functional brain do this to themselves You'll be able to ask her that yourself next year if you bump into her walking free as a bird down your street, courtesy of people more concerned with her rights than yours...
  24. After her antics on the motorway and her subsequent release this lady stabbed someone to death, ran down the road hitting herself over the head with a hammer, attacked a do gooder with a roof tile which she had in her coat and then leapt off a 40 foot bridge into busy traffic below. One would hope she would be kept safe out of harms way until the next ice age, she will actually be back out among us next year. Some mistake there surely.
  25. In light of todays Bigotgate I wonder if any people who voted Labour might like to reconsider their choice?
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