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  1. Guilty or innocent, these washed up celebs are easy meat, I dare say most of them are half skint these days, and being in their 70's and 80's there's not much fight in them.

    The only big fish that the authorities attempted to fry, a certain multi millionaire business/political figure, ripped them apart and brought the BBC management to its knees, they won't be going there again.

    There will be more lightweights though...soon.

  2. But what is British ,our country has been a target for immigrants for hundreds of years so all races have been mixed at  some time in our history & left the British as a load of mongrels.

    The steady trickle of 'visitors who stayed' and were then absorbed into British life over the last thousand years or so really can't be compared to the planned mass immigration into this country which has happened in the last 20 years.

    There's never been anything like it.

  3. Thatcher sold all the Council houses (that was one of her worst legacies) and Blair invited all of Europe to invade UK (That, apart from the fact that he is a war criminal) is the reason that we now have a social housing crisis.


    Both stunts were fuelled by political self interest in my opinion, with Thatcher aiming to create a Tory in Labour heartlands with each council house buyer, while Blair and Nu Labour opened the door to mass immigration knowing the majority of them would, with an eye on the UK benefit system, vote Labour.

    What swine politicians are!

  4. During the miners strike I worked at a company which ran trucks in and out of power stations, since they didn't carry coal there was an agreement between the unions whereby the vehicles could cross the picket lines freely, the pickets just let them through with a thumbs up and the drivers usually dropped a few quid in the welfare bucket on the way out.

    A driver came back from a trip to Bold power station one day white as a sheet, he told us how one of the pickets had gone up to his cab to give him a leaflet and a police officer had run up and split the strikers head open with his truncheon, when the driver protested he was told he'd get the same if he didn't shut up and move the truck, and the copper put a dent in the drivers door to prove it.

    So yes, it did go on.

  5. Npower just sent me a breakdown of the sources my electricity comes from.

    Coal, of which this country produces not a bucket any more, provides a full 29% of my electricity, and surprisingly, nuclear produces a mere 2%.

    The break from horrid, dirty, environmentally unfriendly coal which was trumpeted in order to justify the extermination of the British mining industry back in the 80's is certainly taking its time.

  6. On the subject of killing your own people off, deaths during the recent cold spell rose 10%, with 2500 more people than average dying in the first two weeks in March, nearly all among the elderly.

    Death by fuel starvation is a manufactured famine too, in my opinion.

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  7. Freeborn John


    If you had bothered to read my post, I said communists are better at killing their own population. Fascists are better at killing other Countries populations.


    Thank you for the insight to your pro rightist mind

     Lt Kije


    If you'll read my original post it wasn't about mass murder by totalitarian regimes, we've gone off at a tangent of your creation.

    Let's start again.

    I believe that if Di Canio had declared a fondness for Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot or any other communist loony tune we wouldn't be having this media witch hunt.

    Over to you, and keep to the point this time please.

  8. Communists, too, have a bad death per head of population record, but is not as bad as the fascist ones, think Communists prefer to kill their own population rather than other Countries.

    Mao polished off 40 million in the 'leap forward' famine, Stalin killed 5 million in the Ukraine alone by manufacturing a famine there and Pol Pot just topped 2 million out of hand. Bang.

    But that's not as bad as fascists doing it eh?

    Thank you for that valuable insight into the leftist mind.

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  9. I read yesterday that there's a motorist driving around Warrington who has 36 points on his licence without being banned. Thirty six!

    Why is he allowed to carry on driving? Because it would cause hardship if he was grounded.

    Must have been one of Judge Bowers cases methinks...

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