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  1. 😄 Folk dying without a cuddle - Utter tripe. 😷
  2. Seems Covidiots are fuelling the continued spikes in infections - a Bolton man returned from holiday but refused to self isolate for 14 days, instead he went on a pub crawl and infected his mates. Looking at the queues waiting for "tests", there is no social distancing, so if any idiots have got it, they make sure the rest get it too. 😷
  3. Well, the woke liberal lawyers are pulling every stroke in the book to keep these migrants in the UK, using HR legislation; they "saved" three the other day, claiming mental ill health. Thus loading the NHS and the taxpayer with a continuing burden. BoJo may be busy with Covid and Brexit, but he should be repealing all HR law, including the ECHR being abused by liberal lawyers, and include a ban on their use of legal aid. 😠
  4. You may have Sid, cos Nigel's been out there for weeks. Seems the HO are finally getting with it, 10 migrants that landed on an Essex beach have been IMMEDIATELY deported to France and Germany. Complaints from the snowflakes about the risks of Corvid virus in sending them back, doesn't seem to apply to the risks of them arriving it seems. 😠 😷
  5. You don't need to tell me Sid, tell the deniers. 😷
  6. NHS Hospitals have been told to clear the decks within two weeks for the expected spike in cases - so ground hog day folks. 😷
  7. - it's their nature. Chris Grayling, the guy who fouled up the Brexit Ferry deal, has just got a part timer with a Ferry Company, at £100k pa for a 7hr week. The covid rule of six doesn't apply to game shooting either. 😠
  8. Doubt the woke BBC would report it anyway. Apparently Nigel was on the same boat, but again, doubt they'll quote him. The French have no shame, they proved it in 1940. 😠
  9. A Telegraph Reporter witnessed a French Naval Vessel shepherding a migrant boat into British territorial waters - instead of "rescuing" them and returning them to France. 😠
  10. With over 6,000 migrants arriving this year, seems it's becoming expensive to the tax-payer to house them in hotels; so the latest move is to house them in ex-Army Barracks while their asylum claims (take years) to sort out, again at tax-payer's expense in legal aid. With the vast majority of these claims being spurious, as the main motivation of these people is economic migration - a better life; surely HMG needs to change the law to allow for a 48hr decision making process by UKBF, thus allowing for their rapid deportation and a huge saving to tax=payers. 😠
  11. Seems Hollywood now has diversity calculator for movie awards, so that films with all white casts, like "Dunkirk" and "1917" will not be included in the awards ceremony. So I guess we'll see even less historical accuracy from dream land. 😠
  12. Kim Jon Un has the solution, N/Korean border guards are shooting anyone crossing the borders. 😷💀
  13. Just had my flu vax at the Chemist, hopefully covers that base. Pneumonia is the consequence of infection, be it flu or covid, lungs fill with fluid and excludes oxygen. The latest take on masks, is that they can limit the dose of the virus taken in, thus allowing for anti-bodies to build. 😷
  14. 11 Syrians deported from the UK to Spain, have now made their way back to Calais, and are no doubt looking for a rubber boat. 😠
  15. At sixes and sevens - scientists are now saying, what seems fairly obvious to anyone with common sense, there is no scientific rationale behind six as a limit to meeting people at home. The inescapable fact is, that this virus is spread from one to one human contact, which means everyone remains isolated from each other, as far as possible, although family bubbles will inevitably exist. Another example of the triumph of hope over reality by HMG. 😷
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