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  1. Put it this way, if WBC had organised the recent referendum in the Falklands the first thing the islanders would have heard about it would have been the Argie flag being hoisted over the town hall when it was all over...

  2. Well at least there has been one dodgy regime we didn't sell arms to.

    Back in the 80's the British army developed a brand new camouflage material for dry and dusty places called 4 colour Desert DPM, it was very good indeed, state of the art.

    Then, because we weren't going to fight in a desert environment ever again, they made just a few thousand uniforms from it and put them into storage.

    In 1991 they needed desert uniforms fast for GW1 and went looking for them. No sign, they'd been sold off abroad since they'd never be needed.

    To Iraq.

    So we didn't sell 'em arms. Just our sleeves...

  3. I remember hearing many years ago about a coach load of football fans who came off the motorway looking for beer and some trouble, but when they piled into a pub on Winwick road the locals gave them a good pasting...

    I wonder if that was the Longford?

  4. Wonder if the "tower club" could have been the tower theatre in bewsey that adjoined the playing fields of bewsey school. Think it is now called towers court after they built houses on it.

    Many years ago I nearly bought one of those houses on Towers Court, but the surveyor had heard that the whole thing was built on an old water course that hadn't been filled in properly and he had a hole dug in the back yard, next day it was half full of water...

    Needless to say, I didn't buy it.

    Don't suppose you remember a small lake in the area do you?

  5. The council don't like anything that they aren't in control of and making money from it.

    And they certainly weren't in control of the Carlton once that downstairs door was locked.

    Snooks were well and truly cocked at the licensing laws...allegedly.

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