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  1. Observer II

    Super glue -

    Pity Khan khan't. PS: Believe actress Emma Thompson has just taken a trans-atlantic flight to join the protest; leaving a huge carbon footprint behind her; which tends to sum up the hypocracy of these middle-class snowflakes. 😉
  2. Observer II

    Super glue -

    I have to wonder where all these protesting "eco-warriors" work, when trying to stop everyone else getting to work ?
  3. Observer II

    Super glue -

    Seems the latest trend in protests is to super glue yourself to an immovable object, but surely, if the coppers pull hard enough, they'll get the idiot protesters and just leave a layer of skin behind ?
  4. Observer II

    Time for a change ?

    BREXIT Party ahead in the polls on 27% ! 😉
  5. Observer II

    Holy Smoke -

    Seems accounts are saying an alarm did sound, a search (by whom, we don't yet know) revealed nothing; maybe the incense was masking the smell of smoke ! Then half an hour later, when an inferno developed, visible all around Paris, someone called the Fire Brigade. Doesn't sound right to me, but no doubt an Inquiry will reveal all.
  6. Observer II

    Holy Smoke -

    Fires in iconic buildings like Notre Dame, seem occur whenever renovation works are being carried out (EG York Minster and Windsor Castle), the increased fire loading with scaffolding etc and risk of accidents, provide the kindle for a much larger incident, if left unattended. So, why don't they employ fire security personel and CCTV, to spot a fire in the early stages, so that it can be extinguished before it damages the main building ?
  7. Observer II

    Should she be "rescued"

    Believe the HR lawyer they've engaged, was the same guy who represented Abu Quatada; which sort of puts it into context.
  8. Observer II

    Murder on our roads ?

    There is a huge gap in practise between "penalties" and actual sentencing; an example recently was of woman on her third conviction for drinking and driving, and the female Judge didn't give her jail time or a ban - wait for it - "because she was a woman". No need to make these up - you couldn't make it up if you tried.
  9. Observer II

    Murder on our roads ?

    Seems to be an increase in cases of head on collisions, due to idiots driving the wrong way down traffic lanes; either by oldies with scrabbled egg for brains or drugged or drunk nutters. The sad part tends to be, that the perpetrator tends to avoid death, whilst killing everyone else. Is it time for compulsory re-testing for all drivers, including a full medical ? And is it time that the nutters who kill with a vehicle were charged with murder - which, with our current judicial system may get them a good talking to, and time on the naughty step.
  10. Observer II

    State of the Nation ?

    Called into the Co-op the other day, to witness two kids, rifling the sweets from shelves, watched by their obese parents, who didn't issue one word of chastisement - no doubt they'll grow up to expect everything and anything they want, when they want it .
  11. Observer II

    Brexit dictionary

    I'll keep it short, cos we're clearly not going to agree: "absolute victory" is clearly the only outcome of a binary choice - it's either one or the other. That was the majority view in the referendum, backed up by the Tory manifesto which spelled out the objective - to leave the single market, leave the customs union and leave the ECoJ. It's ironic, that all that was required of politicians was to do nothing up to and including 29th March or 12th April, and it would all be over - will of the people fulfilled.
  12. Observer II

    Brexit dictionary

    The "legal" backstop has been included in the WA (Treaty), presumably at the behest of Eire; which prevents a unilateral withdrawal from the customs union; thus tying us into the CU , and thus the EU. TM, or rather her Remoaner civil servants were out negotiated by the EU, because imo, their hearts were never really in the enterprise, plus we had a majority of Remoaner MPs in Parliament determined to sabotage any deal reached, in order to stop brexit; thus creating the political pantomime that's turned us into a laughing stock.
  13. Observer II

    Brexit dictionary

    I think it's safe to assume that our Remoaner majority of MPs will never allow us to leave the EU, with or without a deal. The only deal on offer from the EU, is the May deal (which ties us into the EU customs union indefinately). So I guess we can expect a revocation of article 50 over the Summer and a return to slavery, until 2020, when the Lisbon Treaty will effectively prevent anyone leaving the EU.
  14. Observer II

    Brexit dictionary

    Think they've done the political and financial maths Sid, unlike our Remoaner MPs; and worked out that the UK crashing out would see the EU crashing in. With most EU Countries on the verge of recession (Italy's already there), Spain with 30% youth unemployment, French farmers and German car workers on the dole; Ireland cast adrift and to rub salt in, a 20% budget deficit that they would have a battle royal to sort out; they need us to remain. So I guess, knowing the state of politics in Parliament and UK Gov, they've decided to give us plenty of lead in the hope that the will of the people will collapse through sheer exhaustion, and we'll all give in and call the whole thing off. The perfect solution for them, would be some kind of Norway model, where we still pay, but have no say (the Labour solution). Afraid, unlike 1940, this hasn't been our finest hour.
  15. Observer II

    Brexit dictionary

    "Extension" - kick the can down the road, but with no way of agreeing anything.