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  1. Observer II

    Brexit again -

    What all this has exposed, is the true nature of politics and "democracy"; throughout western society; in which we are allowed to go through the charade of electing a bunch of arrogant , we know what's best for you, politicians, pursuing their own elitist agendas. It is therefore not surprising, that populist politics have emerged whereby people are attempting to control their own destiny, as in the US, the UK referendum and now with the French riots. From the 2008 crash, caused by rich speculating bankers, it is the ordinary peasants that have had to bare the burden, rather than the Metropolitan liberal elites. Now that reality has been exposed, perhaps the Plebs will continue to react to it.
  2. Observer II

    Brexit again -

    As we thought - sold out by politicians.
  3. Observer II

    Why do Governments struggle ?

    It's a problem because it takes years, and in some cases decades to decide on asylum cases, remember the HO backlog ? Meanwhile, such applicants are not allowed to work but receive an allowance, courtesy of the tax-payer. We hear of illegals being found in HGVs on our M/ways or washed up on the shores of Kent, but we never hear of them being sent back. Any Local Authority will actually know where asylum applicants are living as they have to house them, they also know where others are living illegally in garages or in multi-occupation because they inspect them; so we need a fast track mechanism for deportations. HO will know of all over-stayers on visas, so will know how many have "disappeared" even though they know not where. Now sending illegals home, may compromise the hand car wash industry, but I think we can survive it. However, I think HMG may share your apparent complacency, hence the reason they struggle.
  4. Observer II

    Why do Governments struggle ?

    The Home Office is currently preparing a new white paper on post-Brexit immigration controls, and buisiness is concerned low skilled labour will be reduced, due to a £30k income requirement on entrants. But the issue surely, isn't entry, but exit. The million or so illegal entrants that have disappeared into the crowd or are languishing on benefits until their asylum cases can be reviewed. just require a fast track system of deportation, while the rest require fixed term work visas, after they expire, they leave. So in the case of seasonal farm work, a seasonal work permit, and once the fruit picking is done, they go home.
  5. Observer II

    Brexit again -

    If we had politicians with any backbone, we could "unilaterally" leave the EU - it's called a no deal Brexit.
  6. Observer II

    Brexit again -

    Well, we can now see the remorseless undermining of the people's decision to leave the EU, by the Remoaner majority in Parliament, appears to be paying off.
  7. Observer II

    Jumping Jack Flash,

    Seems Ann is a trump supporter ! 😉
  8. Observer II

    Brexit again -

    Interesting that the "yellow vests" are rioting in France and Belgium, over increasing taxation - taxation that will no doubt increase even more if we finally grow the gonads for a no deal Brexit, leaving a 20% hole in the EU budget.
  9. Observer II

    Jumping Jack Flash,

    Ask Ann Hegerty ! 😉
  10. Observer II

    Crazy Traffic Lights

    They used to have a pad in the road, which tripped the sequence; but I'm not sure it would make much odds nowadays, as there are that many cars.
  11. Observer II

    Brexit again -

    .. and now we have the nonsense of a TV "debate" between TM and JC, both "Remainers"; with even more Remoaners, in the form of Sturgeon and Cable, carping from the side lines, claiming a place in the show, that they won't let go. We've had the vote between Remain or Leave, the result was Leave; now the only debate should be - between May's deal or No Deal.
  12. Observer II

    Jumping Jack Flash,

    Think money trumps all other considerations at the end of the day Dave.
  13. Observer II

    Jumping Jack Flash,

    Won't the oil companies buy up any such patent, to stop it being used, if they haven't already done so ?
  14. Observer II

    Peoples vote ?

    Like the sports coaches say - " no pain, no gain" ! 😉
  15. Observer II

    Peoples vote ?

    Well, given the level of hysteria from the Remoaners has increased since the referendum - I'm now waiting for their trump card - that asteroid heading for the UK, we're all doomed ! 😉 Hope they keep it going as no one believes it anymore, just as they didn't believe it at the referendum.