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  1. We have a "Brexit fiasco" because our MPs decided to sabotage the will of the people in a referendum; which has clearly undermined our belief in our democracy - which the Russians appear to wish to exacerbate. Another hung Parliament would play into the Russian strategy.
  2. Why would the Russians want to help Labour win the Election ? The release of trade talk documents between the US and UK, gleaned by Russian cyber criminals and handed to Steptoe; should be a clue as to their motivation. They clearly wish to undermine political stability in the West by creating a shambles of Governance and a loss of confidence in Democracy - so it seems a Labour win would suit them.
  3. Just watched Jeff Taylor on Youtube: seems Steptoe's uncosted promise of compensation for the WASPI women; would be illegal under EU law. It contavenes an EU directive from 1978, which sought to bring equal rights to the age of retirement age for men&women. So yet another porkie from Jeremy, and a reminder of why we should leave the EU..
  4. What exactly do we want from our justice system ? Seems there are two sides to this argument - (a) that prison is a punishment for a crime and therefore should require the loss of one's freedom for the full sentence laid down by a Judge or (b) that locking people up without preparing them to rejoin society as a useful and contributing entity. just means returning criminals back into society. It would seem that option (a) would require more investment in the amount of prison space, while option (b) would require more investment in education, training and support services. So either way more tax-payer's money. Another option of course would be to reduce the number of people committing crimes in the first place, which suggests a massive cultural change in attitudes and respect for law and order, which is a question for society as whole and our educational and parenting skills. Following recent and ongoing events in London, it's clear that some crimes and some criminals don't warrant or don't respond to rehabilitation, thus strengthening the argument for "throwing away the key". As for lesser crimes, perhaps we should view prisons as re-education centres, even call it brainwashing if you like, with the objective of turning out reformed characters. The Jury is still out.
  5. PC used to stand for Police Constable, with recruitment and promotion based on merit; we've now switched to a box ticking exercise and wonder why standards are slipping.
  6. Nice to see they've tried to keep the architectural style in keeping with the previous town scape; makes a change from the usual lego boxes.
  7. Seems the son of Labour's Dianne Abbot was arrested for allegedly "biting" a police officer on the day of the London Bridge Incident ! This public School and University educated son of a "Socialist" politician was involved in an altercation outside the Foreign Office, where he used to work. The Telegraph picked up the story and asked Dianne for a comment, following which they received lawyers letters allegedly attempting to suppress the story. However, the rest of the media seem to have avoided this story - wonder why ?
  8. But they can only be voted for by the Scots or Welsh, so imo should be restricted to Regional TV. As for the number of Scottish seats, I think the Boundary Commission need to review them. 5 million Scots delivering over 40 MPs, when 4 million UKIP voters delivered none, can't be fair.
  9. Well, judging from a Guardian report - folk only see what they want to see - so changes no one's opinion.
  10. From what I've seen, they are a vacuum of ideas and stockings full of bribes, leaving a choice of the least worst of the bunch. Aside from the reality that this is, whether we like it or not, a Brexit election, to finally get a definitive decision on the Referendum result, all the other panoply of issues are for the next G/Election, once Brexit is sorted. But one question I have, is why are the Scots and Welsh Nationalists included in the line up, cos the Irish Parties aren't. By all means they should be allowed on their Regional TV progs, but I fail to see what relevance they have outside their own Nations ?
  11. We could repair Offa's dyke ! 😉
  12. Can we expect a ban on beer and beans ? !
  13. There's a presumption in all this hysteria over "the climate emergency", that when faced with increased costs, either directly through home energy schemes or through increased taxation; the Plebs will conform to such impositions on their daily lives. The ownership and use of the car is a classic example; folk simply will not be separated from their current lifestyle and will vote against adverse imposition; just stand outside any school and watch the cars arrive to drop off the kids, with engines running and some Mums still in their PJs; or the non-take up house insulation offers or smart meters.
  14. Islington eh ? ! 😉 An illustration of the way in which Labour operates from an elite middle class base in London, to venture into the realm of those dark satanic mills, in order to farm the votes of the Prols. And they wonder why they no longer resonate with the aspirations of working class voters. Seems the only choice for Leave voters is to vote for Nigel or hold their noses and vote Boris.
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