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  1. Choudry -

    Seems Mr Choudry has been released on license from prison, with a list of do's and don'ts. BUT, as the Police still see him as a security risk, he'll be placed under surveillance, which will presumambly involve a team of officers, working shifts. The cost is estimated to be within the £millions. Wouldn't it have been cheaper to keep in prison, or even cheaper to deport him to the ISIS Caliphate ?
  2. A line in the sand...

    Money, money, money - jobs, jobs, jobs
  3. Twitterarchy -

    Beaver Trim ? !
  4. Twitterarchy -

    They're already there Dave; a Black Feminist on Mayor Khan's staff, made a complaint about a "Gentleman's sandwich" brand. MPs have spent the last few weeks discussing bullying in Parliament, even down to one person mimicking another - how pathetic is that. And the laugh is, an alleged perpetrator, the Speaker, is a four foot nothing dwarf ! No wonder Government is no longer fit for purpose.
  5. Brexit again -

    They should be able to catch them at the Ports and Airports, the question is whether they can then throw them back over the border. Sure the Irish Gov will relish the idea of a super- migrant camp outside Dublin.
  6. Twitterarchy -

    Seems the PC Brigade now dictate the social norm via twitter - EG: Kleenex being the latest target; where objections to the term "Man Size Tissues" have caused them to change the brand to "Extra Large" - why do these companies take notice of these people ?
  7. Brexit again -

    Dave, we can't even stop them getting through the tunnel, the main problem isn't catching them, but deporting them asap afterwards. Your obviously a legal person Con, but throughout history Treaties etc get broken, when they no longer suit.
  8. Brexit again -

    Seems this Irish border issue is a complete red herring: listening to a DUP politician, he said, that even during the troubles, it was impossible to completely seal off the border and currently, differing VAT rates etc are still dealt with by customs. So, perhaps HMG can now honour the referendum decision and LEAVE, there was no mention of "a deal" on the ballot form, so they can forget it.
  9. Time for regular re-tests ?

    A psyche test included in the medical should sort them out !
  10. Time for regular re-tests ?

    Seems an 80 yo couple crashed into car whilst driving the wrong way, whilst towing a caravan, on a M/way, killing themselves and the 30 driver of the other car. Not the first time this has happened of course; so is it time for regular re-testing (including medicals) for all drivers ?
  11. Taxpayer milked again -

    The parading of wealth in a sea of austerity, is what sparks republican revolutions. These people would be wise to learn from history and tone it down to the levels of their Scandanavian cousins, before the peasants revolt.
  12. Brexit again -

    Well it appears the politicians have turned Brexit into a complete dog's dinner, with their Party and Remoaner antics. As I recall the referendum ballot form, the choice was to LEAVE or REMAIN, nothing on it about "a deal". Now, our weak kneed MPs are in a panic about a no deal Brexit, with some talking about cancelling article 50 and returning to the EU fold. But, as some EU Mandarins are now claiming, rightly imo; this would be treated as a new application, with the loss of our rebate and the possibility of a commitment to adopting the Euro; so even worse than before. The straw being grasped by the PM, to continue with membership of the customs union, denying any right to make seperate trade deals, still within the jurisdiction of the ECJ , would keep us in the EU in all but name, but without any political influence over it. So, time for the politicians to grow a pair, and prepare to crash out, with no deal, no payment and if necessary a hard border in Ireland.
  13. Brexit again -

    Often wondered why we transport meat on the hoof to France, only to have it returned as carcasses - thought we still had our own slaughter houses or is this some kind of vat scam ?
  14. Taxpayer milked again -

    Think you'll find it is - ask the football clubs.
  15. Brexit again -

    Not even during "the troubles" ?