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  1. Seems M&S are being called "racist" now; for advertising the colour of a brown bra, as "tobacco" - perhaps eventually all descriptions of shades of brown to black, including brown or black, will be eliminated from the English language. I don't know who's dafter, the woke police who keep coming up with this trivia or the rest of us, for tolerating it ? 😠
  2. Same in China, virus survived on packaging of imported fish from S/America - seems social distancing has gotten a whole lot bigger ! 😉 😷
  3. They were offered segregation when the State of Liberia in Africa was created - not many takers. 😉
  4. Tend to agree with Asp; Unis are so full of woke propaganda and Mickey Mouse degrees nowadays, as to be economically irrelevent. One girl asked what she wanted to study, replied "make up artistry" for the film industry, don't they have apprenticships ? 😉
  5. So just close the pubs - sorted. The same will happen with schools, instead of starting with a shift system to allow for internal spacing, they're going to pile them into full classes. The WHO claims there is no second wave, just one continuing wave; this will increase in size with every relaxation, and with the inclusion of seasonal flu this Winter, will cause another NHS swamping panic. 😷
  6. Dawn Butlar MP has claimed she was racially profiled by the Police when her car was stopped by them. The Police claim, as all the windows were tinted glass, they couldn't see the occupants, thus couldn't racially profile them. Seems Dawn's use of the "get out of jail free" card, didn't work this time. Meanwhile, it seems there's a positive side to racial profiling, if you want to be US President, just choose a female with ethnic origins as your VP, to get the black vote. Cuts both ways. 😉
  7. Seems Governments have tied themselves up in knots over the A-level saga - but why didn't they just hold the exams later in the year ? Given that it's all about University placement, why don't the Universities just hold entrance exams, in which they can establish their required standards ?
  8. CCTV should be in place, just as long as it's not "facial recognition" technology ! - we all pay for the clean ups.😷
  9. Perhaps something needs to be done about the "ignorant people" ? 😷
  10. Well that politician in the White House, certainly has a political reason for opening the economy - an election in November; and he's clearly bent on folk following his ignorant lead to get there. People with dementia don't catch it from the irresponsible actions of others. It's the lock downs that have reduced the spread of this virus, opening up will just see it surge again and require the same actions again. 😷
  11. Having secured a blood test form, I've discovered that you now have to ring for an appointment for a blood test. Having been on the line for the last ten minutes, listening to classical music I finally got through. Might be easier to get hold of Dracula. 😷
  12. Having watched this process up close, ventilation is frankly invasive and quite brutal, thus the need for an induced coma, which dispels any notion of the medical profession being miracle workers. The additional factor of PPE ensures you die alone. So it's no wonder, that many will avoid Hospitals, even to the point of dying from other ailments at home. The fact you can't get access to GPs very easily, just confounds matters. 😷
  13. Perhaps we could do with lots of them around the S/Coast beaches, and perhaps some Great White Sharks out to sea. 😉
  14. The only contact I've had with the Council, was a phone call early on, to check on how I was shielding, which impressed me at the time, but they haven't phoned me since. 😷
  15. Whilst your right Asp; unlike the under 30s, the grumpies can't go out looking for it as it will prove terminal. We can only minimise contact with others and exercise preventative precautions being advised. Alas we have political Leaders being driven by economic expediency rather than public safety, which will ensure this virus remains with us for some time. The Yanks have a President who's latest gaff, was to claim "the 1917 flu pandemic" (actually 1918), " ended WW2" , thus lasting over 25 years ! 😉 With idiots like that around, it clearly is a case of everyone for themselves - STAY SAFE, STAY HOME. 😷
  16. You could get a job Sid, clearing crowded beaches ! 😉 😷
  17. Frankly, I'm surprised we haven't seen the emergence of a vigilante Navy, both in the Channel and off Libya, prepared to physically prevent this invasion. At Nurembourg the lawyers tried to prosecute Admiral Durnitz, for ordering his U-boat Captains not to pick up survivors of the ships they sank, which was contrary to Maritime Law. A witness for the defence was none other than US Admiral Nimitz, who told the Court that he had issued a similar order to his submarine Commanders in the Pacific. Next to politicians, Lawyers must be the lowest creatures on the planet. 😠
  18. In retrospect, it seems the UKBF have been prisoners of Maritime Law - which I believe compels any "rescues" within your own territorial waters to be taken to your shores, (sure Asp can advise). In which case, any obligatory asylum hearings need to be fast tracked to provide for 48hr deportations. ( HMG can change the law accordingly). However, the real villains are the French, who choose to allow camps to exist, full of economic migrants with no intention of seeking asylum in France, contrary to the Dublin Treaty, and when asked by the UK to round them up, they demand £65 million from the UK to do it. 😠
  19. Seems the MOD are contesting the use of the RN in preventing migrants channel crossings, they say the UKBF has the job. But the UKBF are clearly not up to the job. Is there no chain of command in Government anymore ? 😠
  20. By June, they no doubt had the PPE for all staff, including the cleaners; which wasn't the case earlier, when I visited in Dec, when the seed of fear was well and truly sown. 😷 I rang the GPs surgery, having given up on a consultation, I asked for a blood test form to assist distanced diagnosis; said I'd call in the surgery to collect it - "Oh no", said the receptionist "we'll post it out to you". Seems we're not the only one's subject to fear. 😷
  21. Because of a lack of confidence in the bio-security of the NHS and inaccessibilty to GPs. Many may prefer to die at home than in ICU, in an induced coma, with a machine trying to keep you alive. 😷
  22. I've been searching for the kind of sausage we had at school dinners in the good old days, big fat bangers, with a meaty, peppery taste - no one seems to sell them anymore. We had the same type of sausage in the Army, and the last time I tasted one was on a North Sea Ferry to Belgium. Yates & Greer have come nearest to the elusive recipe.
  23. Now the media are trying to blame "lock downs" for an additional 2 deaths for every 3 corvid deaths. Due to people not attending for existing treatments to Hospitals or GPs. But it isn't lock downs that cause this, it's fear of the virus, a lack of confidence to be secure against infection in Hospitals and difficulties of getting to see a GP. 😷
  24. Of over 2,000 that landed this year, HMG have announced that 20 will be deported to France next Wednesday; seems this is the extent of Priti Patel getting a grip. 😠
  25. Thanks Sid, hopefully I can now get back to some decent sausage. 😉
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