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  1. Police are examining new information which alleges that Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed were murdered by a member of the SAS.


    Is there any possibility and by any stretch of the imagination that this could have happened or is it the ramblings of a member of the armed forces that has an axe to grind with the military establishment?.

    Apparently, the soldier involved was grassed up by his former mother in law.

    That's going to be a sound and unbiased source of information then...

  2. 1 fan brawl, 1 red card, 2 stretchers, and 2 smoke bombs all in the first half, anyone would think it was a derby. :lol:

    My grandfather played for Widnes in the 20's and kept a scrap book of cuttings from back in the day.

    One report on the local derby used to tickle me, it read something like "The derby passed off without any serious injuries reported, either on or off the pitch..."

  3. Nobody has mentioned Warburton toll bridge, excellent! I intend to hot foot it down there right away and buy out the franchise, then when the bridge burners have done their ghastly work you can expect some changes around here, strictly in the interest of modernising the transport infrastructure of the area of course.

    With my monopoly on canal crossings you can expect the charge to rise from the present 12p each way to a very reasonable £3 or so, though obviously, if demand is high enough, this may have to rise. And I'll be needing wardens if anyone is interested, also, anyone who knows where there are automatic number plate recognition machines going cheap, please give me a shout, I can't have rogues swapping tickets and suchlike.

    Finally, it would be churlish of me not to thank the people who gave me the idea for all this in the first place.

    The parking department at Warrington Borough Council, and also the directors of Warrington Hospital, take a bow! You're an inspiration to us all!

  4. I understand that there is soon to be a large freight facility on the MSC at Barton, it will be called Port Salford and if it's as busy as they plan it to be then Warringtons drivers had better get used to being stopped by canal traffic.

    I'm surprised how little media attention the scheme has attracted, most odd...

  5. Perhaps sensing that the game would shortly be up, last month the loveable sponge pensioners bumped their interest rate up by 1600% to the equivalent of an apr of 5853%.

    One can only question the sanity of anyone who borrows money from people like that.

  6. Having literally grown up within the system it would be surprising if Venables wasn't expert at giving people exactly what they want to see.

    I suspect that the authorities have hand reared themselves a very deceptive young man indeed.

  7. What Asperity said.

    In a similar case, nine men were lost when their aircraft burned and crashed after being hit by ground fire.

    Fire suppressant material in the tanks, as fitted in identical aircraft by nearly every other military, would have prevented this loss of life.

    Presumably some bean counter in the MOD had deemed it unnecessary, shame he wasn't on the plane himself. 

  8. It was never about freeing the people and all about the oil.

    Agreed. Or rather, all about the currency that oil is traded in, that pesky Saddam was leading a move towards Euros instead of Dollars, this would have hurt the US economy badly.

    That was the end of him then.

  9. Just yesterday, Chief Superintendent Angela Williams of the North Bradford police announced that ninety men, mainly 'Asian', had been arrested on suspicion of predatory sexual offences in the last six months.

    In Bradford alone.

    Ninety. In one area. In six months. And that's from the police, who, in the interest of community cohesion, aren't going to exaggerate the problem..

  10. Doe it matter what colour the victims were?


    A victim is a victim irrespective of colour!!!!!

    The victims ethnicity certainly seemed important to the offenders, in this, and apparently in every other similar case, they religiously avoided preying on under aged girls from their own community. 

  11. Attractive CBS reporter Lara Logan suffered a prolonged beating and sexual assault at the hands of a crowd of Egyptian gentlemen celebrating the resignation of Mr Mubarak.

    I'm hardly surprised that Egyptian ladies keep covered up. 

  12. If the changes to planning laws which Eric Pickles announces today are as sweeping as rumours suggest, there'll be a whelk stall or some such every ten yards down the commercial free fire zone called Bridge St...  

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