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  1. I don't think Churchill had to suffer a Country with four different war strategies, or various Town and Cities arguing over who was suffering most under the bombing. 😷
  2. I'd never heard of this Irish female group, till I accidentally tuned into Skyart. Must say, these colleens are a delight to listen to as well as look at. 😉
  3. I guess they'll be out clapping for the NHS staff again this Winter, but perhaps the applause should go out to ALL those who have kept life (such as it is), ticking over during this pandemic. Bins are still being empted, public transport still running, emergency services still responding etc. But perhaps a special thanks to all those involved in the supply chain that allows us to continue eat and drink, despite dire warnings from the Remoaners about the consequences of a no deal Brexit. Perhaps Boris can summon up a Churchillian "blood, sweat and tears" speech to reinforce the public's b
  4. The theory expounded more or less at the beginning, was to shield "at risk" groups (IE total lock down); whilst allowing younger folk, by cohorts, back into play. This could have been done with an up and running track and trace system in place, but would still have meant some restrictions on hot spots, such as enclosed public spaces. This would have allowed a degree of herd infection. However, as no immunity as yet been proven, and re-infections have occured, plus lasting effects in the so-called "long covid" cases; all we do know is that opening up, like the return to Universities, immedi
  5. All part of the dog's breakfast devolution foisted on England; we need a complete constitutional and organisational model for our governance imo, alas, too many establishment politicians have an interest in keeping things as they are. 😠
  6. Yahoo news page. 😷 Well it did actually Dave, it brought the infection rate down below 1, which radically reduced the number of cases and consequent deaths. This so-called second wave is a direct consequence of releasing the brake. 😷
  7. Yahoo news page. 😷 Well it did actually Dave, it brought the infection rate down below 1, which radically reduced the number of cases and consequent deaths. This so-called second wave is a direct consequence of releasing the brake. 😷
  8. Now we've got City Mayors playing politics - just hope when it comes to cooking the buns Andy doesn't Burn'em. 😷
  9. Seems even the Royal Mint has joined in the woke culture propaganda war, with their new "diversity built Britain" 50p piece. Now watching daily WW2 documentaries on freeview, it can be seen that the Nazis brainwashed the Germans with the same kind of constant spin. 😠
  10. Freeview - Sony I think.? Makes you wonder just how many films have been cut for whatever reason?
  11. I had Dances with Wolves on today, and noticed there was a lot more material in it than the one I watched previously.
  12. 😄 Think she's under pressure from German car workers and EU farmers and fishermen. Meanwhile, Mz Krankie is sucking up to her for support for an independent Scotland re-joining the EU, having been bolstered in the polls by her performance over Covid.
  13. We could pay people to collect litter, clean up grafitti or even help out in care homes (subject to being virus free !), or just stay home on furlough. IF this thing does pass, all those superficial jobs will return - so not to worry. Asp, your right, Boris is now listening to Sunak, and it's now turning into a car crash. 😷
  14. How Dave ? How are they essential to the economy ? They are superficial jobs, that have emerged as we worked less and had more money to spend, they are not essential to keeping the country going. So if nail bars go out business, girls will have to cut their own nails - not exactly the end of the world. So the issue really is "unemployment" and how we deal with it and just what jobs are important, that could be filled. 😷
  15. As HMG pursue their cake and eat eat approach to the pandemic, avoiding a full on lock down at all costs, we hear squeals of opposition from the hospitality and sporting sectors. A Merseyside Gym owner has been issued with fines for refusing to close, claiming concern for the mental and physical health of his customers, rather than their fee payments. One wonders what we did before these industries became popular. If people want to exercise and keep fit, they can lift weights at home or run round the local park, these gyms are not "essential" to our economic well being, so if they die on
  16. With the grumpies forced to binge watch TV at the moment - is it just a coincidence that we are being bombarded with ads for life insurance, funeral plans etc ? 💀
  17. As Boris & Co faff around with their three tier system, which now has 17 exemptions, seems Joe Public is getting hissed off - just seen an opinion poll showing 70% dislike of this devisive approach. Seems Starmer has got the scent and has now jumped off his fence to demand a total, two week lock down for all of England. 😷
  18. Think your confusing opinion with facts, where no facts exist, and you haven't ignored it - you replied. 😷
  19. Well, the latest three tier nonsense, offers more evidence of Boris & Co, dragging their feet and loitering behind the curve of this pandemic. Scientist advised HMG that a full, short sharp lock down, a so-called "circuit breaker" should have been brought in weeks ago; but our politicians are so wedded to the preservation of the "normal" economy, that they can't employ the draconian measures required. Having said that; the evidence emerging is that this virus, related to the common cold, will continue, like the common cold, to remain with us into the future. There is no immunity, as
  20. They hate our history cos they have none of any consequence 😠
  21. Generally speaking - yes. BUT, the cause is a virus, not a bacteria, in the case of corvid; so a robust immune system is required and those with damaged immune systems have basically no chance. The rather primitive and invasive treatment of ventillating the lungs with oxygen under positive pressure is going out of favour, with negative pressure solutions being adopted; I wonder why they can't oxygenate the blood outside the body, as with a heart and lung machine ? 😷
  22. Well Priti seems to be talking the talk, with deportation of migrant rough sleepers and petty criminals, and the netting and return of boats - but will she walk the walk ? France is already refusing to accept them back - what a despicable nation. 😠
  23. Clearly it's time HMG put a stop to this woke liberal false counter culture - seems the National Maritime Museum is about to trash the reputation of Lord Nelson, a British icon of history. Not that Nelson had an unblemished personal life, having treated his wife fairly badly due to his attachment to his mistress - Lady Hamilton; who was cast aside, against Nelson's wishes, by the establishment after his death. But the idea that you can view history and it's icons through a modern lens is patent nonsense, these people were products of their time and place, and no doubt complied with the th
  24. Anti-biotics are used to combat bacterial infection, not viral. 😷
  25. Well, it's starting to happen, now that Parliament has it's claws into the covid decision making, the politics are at play. There are divisions along the North - South axis, as anti-virus measures appear more draconian in the North. The only saving grace to-date is abstentions by Labour (clean hands etc), which has left "red wall" Tory MPs to lead objections. Now assuming the Gov response is based on the scientific advise, which in turn is based on the data which suggests higher levels of contagion in the North, there will be some logic for the differentials. Whether it's higher density
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