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  1. Wonder if they'll shell out on fancy Italian road surfacing, laid by "expert" Italian tradesmen?  Ideal for allowing the pavement pizzas to be cleaned in the morning !

    A reference to the skittles era facelift there, I see what you did.

    I drank with some of the paving artistes at the time, believe me, they were neither expert, Italian nor tradesmen!

  2. The goons on the street might have thought they were fighting for independence from the British, but the hard core Marxists running the show knew better.

    Looking at the antics of Adams and McGuinesses Sinn Fein these days, intent on flooding Ireland with immigrants, the old timers must be kicking themselves.

  3. I think the people of both sides should get justice, don't you Freeborn??,

    I certainly think that people should get what they deserve, which isn't necessarily the same thing.

    I'm a little cynical about 'justice', I believe the authorities are currently offering the drug multi millionaire 'Cocky' Warren freedom within days if he hands over £200m of his ill gotten gains, which rather suggests that justice is on open sale in this country, I don't doubt for a second that it's also available for political gain instead of actual cash.

    Would you call letting the Warrington bombers off scot free and forbidding any further investigations justice by the way?

  4. Steve if you have iplayer may I suggest you watch Panarama :wink:


    We are still trying to find and prosecute IRA scum as you call them

    Actually, there is a big push on at the moment to stop any further investigation of terrorist crimes and cancel all pursuit of the guilty parties.

    What a coincidence that the British Luvviecasting Company has chosen this time to stir things up.

  5. Perhaps we consume enough for 80million - hence all the wasted food?!

    This is possible, but Tesco are rather good at their game, I reckon they would have factored that in.

    Furthermore, when Thames Water released figures for sewage produced in one area, Slough, it turned out there were around 30,000 more people in the town than the official figure, which tied in with the Tesco estimate, there are other sources which agree too.

    Just to illustrate how rocky the governments numbers really are, between 2004 and 2007 a mere 1455 Nigerians were given leave to enter the UK, but 39,500 were issued with new National Insurance numbers.

    Somebody is fibbing somewhere. 

  6. That is actually quite reasonable for a "Free" house. We were paying almost £5 000 a month for the Ring O' Bells and had to pay well over the odds for all beers.

    Good Grief, walking away from that must have felt like losing the weight of the world off your shoulders, there can't be much pleasure in being a landlord these days!

  7. It was an awful bridge, a couple of girders with some steel plate laid on top, I don't know how it lasted as long as it did.

    An entire industrial estate, with all the heavy traffic that that entails, has been forced to use it for its sole access for years, an industrial estate which pays its rates like anyone else, if the inevitable need for a new bridge has bitten the council on the backside that's just too bad.

  8. It has to be said that those pictures weren't posed by actors, that young ladies are indeed throwing up and passing out all over the show, and that the 'drink ten pints and nut a stranger' brigade is alive and well.

    There was a similar article in the papers about 2 years ago, true, but in my opinion that smacks of lazy reporting rather than a vendetta against the town.

    The fact is, nowts changed in two years... 

  9. I'm afraid that UKIP are going to have to up their game, their rapid growth has sucked in people who would be first rate local councillors but make lousy front line politicians, they're sitting ducks for the media and are being shot to bits accordingly.

    Shame really. 

  10. The gentleman's outrage stems not from the fact that he was offered the heinous insult of a beef pasty, meat which a muslim is permitted to eat, but that the animal had not been tortured in the correct manner during slaughter.

    The cruelty of halal slaughter is a ticking animal rights time bomb, methinks he'd have been better keeping his trap shut.

  11. I believe Warrington Council are now looking to employ a "Director of training people how to wear high vis clothing and look important whilst standing at the side of the road doing nothing"


    It does of course come with a salary in excess of £100k a year....."because that is what they would get in the private sector" said one councillor......allegedly!

    Indeed. It would be an ideal opportunity for some bureaucrat or social worker who has cocked up badly elsewhere to make a fresh start cocking up in pastures new.

    The director of Rochdale social services springs to mind, but I'm sure the post would suit any other local government professionals who have resigned to avoid disciplinary action... 

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