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  1. Agree - the one Country in Europe that seems to have avoided the second spike is Finland, which they put down to a cultural preference for maintaining social distance. We on the other hand will be hugging and kissing for five days over Xmas; thus taking us back to square one. 😷
  2. I methodically maintain my distance from others, however that doesn't stop them coming closer to you - this then requires a comment to them, which works with some, but not with the absolute planks, who don't even seem to know what your talking about. And I'm not "complaining on here", I'm merely sharing my observations based on experience. 😷
  3. Errm nope - I don't go shopping everyday, just food for the week; and just expect other people to maintain 2m distance. The stupidity will be endless, as long as we keep relaxing and ignoring the scientific advice. 😷
  4. Looks like BoJo is going to relax covid restrictions over Xmas - so we can expect another spike in infections in the new year - the stupidity is endless. 😠
  5. As I said Asp; it's not S/Mkt, it's the idiots who walk round aimlessly - I spent 15 minutes in the market, dodging 2m away from folk, who just kept coming. These idiots are probably gagging for a family hugging Xmas - then we'll be back to square one. 😷
  6. There was an idea from yonks ago; that cars could source their power from under road cables, electro-magnetic or something ?
  7. News page on Yahoo; it was a report, which I guess with all the other conflicting reports, amounts to fake news. 😷
  8. A Tessler EV travelling at 100mph, crashed in the US; casting it's fuel cell batteries over a wide area, causing fires in neighbouring properties.
  9. Seems, if you believe the data; that the highest risk of covid transmission occurs in the Super Market. Whilst being the only place of public assembly throughout the pandemic and the laxed spacial discipline of most shoppers, this shouldn't be a surprise. The fact that Finland, with a culture of social distancing has avoided the second wave of covid, should tell us something; but whether that message gets through to the shoppers who walk aimlessly around, bumping into others, is doubtful. 😷
  10. One things for sure - this is a vote loser. 😉
  11. Think Labour has played to the Muslim vote for some time now - such is the nature of politics.
  12. Will EV's be affordable to the great unwashed ? I won't be around, but I'm guessing folk will hang on to their petrol/diesel cars, and keep repairing/maintaining them as long as possible.
  13. Whilst I can see some aspects of the green agenda making some sense, if it means less carbon impact on our environment; I'm not convinced of the logic being applied to certain initiatives. As a general point, it would make sense, if increased energy use is the cause; that we invest in schemes that reduce such energy use - EG: the provision of better insulated homes, that would reduce heating requirements and reduce costs to the consumer. Then we've got the issue of fossil fuels, which has prompted the proposed ban on petrol and diesel cars by 2030, but no mention of the carbon footprint
  14. With the Labour Party tying itself in knots over the anti-semitism issue, I think it's time we had some rational thought about what actually reflects an "ism". As I understand it, a Semite is a member of a common language and sub-racial grouping in the area of Palastine, which includes both Arabs and Jews. Jews are a religious sect, NOT a race; so any criticism of Jews can't be "racist", or even "anti-semitic" . We've finished up in our society with woke liberals using the term "racist" incorrectly as a shout down to any view contrary to their own, to the point where any debate is shut
  15. Correct - Independence has trumped everything by the SNP, leading to neglect of all other governance issues - poverty is now a major problem. The idea that they can go it alone is a total fiction and I'm surprised the Jocks are falling for it, or perhaps not surprised that it's support comes from youngsters. It's worth remembering that the reason they joined the Union in the first place was because they were broke. 😉
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