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  1. Seems to be the current buzz word, with improved transport infrastructure linking the "left behind" areas of the Country with areas of opportunity. So things like Flybe and HS2 would appear essential to economic growth and prosperity. However, that seems to clash directly with environmental concerns and a carbon neutral future. So it seems we can have clean air and reduced carbon emissions, but at the expense of continuing poverty. No wonder the Millenials appear to be a suicide generation.
  2. The term "level playing field" will be the EU theme for negotiation, meaning that if our current alignment with EU rules is maintained, it will mean frictionless trade could continue; whilst any departure would mean tariffs. Sorry M.Barnier but we voted to leave, not for BRINO , so I guess we'll take the friction in return for the freedom; and given we import more from you than we export to you, any tariffs will be reciprocated, no doubt upsetting your farmers and car workers. As for your putting a marker down on access to our fishing grounds, no way, and hopefully the RN will make sure you stay out. It seems the EU now wants to have the cake and eat it, so it's looking like "no deal" if Boris sticks to his guns.
  3. Before we celebrate Independence Day on 1st Feb 2020; we still have 11 months of "negotiation" to wade through, with the EU trying every which way to cause delay and presumably continue getting our money. Seems they also want access to our fishing grounds and are threatening to prevent our access to their financial market if they don't get it. So Boris still has to "get it done".
  4. Another one off the bucket list then.
  5. If toxic MM wants to become "private", they can hire private security - like most celebs.
  6. So, should we continue paying for the security of H & MM ?
  7. What the SNP appear to want, like the Remoaners in England, is a Neverendum; continued until they get the decision they want. The evidence suggests they can't even manage the devolved powers they already have, with Education and Health taking a dive under their stewardship. Whilst in principle, the idea of devolution was good imo; providing a structure for the dispersal of funding support throughout the UK; which should have included the English Regions and countered the poverty the North and Midlands; sadly Prescott didn't impose that option, leaving it to be hijacked by Nationalists. Yorkshire for example has a larger population than Scotland.
  8. It was changed to the Barnett Formula, where they get paid by the English taxpayers ! 😉
  9. Having seen the light at the end of the tunnel on Brexit, we now have the constant drone of the SNP over Independence. Quite rightly, the Gov insist that the matter was decided by a "once in a generation" referendum in 2014, which voted to remain in the UK. But, Mz Krankie, instead of getting down to tackle the job of devolved political management, which isn't going too well; has returned to her one trick pony of independence. They conflate the idea of elections and referendums with democracy, to the point where they could argue for regular referendums, no doubt to the point where they get the answer they want, bit like their remainer chums in England. They should look at their own history, in which THEIR Parliament agreed to the Union with England, basically because they were bankrupt - no doubt, if they did get independence, this would be repeated in due course, when English subsidies dried up.
  10. Apparently better than N/Ireland then !
  11. The first female darts champion beat "a man" - perhaps it was because she was a better darts player - after all, it's not exactly arm wrestling is it.
  12. Think it's the same over here Stall; believe Gina Miller is funded by Soros too. But how stupid can these snowflakes get; the day after a convincing victory for Boris, they are opposing him in the streets; seems they are the real fascists, with no respect for democracy, it's all about me,me,me.
  13. The latest protest by these middle class, entitled millenials , was to protest at the election of BoJo as PM - 🙄
  14. Seems over 40% of GPs are only working part time - and we wonder why we can't get an appointment.
  15. He was outside Parliament again, last night, for a final bow.
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