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  1. Time for regular re-tests ?

    Seems an 80 yo couple crashed into car whilst driving the wrong way, whilst towing a caravan, on a M/way, killing themselves and the 30 driver of the other car. Not the first time this has happened of course; so is it time for regular re-testing (including medicals) for all drivers ?
  2. Brexit again -

    If both the hard Brexiteer and Remoaner MPs vote against the PM's deal, and the clock keeps ticking, does that mean we leave the EU with no deal ?
  3. Brexit again -

    Dave, we can't even stop them getting through the tunnel, the main problem isn't catching them, but deporting them asap afterwards. Your obviously a legal person Con, but throughout history Treaties etc get broken, when they no longer suit.
  4. Brexit again -

    Seems this Irish border issue is a complete red herring: listening to a DUP politician, he said, that even during the troubles, it was impossible to completely seal off the border and currently, differing VAT rates etc are still dealt with by customs. So, perhaps HMG can now honour the referendum decision and LEAVE, there was no mention of "a deal" on the ballot form, so they can forget it.
  5. Time for regular re-tests ?

    A psyche test included in the medical should sort them out !
  6. Taxpayer milked again -

    The parading of wealth in a sea of austerity, is what sparks republican revolutions. These people would be wise to learn from history and tone it down to the levels of their Scandanavian cousins, before the peasants revolt.
  7. Taxpayer milked again -

    Princess Eugenie wants a show off wedding, and security will cost the tax-payer £2million. Her father is estimated to be worth £55million, so why isn't he paying for it ?
  8. Brexit again -

    Well it appears the politicians have turned Brexit into a complete dog's dinner, with their Party and Remoaner antics. As I recall the referendum ballot form, the choice was to LEAVE or REMAIN, nothing on it about "a deal". Now, our weak kneed MPs are in a panic about a no deal Brexit, with some talking about cancelling article 50 and returning to the EU fold. But, as some EU Mandarins are now claiming, rightly imo; this would be treated as a new application, with the loss of our rebate and the possibility of a commitment to adopting the Euro; so even worse than before. The straw being grasped by the PM, to continue with membership of the customs union, denying any right to make seperate trade deals, still within the jurisdiction of the ECJ , would keep us in the EU in all but name, but without any political influence over it. So, time for the politicians to grow a pair, and prepare to crash out, with no deal, no payment and if necessary a hard border in Ireland.
  9. Space reserved ?

    If you drove round a multi-story car park, looking for a space, only to find that the only one available had a woman and child standing in it, what would you do ? Seems the woman had walked round on foot to find a space and then save it for her partner, could it be a new trend ?
  10. Brexit again -

    Often wondered why we transport meat on the hoof to France, only to have it returned as carcasses - thought we still had our own slaughter houses or is this some kind of vat scam ?
  11. Taxpayer milked again -

    Think you'll find it is - ask the football clubs.
  12. Brexit again -

    Not even during "the troubles" ?
  13. Brexit again -

    Not sure I understand the DUP stance on the border issue; whist there's no doubt there's some local toing and froing, even some farms astride it; surely the border defines the territory of the UK and a soft border merely undermines that and opens the future possibility of a United Ireland ?
  14. Taxpayer milked again -

    The Trump visit was a State visit, and thus a State responsibility, made more expensive by the antics of protesters. The "Royal" Wedding is not a State occasion, but a private one, no doubt Andrew would like his kids to be on the Royal payroll, but his older brother has knocked him back. It's his responsibilty to shell out on the wedding, not the tax-payer.
  15. Climate Change ?

    Seems another apocalyptic report is calling for some draconian changes in our lifestyles, to avert global warming. But our we prepared to respond ? They're even talking about gas fired CH boilers causing the problem, so what do we use instead ? And does this mean that fracking for gas is now a waste of time ? I can't help thinking, that if the warnings are so dire, it's already too late to reverse a process that has been over a hundred years in the making.
  16. Climate Change ?

    It could all be a vegan plot, the latest idea is that we should all give up eating meat !
  17. Space reserved ?

    This was a national news item, not a personal experience - the point being; should anyone "on foot" be allowed to "reserve" an empty car parking space ? It would seem that one could just "slowly" drive into it, nudging them out of the way, but then would you leave the car there , as the disgruntled woman might trash it ?
  18. 'Arrods....

    Thought money laundering for the oligarchs was a good source of income for the City and Gov.
  19. Climate Change ?

    The way things are going we may finish up with one in No 10 !!!
  20. Climate Change ?

    Thought it was Magabe, that happened.
  21. Climate Change ?

    Zimbabwe used to be called the bread basket of Africa - what happened ?
  22. Climate Change ?

    So all those relentless TV appeals for famines in Africa are fake news then ? Thanks for that Asp, now glad I don't donate !
  23. Climate Change ?

    That would seem to tie in with the history of the planet Asp; after all. the reason why humans migrated to inhabit every corner of the earth in the first place, was due to climate changes. So whether man made or not, I can't see mankind reversing the remorseless momentum of nature in any case, even if they tried. We just have to adapt to survive, as always. What it will create is conflict, as peoples try to migrate from devastated areas, and resources become scarce; so perhaps it's such conflict will see an end to us ?
  24. Westminster attack.

    Think we could expect a little more initiative from a Senior Police Officer Diz, either telling his driver to do it, or taking the wheel himself.
  25. Westminster attack.

    A senior Met Police Officer has given evidence, that he locked himself in his car during the knife attack on a Police Officer outside Westminster; claiming he had no weapon or communication device. Surely, he did have a lethal weapon - he was sat in it. ?