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  1. cheeky French Bs -

    Think that's the point, the French and indeed the EU are not honouring the EU Dublin Treaty, which requires border States to prevent illegal entry into the Shengen Area. They've allowed these migrants to roam around their country for years, without any attempt to arrest and deport them. Those that do get through get similar soft treatment in the UK, resulting over a million in our midst. The majority are clearly economic migrants chasing a "better life"; whilst we can't blame them for trying, we can, if there was a grain of political will, ensure they fail and return to advise others not to try.
  2. cheeky French Bs -

    Seems M Macron has milked another £44million out of the UK Gov, to add to previous £millions being spent on security fencing and cameras, in and around Calais. Then to add insult to injury, asks that we take some of the illegal migrants dossing around France, having thrown in a sweetener that he will loan us the Bayeaux Tapestry. Whilst we may have a Parliament full of liberal bleeding hearts, isn't it time we had a Gov with some common sense ? The French have allowed illegal migrants to enter France and roam all the way to Calais, previously building camps; so why aren't they rounding up these "illegal" migrants and deporting them back to their country of origin ? Why isn't HMG doing the same with those that slip through the net into the UK ? HMG are responsible for protecting the territorial integrity of the UK, that's why we have an Army and Navy; but they've totally failed to defend our borders against this invasion for decades.
  3. Carrillion ?

  4. Carrillion ?

    Forgive my ignorance, but is it usual to award contracts to a huge corporation, that apparently claims expertise in a multiplicity of areas, from building Hospitals, transport infrastructure to delivering school meals ? Would it be true to suggest that such a huge organisation, would merely be a corporate tenderer for HMG contracts, that are then sub-contracted out to smaller firms ? In which case. would it be preferable for HMG to have a National(ised) Building Organisation, that would tackle such contracts and employ relevant sub-contactors in the first place ?
  5. cheeky French Bs -

    It's only because the French haven't got the gonads to round them up and deport them; if they did, we wouldn't need that level of security in the first place. Speaks volumes for the fate of the UK (according to the Remoaners), that Brexit will turn us into a third world economy; that every migrant and his dog is heading for the UK - they seem to have more confidence in our future than they do. .
  6. Carrillion ?

    Well we've already been invaded, so I guess they're redundant.
  7. Carrillion ?

    Listening to the Party political point scoring in Parliament, you could be forgiven for thinking that only the Tories are to blame for this mess; but the reality is it all began under Labour, with a third of such contracts issued by the Bliar/Brown regime, followed by another third under the Cameron/Clegg regime and the final third by the present Tory Gov. So instead of the pots calling the kettles, it may be preferable if they got together and came up with solutions for the future.
  8. NHS again -

    Not just farmers Dave, but the UK probably has tighter rules on antibiotics than most; they've been abused and mis-used to the point where the super-bugs are winning; which would make most infections terminal.
  9. NHS again -

    The annual Winter crisis in the NHS gives the politicians the opportunity to kick this political football around for Party benefit, but offers nothing to resolve problems. But the fact that the NHS is used as a political football, with political interference and cosmetic changes, tell us that the whole problem needs to be taken out of the hands of politicians and placed in the hands of professional medicos, and funded by NI and a National lottery ? Does it also tell us, that superficial administrators, Trust Boards and inflated salaries need to be curtailed ? Is it time we had a national conversation about what exactly we expect from the NHS; is it a primary life saving organisation or something that caters for want, such as gender re-assignment, IVF etc ? Should we be ensuring that adequate indigenous staff are provided through free training schemes ? And finally, is it time to bite the bullet on the issue of social care and make adequate provision for the elderly to avoid bed blocking ?
  10. NHS again -

    ... and we're going to need it Latch; if we drift into a post-antibiotic era.
  11. NHS again -

    On the plus side, the skill and dedication of the NHS workforce appears to be generally exemplary; as shown in the BBC documentary about surgical procedures.
  12. Carrillion ?

    So basically, we're back to the issue of the Public Sector Borrowing Requirement; which Brown quoted when he off loaded Council Housing to Housing Corporations. Might mean a lot to an accountant, but very little to the now homeless, the work force or the tax-payer who picks up the tab for the adventures of these private sector cowboys. Nationalisation isn't a Socialist construct per say; during WW1 Lloyd- George basically nationalised the war effort in order to out produce the enemy in weapons of destruction - needs must etc. It seems either way, the tax-payer ultimately picks up the tab, so let's pick the option that provides a satisfactory and less precarious end result.
  13. No deal Brexit -

    According to one report, the cost to the EU of a "no deal" Brexit, would be around £500billion. So, if true, a clear incentive for them to stop faffing around and for our negotiators to start calling the shots.
  14. No deal Brexit -

    The Remoaner media are expressing concern that the PM may appoint a Minister for a "No deal scenario". Sounds like common sense to me, boy scouts motto - "be prepared" etc. Maybe then, the EU will stop messing us around and get real about a mutually acceptable deal.
  15. Plastic problem ?

    It merely demonstrates just how long this careless waste disposal has been going on, they've found islands of floating plastics in remote areas of Ocean, at the bottom of the Ocean etc. Albatross returning to their young, with a stomach full of plastics. Some breaks down into micro beads, being consumed by creatures at the bottom of the food chain, which then makes it's way by predation, up the food chain - NB. we are ultimately top of the food chain - so nature is giving us back our waste as a poison. Whilst I'm no tree hugger, obsessing on climate change, the evidence in this case is clear and tangible; so we've all got to get a grip and quickly.
  16. Plastic problem ?

    The Gov has announced the eradication of our reliance on plastic in 25 years time; but should it take 25 years ? Surely a tax on plastics use, would encourage industry to use less in packaging, convert to re-usable glass bottles etc; and the target could be reached much more quickly ?
  17. NHS again -

    Anecdotal maybe, but on a recent visit to a Hospital ward, I counted at least 30% who were elderly, and perhaps termed geriatric cases, thus taking up beds. Warrington has shown some initiative in the provision of half way provision like Padgate House, with medically supervised care for many elderly, prior to release to home care or care home. I would treat stats and figures with care, as there are damn lies and statistics !
  18. Plastic problem ?

    When a 25 yo crisp packet gets washed up on a beach by a storm, think we need to look for rapid use reduction.
  19. Doctor...........

    Did he discover the kos of the problem ?
  20. NHS again -

    It will never be enough Asp, unless limits of operation are established by a public conversation, providing a mission statement of precisely what is expected of it. For a start, it supposed to be a "national" health service, yet it is abused by health tourism. It depends on political funding whims, rather than a guaranteed ring fenced funding stream such as a separate NI tax and lottery. It has an expensive excess of non-clinical administration and management, and Trust boards formed by faceless and unelected leaches. It's own success in terms of new and expensive procedures, using ever more expensive technology just adds to demand, as well as catering for none essential cosmetic want, rather than need. Drug reliance and drug procurement is yet another expensive cost. It's necessary labour intensive nature adds to overall costs. But perhaps the biggest problem is the failure to integrate and fund a massive increase in social care need, which to-date has been the responsibility of under funded local authorities. So a huge challenge and a poisoned chalice for Jeremy Hunt; but the ball rests with the public, if you want a state of art NHS, everyone will have to pay more; and providing such payment goes directly into funding the NHS through hypothecated taxation or separate NI contributions for every adult (incl the elderly); perhaps boosted by a National lottery; we're going to suffer this regular political hand wringing and political point scoring, without solutions.
  21. NHS again -

    Think we have to thank political interference by a Labour Gov (Andy Burnham ) for the GPs mess; basically a pay rise for less hours and a reliance on suspect locums for out of hours services. The situation is now to get worse as many GPs are due to retire, so it raises the issue of recruitment and training. I agree, unless in cases of real emergency, the GP'S surgery should be the point of entry into the system, and GPs are the only medics to actually know their patients over years; which should place them in a position of overseeing their care throughout their treatment. The other example of political interference (from Labour) was PFI, which has left the NHS with massive debts and no hospital at the end of the contract period; so more myopia, intended to save political skins rather than develop a better service in the long term.
  22. Rubbish dumping ?

    Once upon a time Councils used to collect household rubbish for a small fee; then it started to increase. Enter the private sector, gangs who will take your rubbish for a relatively cheap fee and then fly tip it anywhere. Again, the law of unintended consequences in operation.
  23. No deal Brexit -

    At the end of the day it's every man (or country) for themselves; we've tended to take the rules seriously, others less so. EG: Merkel's unilateral invitation to a million illegal migrants to head for Germany; having been allowed into Greece contrary to the EU Dublin Convention.
  24. Aside from possibly damaging what brain exists, seems constant screen viewing is now damaging eye sight - producing a generation of bespectacled kids
  25. Presumed consent ?

    Sounds like a private insurance approach Baz; many just wouldn't be able to afford it. The solution is fairly simple: presumed consent allowing medics to use any bits that are usefull. The only stipulation should be; that those not wishing to give (by opting out); should be prevented from receiving (info kept on medical data base).