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  1. Soft rubber baseball bats ?!
  2. Had to laugh Dave; the young girl from Glasgow asked about climate change, and BoJo lied with a smirk, the enviroment is front and centre of my policies. Gove went into classic deflect mode, when asked about islamaphobia, and blamed Corbyn for anti-semitism in Labour. Then we had the woman worried about her husband losing his job if we have a no deal Brexit; and none of the panel had the nerve to say, it's not all about you love, it's about a moral commitment to 17.4 million people voting to LEAVE the EU. So a load of irrelevant pledges and promises, to an audience that has no vote, supplied by a media trying to boost it's ratings with a Presidential style election, that isn't. PS. and now they're accusing Abdullah of anti-semitism ! 😉😑
  3. It's about "hurtful" stereotypes - like the girl who walked into the path of a cyclist, as she crossed a road with her head in a mobile phone - game, set and match you might say, but no. A female judge found in her favour and awarded her damages; thus giving two stereotypical gender examples ! 😑
  4. No doubt they harbour some nostalgia for the red flag; but they aren't in control of Liebour as no doubt, we'll discover in due course. If your afraid of a G/Election, tell your Remoaner MPs to belt up and support Brexit, even with a no deal.
  5. If you believe the Labour Party is remotely "communist", rather than a refuge for Remoaning liberals - best tell the Remoaner Tory MPs not to vote down a no deal Brexit. 😉
  6. Whoever gets elected doesn't change the Parliamentary arithmetic - the Remoaner majority won't allow a no deal Brexit and will vote down any Leader that tries it, in a vote of no confidence; which will lead to a G/Election and the opportunity to clean out Parliament one way or another; or perhaps take us back to square one !
  7. Not just adverts - seems you libs have hit a fork in the road - who will you choose - the Muslims who are offended by PC indoctrination in Primary Schools or the LGBT brigade who want to inflict it - wonder who has the most votes ? ! 😉
  8. I find it offensive - OK ! 😆
  9. So, because majority public attitudes don't conform to the "progressive" dictates; things have to be banned - not enlightened at all.
  10. All lightweights - mind you Parliament's now full of them.
  11. Perhaps they could stick to the Freddy Mercury clip - I suppose trannies are gender neutral - neither one thing or the other. 😉
  12. As long as he gets us out by the 31st Oct - but that could be a lie 😉 btw, we don't have a vote in this.
  13. What's quite absurd about this "election", is that it's taken on the style of some kind of Presidential process, when, as we've seen from the previous PM, they are at the mercy of Parliament.
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