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  1. Observer II

    Gang of seven -

    Correct Dave; but it's the nature of the beast: they arrogantly believe they know what's best for us, as has been the case since Parliament evolved. During the civil war, Lord Manchester et al , were prepared to offer concessions to King Charles; despite the victories of the Army, made up of common soldiers who didn't even have a vote. Cromwell's scathing rebuke to them, when he called in Col Pride to turf them out, is still applicable today.
  2. Observer II

    Gang of seven -

    Now three Tories have joined them - stuck in the middle of nowhere !
  3. Observer II

    Insulin ?

    The Yanks had a zero tariff at Pearl Harbour 7th Dec 1941 !
  4. Observer II

    Gang of seven -

    Nice to see your still on duty Asp. 😉
  5. Observer II

    Can you qualify?

    Think we're way past the point of no return now Tex; historical revisionism is now the norm; and encouraged by the BBC.
  6. Observer II

    Insulin ?

    If foreign manufacturers want to injure their exports and threaten their own workforce, why should we worry ?
  7. Observer II

    Insulin ?

    Porche are saying their cars will cost 10% more post-Brexit; not that many can afford them anyway, but I presume Porche realise they'll be selling less cars into the UK, thus taking a dip in profits.
  8. Observer II

    Gang of seven -

    😄 If only Sid, but the problem is; they won't chance a bi-election, so they remain MPs, and continue do their own thing, regardless of the view of their constituents.
  9. Observer II

    Gang of seven -

    See a gang of seven Remoaner Prima- Donnas has left the Labour Party, citing Labour's Brexit position and institutionalised anti-semitism as the reason. Well, I'm not sure Labour has a cohesive policy on Brexit, other than to honour the result of the referendum, which these Remoaners are trying to undermine, and it would seem that anti-semitism is being confused for anti-Israeli sentiments, and a cloak for left v right splits in the Party. Perhaps these arrogant careerists will now stand for re-election thus giving "the people" an opportunity to vote for their stance or otherwise ?
  10. Observer II

    Should she be "rescued"

    No doubt she will be given a really good talking to, and spend time on the naughty step; while her ISIS mates think up some mass killing sprees in the UK.
  11. Observer II

    Insulin ?

    Looks like Donald wants to slam a 25% tariff on imported cars, including those from the EU. 😎
  12. Observer II

    White Goods Removal

    Thought the whole point in collecting fridge-freezers, was so they could be properly decommissioned, so that hole in the ozone layer can be closed ?
  13. Observer II

    A breath of fresh air ?

    No doubt their tree hugging snowflake teachers. As an aside; had a report just the other day from a relative. Seems they were called into school about their kids behaviour, of which, the teachers had been complaining. His crime ? - asking too many questions ! 🙄
  14. Observer II

    Should she be "rescued"

    In this instance Dave, I'm happy for the UK to sub-contract to the Yanks; and while they're at it, they can have the rest they've got on these phoney PREVENT programmes.
  15. Observer II

    A breath of fresh air ?

    One has to laugh at the thought of all these striking school kids, complaining about enviromental pollution, stood outside school, breathing in those car fumes from Mom's car ! 😉