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  1. Looking bad for Boris, if he's gone into ICU - sure we all wish him well 😷
  2. Seems that they have recruited Brits, from those made jobless by the virus; just hope they can stick it . 😷
  3. 😄 The American dream Tex; like heaven, was invented so the poor would tolerate their poverty on earth - 20% in the richest Nation on Earth. 😉
  4. Just on the Banks, I recall you arguing that they shouldn't be bailed out at the time ? 😉 Of course they pay higher taxes, and so they should, perhaps not high enough though, although I do accept there is a law of diminishing returns. But we've been brainwashed with the Reganomic theory of "trickle down", that argues that the rich spend their money thus creating demand in the economy. However if more people had adequate income, more spending would occur, thus a lot more demand in the economy.. after all the rich can only eat one meal at a time or drive one car at a time ! There will be a lot of thinking to be done after this crisis is over and food for a political debate. 😷
  5. Actually, I don't disagree with most of your missive, and I recall the incident of the note being left at the Treasury by the Labour Minister, that we we're broke. My point wasn't about the issue of balancing the books and trying for debt reduction, it was about who paid for it. Certainly not those responsible for the crash, the banks got baled out by the Plebs, in wage freezes, benefit reductions or taxation. 😷
  6. Now who said they don't - bit of desperate sarcasm creeping in there Asp You may remember the 2008 crash, when George Osborne told us "we were all in it together" then went on to ravage our public services and it's workforce , as well as the poorest in our society with ten years of austerity. Not one of the casino bankers or stock exchange gamblers was ever held to account. Now I doubt the people will be inclined to accept that scenario again. 😷
  7. No need to dictate wage rates - just tax them. I would think the Master of a Vessel is quite important for our economy, much more important than kicking a ball round a field for 90 minutes. This event is bigger than the 2008 crash, and someone will have to pay for it, the logical solution is for those with the broadest backs carry the heaviest load. 😷
  8. We depend on essential workers at all times; it merely dawns on us in a crisis. Give people a list of professions and ask them who is worth more to them; I really can't imagine footballers etc even being considered; but alas in our current society they can earn more in a week than most earn in a year - can't be right can it? 😷
  9. Think your confusing the "metropolitan elite" with socialists Dave: old Labour Socialists were elected in 1945 on a really left wing manifesto; which promised, and delivered the NHS, social housing etc - basics. A generation returned from a war with a clear intent to vote for a land fit for heroes, not return to the old ways of doing things. These modern pretenders are just woke snowflakes, with PC notions of identity politics that don't address fundementals. We've all had a practical lesson with this pandemic as to who and what are really important in our society, it's now for those who've realised this to act accordingly in future, and if Labour aren't prepared to do it, perhaps Nigel's lot will.. 😷
  10. Ironically, Starmer will probably move them to the right, when the public mood will be moving to the left, as a result of the collective experience of the Covid 19 crisis. The issue of "a fair society", in which those essential to it are valued above those that currently monopolies wealth on the basis of market forces; will feature as the main political debate. Mind you, folk can be fickle; so the clapping for NHS workers may be just a momentary fad, and life will return to the previous norm; where obscene levels of payment goes to footballers, pop and film stars, fashion models and other so-called celebs; who are non essential to a civilised society, that will face such challenges again in the future. 😷
  11. Seems Boris is under pressure from some quarters to let up on the lockdown policy and return to the herd immunity gamble. After all, I guess sitting on your sofa all day, watching TV can bring as much stress as the war generation suffered under German bombing. So, let everyone out to spread and catch the virus and take the hit in deaths, the fact it would swamp the NHS and kill many of it's staff, is of no concern to these idiots. 😷
  12. So Labour has elected Starmer as their new Leader, the same guy who arguably lost them the election with his pro-Remain stance.
  13. With Spain and Italy suffering the ravages of the virus, and facing the prospect of economic collapse; their appeals for financial support from their northern neighbours seems to have hit deaf ears, as each Country looks to it's own interests first. Meanwhile, the EU tells the E/Europeans, that their refusal to take a share of the immigrants unilaterally invited in by Merkel, is illegal. In other words, not doing what we tell you, is illegal. Hungexit next ?! 😉😉
  14. A farmer interviewed on TV news, was asked why he can't employ British workers; he said that they "lacked the necessary skills set" - to pick fruit ! 😉
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