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  1. As I said, he isn't a Washington swamp dweller; unlike the Republican elite like Bush, who are now conspiring to replace him. 😉
  2. Or unfortunately, as the case may be ! 😉
  3. There's a thirst out there, in these testing times, for firm and competant Governance.
  4. Don't think they have much of a choice, but at least Donald isn't a swamp creature.
  5. Seems a recent poll has discovered that MPs opinion still doesn't match with the majority of public opinion. MPs, regardless of Party, tend to be more socially liberal than their Constituents, regardless of Party. This saw the collapse of Labour's "red wall" in the North at the last Election, but this correction is far from complete. The nonsense of BLM, LGBT wokeism, the failure to get a grip of illegal migration are still not being addressed by politicians, to the satisfaction of the electorate outside London. So clearly, there's a message for Boris in this; and it's not just about social conservativism, it's also about economic liberalism, with the demand that wealth be levelled up outside the London bubble. So will BoJo seize the opportunity ?
  6. At least you have the second ammendment Stall ! 😉
  7. Certainly is Asp; and the excuses and mixed messages being thrown in by various factions , increases as each fresh event evolves. EG: On why Leicester has been hit with a surge in cases. Although there is still inadequate and a lack of cooperation with testing, testing is being blamed for exposing an increase in cases. Then the usual suspects put it down to poverty and crowded living conditions, rather than ignorance of the scientific advice. But the classic for me, was the BAME excuse, that ethnic groups weren't informed in their own language; excuse me, but we all live in the UK, where the official language is English - get real or get out. Now, as if to take the rug from under the whole scenario; China has announced that it's identified a new "swine flu" that can transfer to humans, with the same contagion features as Corvid. So why isn't China being isolated by the international community, until it gives transparent information and starts to tackle the cultural causes, and why isn't the UK banning all traffic from China ? These viruses have to be isolated and contained as early as possible, if this saga isn't going to go on and on. 😷
  8. Let's be honest Dave; no one's going to be "completely honest"; it's called expediency, which tends to emerge when money is concerned. That's why we've suddenly gone from 2m to 1m, cos we can't fit the customers into restaurants unless we reduce to 1m; but that goes completely out of the window too, when they want to fit them into an aircraft. It's like watching a car crash in slow motion; and pay back will occur (imo) around October when the second wave arrives big time. 😷
  9. With all the lemmings packing their suitcases ready for their Spanish Hols; over 100 virus cases have been reported around Malaga; they may as well visit Leicester ! 😷
  10. I watched that Dave, finished up swearing at the TV - two of our BAME mates, bemoaning their lack of access to the countryside, as if (like everything else), it was the fault of the whites. If they want to venture into the countryside, instead of rioting in the inner city, no one's stopping them - so self inflicted exclusion, to blame whitey for. As for the US, even Abe is out of favour now, they're after one of his statues in Washington, the guy who freed them from slavery. As for the Dems, I believe they originated in Dixie, and seem to have forgotten their roots. 😠
  11. So, based on the example of the Burnley guy, she should now be sacked. These BLM people must have hard lives, struggling with that huge chip on their shoulder. 😠
  12. As I predicted, the lemmings were flocking to the beaches today - literally toe to toe with each other - so I guess we can count on a second wave. 😷
  13. Looks like some more of our national heroes will have to forfeit their place in history - Francis Drake and John Hawkings heroes of the fight to save England from the Spanish Armada; were involved in the earliest slave trading, financed by Elizabeth I; so I guess the "Virgin Queen" will lose her place in history too.
  14. The problem is Tex; that most organs of the State that we rely on for law and order, have been penetrated by these PC liberals. cultivated by our woke universities; hence the nonsense of cops "giving the knee" and Seattle Precincts being abandoned. This means that ultimately we will get anarchy, in which folk will have to choose which tribe they support. The Burnley guy who hired the WLM stunt has been sacked from his job; just hope he sues his employers. 😠
  15. Gets dafter by the day, seems they are considering changing the name of Fort Bragg, because Braxton Bragg was a slave owner. Looks like they'll have to change the name of their capital city then, as Washington was a slave owner too.
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