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  1. But why doesn't anybody call them out on what is clearly a lie ?
  2. Edward VIII & Mrs Simpson, seemed have retired into relative obscurity - so why not H & MM ? The problem is imo, MM seeks the flame of fame, then complains when she gets burnt.
  3. Seems the UK currently have better "worker's rights" than the EU, and thus not dependent on membership of the EU. So a red herring hatched by Labour as a Remoaner excuse for opposition to Brexit. If employment standards and environmental standards become matters for our domestic Parliament in any case, this issue will be governed by domestic election results.
  4. It all depends how votes are split or not; if Boris teams up with Nigel, should be a landslide.
  5. Not bothered, as long as he gets us out by Haloween, preferably without a deal.
  6. Yes Bill, but there's nothing to stop him leaving it.
  7. Sure we've all noted the provision of CCTV on our smart M/ways, with number plate recognition technology, to ID speedsters ? Well it seems this milk cow doesn't work on foreign cars, as it can't trace "foreign" number plates - you've just got to laugh !
  8. H and Meghan seem to be stressed out with Royal duties - perhaps they should pack it in and get proper jobs ?
  9. Looks like the EU will offer another extension - so more of our taxes into their coffers, thanks to Remoaner antics.
  10. Seems Bercow agrees, so has now blocked a vote on the deal - Parliament is now clearly the enemy of the people and has sat too long for what it can do - G/Election ASAP.
  11. They've been doing it for years years Sid - the IRA Party.
  12. Thus providing an incentive for the EU to keep giving us extensions.
  13. Sid, one Labour MP is asking for additional child care expenses for working on a Saturday; as if £79K pa doesn't cover it. It's the same idiot who left a note in his Treasury Office, saying they'd spent all the money, when the Tories took over. If ever there was a case for a G/Election to clear this filth from Parliament - it's now. The antics of these Remoaners in delaying Brexit, must be costing £millions, in prolonging our membership fees to the EU and the economic disruption caused by the continued uncertainty.
  14. IYO - Brexit In Name Only isn't Brexit.
  15. As the architect of Brexit, Nigel has more knowledge and experience of the EU than any other politician - so I'll believe him rather than MPs trying to abort it.
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