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  1. I wonder if there's anything left out of that £4.65 million the government gave to WBC to improve local transport in May 2012?
  2. I predict a lot of people in Halton will start putting their garden waste into their black bin just like they used to, since nobody likes having a gun put to their heads. They might even ring the council and tell them to come and pick their green eyesores up, fancy that!
  3. So all it takes to be innocent is to be able to evade justice. Actually, that does seem to be how the law works in this country, judging by the way some of our elderly statesmen have dodged the consequences of their fondness for young boys.
  4. It should be borne in mind that WBC do actually own Network Warrington, lock, stock and barrel as far as I'm aware, hence the bail out in 2013. My original point being that if NW suffer crippling losses in a trade war, Joe 'Taxpayer' Muggins will get hit in the pocket again.
  5. All hush hush I'm afraid, WBC was rather coy at the time over the exact amount of the six figure sum which was voted for use in bailing out Network Warrington two years ago, the matter being so commercially sensitive that the taxpayers were required to keep their beaks out. Someone who knew what they were doing could probably have a dig into the WBC budget figures for 2012/13 and come up with something, I expect that those hundreds of thousands of pounds would leave a paper trail.
  6. Considering the money that WBC has put into Network Warrington to keep it afloat, and on the grounds that there'll be an even bigger bail out needed if the incomers cherry pick what profit there is, I feel we've all got a dog in this fight.
  7. Legislation would rely on the support of the people who allowed this overt highway robbery in the first place, don't hold your breath.
  8. Those loveable sponge pensioners (well, that pair of loveable Israeli businessmen really, take a bow Jonty Horowitz and Errol Dammelin) seem to have bitten off more than they can chew with that 5,800% interest rate. They'll be back, there's just too much profit in stoopids.
  9. It's remarkable how many stable Arab governments with strong leaderships and an opinion on how the oil rich Middle East should be run have been overthrown by medieval muppets who don't give a toss about the international petrocurrency as long as everybody shoves their backsides in the air five times a day.
  10. In spite of yourself, sometimes you're right. That's a cross you'll have to bear, I'm afraid.
  11. I would probably go after the live nonces, who have the political influence and cash to sneer at justice. We live in a country where you can violate children without fear of ever appearing in a court of law, if your face fits. Are you happy with that Kije?
  12. You would. But isn't tackling the problem of nonces in high places more important than you getting your self righteous thrill?
  13. The same could be said about the late Cyril Smith MP, the image presented by the media to the public was of a good natured, honest, larger than life politician, when in reality 'Good old Cyril' was a sadistic predatory paedophile who was time and again caught abusing young lads...and let off under orders from 'them upstairs'. You have to wonder at the calibre of the people running this country.
  14. It's not just about a few horrible old nonces who'll soon be dead anyway, it's about the people in high places who have shielded them all these years. If it costs millions to give one of these historic sex offenders a good grilling in the dock after a proper criminal investigation, it's money well spent.
  15. The gentleman is not in the best of health, somebody knows that if they stall a short while longer he will be beyond reach. What a dirty business.
  16. I crossed Warrington several times yesterday (I missed the early rush hour admittedly) and was surprised by one thing, the traffic kept moving. It was a bit heavier and there were a few HGVs where you don't usually see them,but nothing like the problems I expected, most odd in a town that normally goes into gridlock if somebody has a crash 20 miles away, if it rains a lot, goes dark or if the day begins with an F.
  17. I would be interested to know if WBC turns a profit on the plastic waste which is sorted into blue bins for them, and if this guides their 'no thanks' policy, or even the 'Yuck! You can have that back!' policy which Coffee experienced.
  18. The man who founded the tool company way back, it was the name of his prize bulldog, King Dick. I really should get out more...
  19. I notice that the gentleman was left alone in the regimental library with a bottle of whisky and a revolver with a single bullet in it not because he was an absolute rotter, but because he dealt with the EDL. Strange values politicians have.
  20. What nice photos, the park is obviously well kept. Any chance of some snaps of the same area next week, just to prove all the horrid tales about travellers not caring about the environment are total lies spread by racists and bigots, of course.
  21. And just breaking, dark rumours that a high flying Tory politician has been suspended after (it has been claimed) he tried to engineer a confrontation between muslims and the EDL over the building of a large mosque, a tangled New Statesmanesque plot from which he would have come out smelling of roses. You couldn't make it up.
  22. I'd far rather have a fraud than some of these creatures, not for the squeamish. www.labour25.com
  23. I reckon somebody was 'thinking swiftly' when they came up with the temporary repair thing, you can turn up at a brickyard with half a brick and the world is your kiln fired oyster, the last time I went it took me half an hour to get away from a feller who should be on Mastermind, specialist subject 'The history of house bricks'...
  24. I reckon the bridge has been repaired before, looking at it, but they at least had a shot at matching the bricks, unlike this lot. This repair is going to be visible from outer space, at least there'll be no excuse for running into it again!
  25. You could walk into any brick yard in the land and get a half decent match for the original bricks, that's just an eyesore. Who are the brickies, Bodgit & Scarper?
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