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  1. Going from most reports, this nice old building has been allowed to deteriorate horribly, the tried and tested method of demolition by neglect. The council, who will have surveyed the place and know its true state, should make it clear to the taxpayers what its plans are, since they obviously didn't buy it on impulse.
  2. I don't believe I ever said that funding was secured years back, you did. Tut tut.
  3. While if you find any evidence that local authorities manage major public works by first having them done and then finding the finance for them, don't hesitate to produce it. Oh dear, oh dear, don't go into business, promise me?
  4. Let not a straw remain ungrasped, good old PJ. A lamp post which went into the ground yesterday would have been part of a contract which was agreed more than 36 days ago, hence it would have been part of the 15/16 budget. Incidentally, they're currently ripping King Edward St up and re tarmacking it, did the clerk of works pop into Waterfields for a meat and potato pie last week and think "Hmm, I'll sort that pot hole outside the bookies out when I get back to the office, in fact I'll do the lot!"
  5. Nurse! Nurse! He's out of bed again!
  6. You keep coming back with the same old stuff, time and time again, you just wear your victims down. A wise man once defined Hell as the place where there is no reason, presumably he'd met you.
  7. So exactly when were the contracts signed for the current phase of public works to be done, well within the 15/16 financial year I suggest. Or did WBC ring the contractors up last week and say "Hiya mate, got any lamp posts?" I do sometimes think you're deliberately obtuse in lieu of having something smart to say.
  8. You just said that the millions the lights are costing were 'confirmed years ago', now you're agreeing that the project was within the window of the 15/16 budget, do stop wobbling about. The creative financial decisions were all done and dusted by March 31st, OK?
  9. This is like pulling teeth but I'll try again. Those millions of which you speak exist as part of a so called 'allocated reserve', that is, money (claimed to be) earmarked for a certain purpose. However, there is also an 'unallocated reserve', a private stash which Eric Pickles describes as rainy day money, central government keeps a beady eye on this nest egg and points it out when local authorities go scrounging. In the run up to budget time, many local authorities feel a sudden need to buy stuff, the unallocated cash is transferred to the allocated reserve and councils can legitimately t
  10. Nay, oh yapping one, 'tis phased to ebb and flow with the fortunes of yonder counting house where the fine folk lurk.
  11. Not at all, and as far as it being a 12 month a year project, it's actually phased, not least by the winter weather. Maybe you work in a nice dry office where stuff like digging in flooding holes is less of an issue?
  12. Quite so, some areas had their lights replaced two years ago, mine did. Before that we had a spring epidemic of those funny yellow lights on islands in the middle of the road, one year they suddenly did every bus stop in the town with red tarmac. I suspect it depends on how much spare dosh they've got hanging around once winters over.
  13. It's that time of year again, when councils balance their books by using up any cash they've been holding back for a rainy day. Otherwise, central government might find it and reduce their budget for the upcoming year, they really don't want that.
  14. Worralls shooting and fishing shop, a whiskery old gent if memory serves...
  15. Indeed. As a hat tip to the overburdened taxpayers who paid for the £14,000 of iPads the council treated themselves to, couldn't they just stick an 'i' in front of the one they're using now?
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