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  1. Surely not an article from the Puffington Host, the Sunday Sport for the chattering classes!
  2. That would be the type who own the Western nations backsides, it is not considered prudent to comment on their traditional cultural values.
  3. It seems that the home grown French terrorist travelled to Syria last year, imagine that! With an estimated 700 British passport holders having made the same trip for their murder gap year, it does make you wonder what some of them will get up to when they get back.
  4. When in doubt, break a conspiracy theory out...
  5. Our best hope is a gentleman who is currently being denied sight of the cat unless he signs a legal document to say he won't tell the electors anything about it, and especially not inform them who's garden it's going to crap in.
  6. There are places where, when you illegally clear a listed building for your own ends, they tell you to build the thing back up again at your own expense, this was recently the case with the Carlton Tavern in West London. Then there are other places where, when you roll up on a Sunday morning and level a listed pub which is standing in the way of a planned multi million pound development they say 'Oops, butterfingers!' and fine you £8,000 and a monkey for costs. Guess which category Warrington falls into.
  7. Best of five forum threads, three ad-hominem arguments, two straw men fallacies or one reputation point wins it. Oh, hang on, that's mental gymnastics...
  8. Indeed, and another example might be Colonel Gaddafi, his plan to sell oil not for Dollars, but for a new gold based unit called the Dinar, ended with his squalid death in a ditch and Libya in ruins. Russias decision to sell oil for Rubles a couple of years ago, and the subsequent inexplicable drop in crude oil prices from the competition which has seriously hurt the Russian economy could be seen as more of the same.
  9. For the past 20 or so years international politics has been solely about the $US preserving its franchise as the official world petro currency against various governments who have wanted to break this stranglehold for economic reasons or else just kick the infidel Uncle Sam in the nuts. I suspect that this latest pagga is just more of the same.
  10. I must say, after digging out this most awful post of Algy's, I find him guilty of...making a terrible joke. The return of Commissar Kije, then.
  11. I think it will take more than an increase in tourism to give Spain a stable and profitable economy, since it's a notoriously low paying industry the jobs will probably be taken by the new migrants anyway. The measure of a country's health is in its employment rate, with half the kids and one in 5 adults unemployed I suggest that's a better indicator than some heavily massaged GDP figures that Spain is still in deep trouble.
  12. The Greek meltdown might have scared the other PIGS into pulling their weight a little, but with youth unemployment at over 50% and growing support for anti austerity politics, it's a brave man who will state that Spain has turned a corner.
  13. I reckon that the far left Greek party SYRIZA, who won the election earlier this year by promising to boot out the sensible housekeeping planned by the ruling New Democracy party in favour of carrying on spending like a drunken sailor, could possibly qualify.
  14. PIGS, now there's an acronym. Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain, whatever their government of the day they all stand true to one unshakeable principle. Never take your snout out of the Eurotrough.
  15. The missiles are very complicated pieces of kit which are packed with things that can go dangerously wrong, they spend years in a cold, damp launch tube underwater when a snuggle blanket might be better, I think that spending money on their upkeep is quite a good idea.
  16. Very interesting, that map. It gives a useful insight into the traffic problems the town has, many of today's bottlenecks were already laid down in 1888!
  17. Every British nuclear armed submarine has a locked safe containing an identical sealed letter from the serving British PM, they contain instructions to the boats commander on what to do if the government (and presumably the rest of us) has been wiped out in a nuclear strike on the UK, they are called the 'Letters of Last Resort'. I shudder to think what Corbyns letters would look like, they'd probably have a doodle of a flower on the envelope.
  18. It's sort of art...a clique of pretentious and untalented luvvies has got this annual **** take down to a fine art!
  19. I can only compare the position of the Labour Party today to that of a car which has been abandoned in a field, then found by Corbyns gang who are having the time of their lives razzing it around and around. Like all back seat drivers they're not any good at it, but they'll have enormous fun with it anyway until some political grown ups come along and take it off them, though there won't be much left of it by then, I'm afraid...
  20. Whatever Cllr Bennetts motives, I too suspect that his statement wasn't far from the truth, coming as it did after the announcement that £2m of council money had been set aside for a transit camp, that councillors on the traveller task group had 'voted on the site in December' and the clincher 'But its location remains a closely guarded secret over fears of the likely reaction of residents near to where it would open.' Back pedal as WBC will, there it is.
  21. Russell Brands granddad is very annoyed at the rest of the council at the moment, hence the embarrassing transit camp revelation. He reckons that he isn't allowed to speak for long enough at full council meetings and that the other councillors laugh at him. Outrageous!
  22. At half five on a Saturday morning a lot of our local young socialites are still staggering home blotto, some of the sights I saw when I used to cross the town at that time, it was like the walking dead. A siren would have been quite handy!
  23. I very much doubt that the 'crap and run' element who are causing the problems would pay a penny for anything...
  24. The Irish know which way their breads buttered, as was demonstrated when they kicked against the Lisbon treaty and suddenly found themselves short of European funding, they know they can either bend over for it or else wave goodbye to all that lovely EU cash...
  25. There are no flies on you, PJ, but I thought for a second I could see where they'd been. But after wiping the screen, no, it's actually a full stop.
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