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  1. Water, water everywhere and not a drop to spare. Think we did this as a topic last year and we're still here; with politicians circling the Don Valley trying to pick up votes from disgruntled victims of flooding. But ALL politicians have known for decades that there is a problem and it needs sorting, but have they addressed it - apparently not; probably too busy monitoring social media for political incorrectness.
  2. Seems Labour are really going for it : everything is to be FREE ! A free weekly wage to every citizen, regardless of whether you work or have worked, thus providing an incentive not to work; the idea was tried and dumped in Finland some time ago; but will no doubt prove a vote winner amongst the work shy. Free education, should increase the number of lifelong students, picking up those micky mouse degrees, whilst being PC programmed. No doubt such policies will be a major attraction to the world's poor, who will be heading through Labour's open doors on to UK streets paved with gold. You really couldn't make it up - but they are !
  3. ... AND haven't said anything on social media that isn't considered PC ! 😆 It's most people's choice to vote for a Party (donkey in a red rosette etc), probably don't know who the candidate is.
  4. Of course Milky, but my choice is between Parties NOT individuals, as it's the least worst policy options that get voted for.
  5. Nope Milky, the weren't "chosen" by the public, they were chosen by their political party - which allows such things as women only shortlists and the parachuting of none local candidates into constituencies. This ensures that the PC London elite provide the candidates with a red rosette for the uneducated Plebs to vote for.
  6. Indeed Milky; in the early days of the Labour Party, they would indeed be voted in on the basis they were Labour, but they also were an integral part of the class they represented, just like the Tories. Fast forward, and this was lost, when a new middle class elite, basically Islington champagne Socialists; distorted the fundemental objectives of it's origins; giving way to professional career MPs, bent on climbing the greasy pole, and using their electorate as voting fodder, that they probably regarded as uneducated plebs. Rather than sorting out the fundemental issues of the Nation, we now have PC identity politics, piling trivia upon trivia, with the only attempt at rational debate descending into "isms" Alas, the voting public appears to be now catching on, and catching up - let's hope so anyway.
  7. In the days of Kier Hardy, we had miners in cloth caps elected to Parliament, people with the same experiences as the folk they represented; then we had the son's of miners, fresh out of University full of theories and bent on climbing the slippery slope. Now we have the snowflake products of our Universities, fully PC programmed, getting a research assistant job with an MP, while seeking to be parachuted into a working class seat under the Labour banner, with voters they cannot relate to. Thus we have the the ivory tower of Parliament V the people.
  8. For anyone who even considers standing for public office, it seems apparent that anything and everything you've done and said, going back decades, will be scrutinised by the PC Offenderatti . The latest is a Labour Party Member, singing on a coach returning from a gig, allegedly sang "Hey Jews" rather than "hey Jude" (the Beatles song), over ten years ago. New words are appearing in the PC lexicon, like "mansplaining" and "whitesplaining", all designed to label folk in this new world of identity politics. So I guess it's no wonder we can't get politicians with gravitas these days, and have to put up with clueless PC dregs.
  9. You just couldn't make it up - but it's the reality in Londonistan: a knife crime awareness course held in a Council building, resulted in an argument by attendees and a fatal stabbing. One would have thought they would have been searched before entering the building ?
  10. That would be the logical conclusion Sid, BUT - we have interest groups in receipt of "EU monies" that refuse to accept that it's our money being recycled from Brussels, we even have the husband of a wannabee PM in direct receipt of EU funding ! Youngsters who believe their travel plans depend on the EU and also their roaming charges. The fact that the EU is a cesspit of financial corruption, with E/European political Oligarcs ripping off the CAP; with books that haven't been signed off by auditors for over a decade.
  11. Presumably the Judge based his ruling on his interpretation of the law. In which case we should blame the legislature (MPs), who've failed to agree anything for three years, let alone legal revisions within this area. . So if law and order is an issue at this election; perhaps the antics of these middle class hypocrites, causing social and economic disruption, and costs to the tax-payer, should be an issue ?
  12. 😄 Thus favouring more deforestation of those mythical money trees 😉 We've just had over ten years of fiscal austerity to try and balance the budget and reduce National debt. The Tories were left with a note from the Labour Treasury Minister saying we've run out of money and the 2008 crash had left also left us in a mess, hence Osbourne's austerity, some would say, draconian policy. Now an election has come along where there are two main camps, Leave or Remain; however, there are no doubt large number of "don't knows", who will be looking to see "what's in it for me" financially. So we've now got a promise war, with all Parties embarking on a spending spree to simply win votes. Maybe it will be effective, as money has a way of overruling principle.
  13. Seems there's mass deforestation of money trees going on from all Parties in this election - wonder what Greta would say ?
  14. I do not criticise for one moment the guys on the fire engines; but the senior management; the FBU had been lobbying employers for some time (before this incident) for a review of stay put, as experience on similar high rise incidents warned of the risk.
  15. The "stay put" policy was brought in on the basis of a theory - that a compartmentalised building will prevent fire spread, thus isolating outbreaks to a specific area, allowing the FB to attack it. The problem in practise was and is, that any defect that undermines that compartmentalisation, such as fire/smoke stop doors being left open or failing to self close, or as in this case, external cladding allowing fire to by pass compartments, will destroy the compartmentalisation theory and thus the "stay put" policy. Therefore, the only safe policy is evacuation of any building in the event of a fire, to a place of safety. Common sense, which should have been applied by the Fire Authority imo.
  16. Depends on your own level of knowledge, experience and confidence I suppose - some of us don't regard "experts" with awe.
  17. Being sold out by the political class isn't new, it's in the nature of our so called democracy that the peasants are called upon and used to attain the goals of the elite, then conveniently discarded. Thinking of that revolutionary, Oliver Cromwell, who used the peasantry to fight his civil war, but wasn't prepared to provide these veterans with a vote. Indeed, the diggers, levellers and mutineers, were outlawed (some executed) for having the nerve to ask for a share in the Common Wealth.
  18. Wondered what Greta & XR thinks about Bonfire Night ? 😉
  19. Seems people in public life aren't allowed to apply common sense, as it may offend some group or other. JRM has been forced to apologise for stating the obvious, he could have added that the FB leadership lacked common sense too.
  20. Seems both Boris and Nigel are prepared to throw Brexit out with the bath water, by not agreeing a deal, so I guess we can look forward to another Remoaner hung Parliament and years more of the saga. Labour are saying they will re-negotiate a deal, then having taken a year or so to do it, will put it against Remain in another Referendum, and campaign for Remain - how daft is that ? Lions led by Donkeys.
  21. 😄 Jo Swindles, paid agent of the EU, may be lucky to keep her seat against the SNP. Just hope Dianne Abbot has done the sums for their tactical vote guide !
  22. As indeed I would be on your knowledge of seafaring !
  23. Seems the Remain web site is going to help - they're advising Remainers to vote Lib Dem in Tory/Lab marginals, thus giving it to the Tories !
  24. Think you've misread what I'm saying Con; your link is precisely what Brexit P should do; stand in areas where the Tories haven't got a cat in hells chance, whilst Nigel leaves the rest to Boris. Locally perhaps Nigel could give it to the Tories, North & South.
  25. 😄 The big issue for Leave voters will be the choice between Conservative and Brexit Parties; unless Boris has the sense to do a deal with Nigel.
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