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  1. Aside from the usual trivial attendances being reduced, no doubt some more serious cases will be hidden due to people's fear of Hospital environments, to the point of a Devil or deep blue sea choice. If folk decide to die at home, at least they can say goodbye to loved ones. Meanwhile, I think GPs are diagnosing folk over the phone or skype; anything to avoid contact. 😷
  2. Observer II

    GP's ?

    Anyone know what GP's are doing nowadays ? 😷
  3. The whole saga is riven with hypocrisy - media reporters travelling the globe still, Press reporters travelling the Country to spy on folk they want to smear; then crowd (no spacial distancing) outside their homes and finally, the great British public swallowing the fake news as they crowd the beaches. In all this, it's not the (alleged) offence, but the motives behind the accusation that we really need to examine. All enacted as a superficial distraction, when we need a Gov to act decisively to protect the population. 😠 😷
  4. The problem they've got is cracks appearing in the dam, with one Tory MP already resigning from Gov, frightened of so-called public opinion. The only poll they need to worry about is the one in 2024, so they can brazen it out till then, and life will move on. Clearly a case for reforming the Press and Media generally though; who should be reporting the news not inventing it. 😠
  5. Whilst I'm prepared to criticise HMG on it's handling of the crisis; what I'm not prepared to do, is support the personal vendetta that the media and opposition politicians have for the PM and DC; with Starmer and Davy, having sworn to pursue constructive opposition; when all they are doing is criticising for it's own sake on the off chance it gets them support. Well BoJo accepted the mandate given by a referendum, which eventually translated into a Tory majority; and now appears ready to stand by his promise to leave the EU by 2021. This is what festers in the minds of the London centric media and opposition Remoaner politicians, and they are prepared to fuel their partisan vendetta at the expense of a safe resolution to this pandemic. Just hope folk will think carefully about it and not be led by the nose into the anarchy of mob rule by the media. 😠
  6. To call it a media frenzy would be an understatement, with wall to wall indignation all over the news - the media have reduced a real crisis into a trivial blame game, in order to destabilise the Gov. Clearly the Remoaner Press and Liberal allies are still smarting at Cumming's successfull involvement in the Brexit Referendum and are jealous of his apparent Rasputinesque influence with the PM. So like some Western lynch mob, they are demanding he resign. Well I hope BoJo and his fickle backbenchers don't wilt under this onslaught, but continue to provide a semblance of decisive governance, that opposition carpers clearly would find impossible. 😠
  7. Not the only ones: Piers (the mouth) Morgan and opposition politicians are after his scalp (but he's bald !); so much for constructive opposition. If Cummings has committed an offence he should be fined like anyone else, but no, they are after undermining the Gov at a time when we need some political cohesion. 😷😷
  8. Still require so-called quarantine, even if it does mean spreading it on the way home. 😷
  9. Perhaps they could use the Nightingale Hospitals for their quarantining ? ! 😉😷
  10. Perhaps Sid, because "the Gov" was elected on a platform of getting a grip of immigration, and clearly isn't. Farage works for LBC radio and classes himself as a journalist, so claims the right to report on what's happening, in the deliberate absence of similar reports by other mainstream journalists, who are travelling the world still. 😠 😷
  11. Well if our sensationalist fake press is to be believed, the scientists are totally divided as to how to proceed. A majority of the public naturally want to know definately that it is safe for them to venture back into so-called normality, and I'm afraid little or no assurances are being given. They had stricter quarantine rules in the 18th C, when ships had to fly a yellow flag and stay out of port for a specified period ! The Wirral process was what they should have carried on with, but I guess it was scrapped when they started toying with the idea of herd immunity and btw immunity hasn't been a proven fact yet. 😠 😷
  12. Can't believe some of the tripe being offered as a strategy in the Corvid19 fight. The latest is the imposition of quarantine on all flights into the UK from next month. This imo should have been done in January or February. Anyone arriving, even those returning from holiday, will be "told" to quarantine for 14 days at an identified address. So, they leave the airport in a taxi, bus or train, spreading the virus (if they have it) as they go - pathetic. Surely they need to be quarantined directly off the plane and within the confines of the airport, and also tested while they're at it. Let's not look for any brighter ideas from Labour, apparently their only comment was to express concerns about the future of the airline industry. Meanwhile net migration into the UK from non-EU sources has increased to over 250,000 a year - what does it take for our politicians to get ahead of the curve ? 😠 😷
  13. Hence we won't over-fish our stocks, like they do. 😉😉
  14. The pragmatic response has always been about mutual interests, which will no doubt be dealt with by tariff agreement. The EU exports more into the UK than we export to them, and any tariffs they impose will no doubt be reciprocated by us. What they really want is our money, our fishing grounds and some residual control through the European Court. So no dice. 😉
  15. Observer II

    TV ?

    There's one called "Big Cat Country" about the interactions of several prides of lions in Africa. Having been brought up on the idea that humans are the only species that regularly kill their own kind, it's quite surprising to see it among Lions.
  16. A better deal is "no deal" = out on WTO, no payment to the EU, total control of our own fishing zone etc; which seems to be what the Gov are after. Finally, we seem to be in the driving seat.😉
  17. Seems Sweden, who pursued a free and easy herd immunity strategy, has now the highest per capita death rate in Europe; but sceptics will be pleased to note, that the vast majority were over 70yo. 😷
  18. There's now talk of bringing in negative interest rates, which presumably means savers pay the Banks for the privilege of looking after their money, while watching their savings diminish. So what's the best way to save your money ? Buying gold ?
  19. Tex we're allowed to go out. 😷
  20. He does anarchy, and is currently protesting against "the Government" imposed lock down. 😉
  21. Not an idea Con, a fact - ultimately HMG carries responsibilty for all it's institutions and policies - that why we have elected politicians, to carry out our majority wishes.simple democracy, and nothing to do with communism. What you Tories seem to believe is closer to anarchy, perhaps you should join Piers Corbin ! 😉 😷
  22. No Asp: this is how it works - the people elect a Government, that Gov (theoretically) then pursue the policies contained in it's manifesto, those policies then apply to all public institutions, including the NHS. Now it may be the case, that civil servants and NHS Managers, don't do as they are told, but that again is a matter for the Government to get a grip. The primary responsibilty of any Government is to safeguard the wellbeing of it's citizens and a National Emergency is a primary example. 😷
  23. Lives won't come back - but more are being added to the toll on a daily basis. See you still haven't grasped the reality of HMG; it's ultimately responsible for the administration of our society and certainly the safety and wellbeing of it's citizens; that's why we have Ministers of State to oversee these various aspects of Governance. 😷
  24. Some "spilt milk" - over 30,000 dead. and please don't equate me with Starmer, with those amateurs things would have been worse, if that's possible. The reason we are never prepared for such events, is that we have no culture of preparedness or planning for emergencies, all politics are about today, never tomorrow. There was a film, I think it was produced in 2012, "Contagion"; which ironically predicted such an event. Unlike the threat of an asteroid hitting the Earth or even WW3, pandemics are an ever present threat , especially in a world of global travel. They had warnings with SARS and MERS, they even had an exercise in 2016, so spilt milk and lessons learnt just doesn't cut it. btw it's not just the UK that was caught with it's pants down, almost all Governments were, with some notable exceptions like Greece and S/Korea. 😷
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