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  1. Seems the EU "demands" access to OUR fishing grounds as part of a deal, aside from tying us into close regulation and the Euro Court. Why are we even talking ? OUT with no deal, give them no money and exclude them from fishing our waters - just hope Boris doesn't fail us.
  2. No we don't Latch - but the difference is; that in the case of a pandemic the potential for millions of deaths exists. The 1918 flu pandemic killed 50 million people. Now whilst this new virus doesn't appear lethal to the young and healthy; it clearly has a high rate of spread, possibly prior to people showing symptoms. If the virus mutates and becomes more lethal it will be too late for complacency.
  3. Just hope Boris sticks to his guns and makes sure the EU no longer fish in our waters. Perhaps a Naval expansion is required to guard our fishing grounds and at the same time turn round illegal immigrants.
  4. Ireland can't be that rich, like the UK folk can't afford the house prices ! 😉
  5. The reason the EU has lasted to-date, is because net contributors were subsidising net receivers, the UK being one of the biggest contributors. Now Germany and France will have to pay more or the rest get less; and as the whole attraction for membership by poorer members are the financial handouts; their support for the project will evaporate.
  6. Believe the river bed is highly contaminated, so where would they dump the sludge ? Think the MSC saves us from the worst effects of flooding; but still doesn't excuse continued building in the flood plain, sanctioned by Council Planners.
  7. Be interesting to see a map of the historical Mersey floodplain; overlaid with a map of housing development in Warrington for example.
  8. Well it's happened again ! Just a thought, could all threatened houses be converted to three story, with loft conversions or added build, leaving the ground floor to garage the boat ? !
  9. Not if your stepping off a rubber dingy onto a beach in Kent Dave ! 😉
  10. Full marks to Priti Patel and the Tories for at least respecting the concerns of the majority of electors, in trying to tighten up immigration laws; in total contrast to Labour's pitch to welcome in all and any arrivals. However, as an advocate of a tighter system, I can see any initiative running into a minefield of HR laws and woke objections. In theory, any "illegal" entrant should be able to be deported immediately they are caught landing on the beach, but the problem seems to be, that they are detained, while circling HR lawyers swoop in to advise them, with tax-payer funded legal aid; to apply for (bogus) asylum. Seems these cases take years to resolve by the HO, during which time applicants are housed, fed and watered by the tax-payer; during which time, it's possible for applicants to start a family over here and have children classed as British citizens, thus complicating further any deportation action. Then there is the question of "legal" entrants, invited in on the basis of visa applications based on a so-called points system; sound in theory, but lacking in thought. EG: Are visa applicants subject to medical and security vetting prior to issue ? Are visas time limited, to fill tempory skills gaps? And what happens if they start a family over here ? Seems the Gov need to clear the minefield as part of their attempt to clear the abuse.
  11. The Chinese Gov has confined around 60 million people to their houses in an attempt to prevent contacts and viral spread. Meanwhile, Public Health England is advising parents to keep sending their kids to school - in the event of an outbreak, affected cases will go to hospital, while the rest will self isolate, presumably with the rest of their families. The experience of cruise ships, shows that any crowded environment facilitates spread.
  12. Can't believe the degree of laxity being shown by HMG, folk are still flying in from China, one got an uber taxi to A&E, before being found she had the virus and was isolated. So the plane, the taxi and the A&E need a deep clean, and everyone she came into contact with should self isolate. One problem seems to be that folk are contagious before they show symptoms, so the potential for rapid spread is huge. On the upside, it hasn't mutated yet and appears survivable for young, medically fit folk; just leaving the old and infirm to die; which will no doubt reduce the costs of elderly care in the future. Maybe that's the Gov plan ?
  13. Tried it Dave, in my knee - total waste of time - sooner use cool spray.
  14. Not sure that's possible Latch, if your mobility is impaired and a "new" joint could improve life. However, I'm told these implants have a 15 year lifespan, so if you live longer than that, it may need replacing - room for some cost -benefit analysis.
  15. Observer II

    HS2 -

    Get's the go ahead ten years after being dreamed up and now with projected costs out of control. Whilst I'm not particularly opposed, certainly not by the largely Nimby opposition along the route, I am suspicious of the motivation - IE: is it meant to bring wealth dispersal to the North or merely act as an efficient hoover for labour from the North ? In terms of time scale, I think completion will take until 2040, and I caught a glimpse of one JCB operating on the Birmingham site; contrast this with the Chinese building two thousand bed hospitals within a month ! But if HMG really do want to "level up" and "rebalance" the UK, imo it will require a political dispersal of power from London to the North, not just economic.
  16. Can't say I'm impressed to date with the response to this outbreak. 1) Although China has responded better than most Countries ever could, they were in denial for at least two weeks, when a lock down of the site of the outbreak could have contained further spread. 2) Western Governments flying their own nationals back home, was idiotic, they should have been isolated in China. 3) The WHO response was clearly too slow; ALL flights to a from China should have been cancelled in the first stages of the outbreak.
  17. He might have spotted the HGV run into the back of you, while the driver was watching youtube ! 😉
  18. Think there are now three cases in the UK; why the surprise if they are still allowing flights in from China or F/East, some sponsored by HMG.
  19. imo there should be lay-bys on such dual carriageways. On "smart" M/ways, if the controller sees a break down on a live lane, they initiate a close signal for that lane; BUT in the time between spotting the breakdown and activating the signal (assuming all drivers take notice), several vehicles will be speeding into the rear of the broken down vehicle.
  20. Don't the Cubans drive round in 1960's models ? Guess that's what will happen here, only it'll be 2030 models !
  21. All the systems are centrally controlled, presumably to maintain traffic flows - think we have one at the Battersby Lane Island with it's CCTV and periodic traffic lights. The danger of "smart" M/Ways is the lack of a "safe" lane for breakdowns or for alternate use by the Emergency Services - clearly a stupid idea from the start, no doubt designed to save money on widening schemes.
  22. All the Private Frazer's are working for the Guardian and the Indy !
  23. An Australian trade model sounds good to me ! 😉
  24. If this "ban" only applies to "new" cars, won't this give rise to a boom in the vintage car market, well into the next Century, eagerly supported by the Oil Companies ?
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