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  1. Thinking it through ?

    The adequacy or otherwise of enforcement should be part of the original concept; like many other ideas, they fail due to a lack of resources (EG - UKBF).
  2. Thinking it through ?

    When politicians think up a new policy, do they ever consider the probable consequences of their innovations ? First we have the example of the scrapping of the vehicle tax disc, which has evidently resulted in a tripling of tax evasion and the loss of £millions to the Treasury. Then we have the imposition of a tax on cheap alcoholic drinks by the Scottish Gov; surely a no brainer to assume the Jocks will start loading up in England or distilling their own illegally ?
  3. Thinking it through ?

    Seems we're heading out on a tangent with this one; the answer lies in the tax take, or rather lack of it. The new system has brought a three fold increase in evasion, so we can reasonably conclude that it is less fit for purpose than the old system.
  4. Thinking it through ?

    Well there's those traffic wardens for a start.
  5. Thinking it through ?

    Think they were relying on number plate recognition systems Asp; which don't appear to be working; the old fashioned human eye seems to be a surer way of displaying payment. Mind you, there's a question mark nowadays over who's paid for insurance or who even holds a licence.
  6. Travel ?

    Would you go to Iran, Egypt or N/Korea for a holiday ?
  7. Travel ?

    Stand corrected Con, but wasn't the "Shah" some time ago, prior to the current Theocracy ?
  8. Travel ?

    Seems HMG are preparing to pay Iran £450 million for the release of the Radcliffe woman, which suggests she was on more than a holiday.
  9. Travel ?

    Prefer being on board a ship Diz. I raised the issue due to the hoo-hah in Parliament over the Radcliffe woman. Now Boris may be a buffoon, but I'm guessing his mistake was repeating publicly what his civil servants had told him privately. The Iranians aren't on the best of terms with us at the moment, so will no doubt be paranoid about dual nationals importing western ideas into their country. The other one that's current, is the woman arrested for taking tramadol into Egypt for her Egyptian boyfriend; I wasn't aware Egyptians could get free prescriptions on the NHS.
  10. Firework Displays

    Anachronistic - attribution of a custom to a period it does not belong; out of harmony with the period. In this case, the burning of an effigy of a Catholic terrorist. H&S is a generator of paperwork (albeit necessary in some cases), and in volumes that may be considered as bumff. Gun salutes don't occur all year round, being reserved for official occasions under official and professional supervision. As any war is a place of exploding ordnance and loud bangs, it would seem an appropriate environment for lovers of loud bangs. Finally, I don't consider myself to be a fish in any pond, just offering a point of view, take it or leave it. .
  11. Travel ?

    Having relatives there, probably makes such a visit even more risky.
  12. Brexit's losers -

    And the latest is: that MPs will get to vote on the final Brexit deal, assuming there is one. So, if they vote against the deal, we leave without a deal, which could be better. With 27 other countries, plus the EU Parliament having to do the same, is it possible they'll actually agree a "deal" before time runs out ?
  13. Brexit's losers -

    According to an LSE study, there seems to be a direct correlation between those areas voting Leave or Remain, and their post-Brexit fortunes (if it ever happens). Remain voting areas will be worse off, while Leave areas will be less effected. Perhaps that's why they instinctively voted the way they did ?
  14. Firework Displays

    Sorry too Aga: but I too question this anachronistic fest, and if it's to be, then it needs to be carried out safely, hence the H&S bumff. Seems fireworks are now used on all sorts of occasions, so can be heard at any time of the year; whilst the visual aspects may be entertaining, I fail to understand the need for loud bangs, and would recommend fans holiday in Syria, where they will no doubt enjoy such noise.
  15. PC out of control ?

    ....... and now Prezzer's lad - like father like son ?
  16. PC out of control ?

    The Liebour Party has now suspended one of their MPs for "ist" comments made on line, 13 years ago. The new speak police have tracked him down and he will be held to account. With politics now plunging the depths of political correctness, what normal person would even entertain a political arena of such trivia ?
  17. Brexit's losers -

    Good summary Asp !
  18. Paradise Papers ?

    Look no further than the snowflakes Asp !
  19. Paradise Papers ?

    With the media getting themselves into a froth over the revelation that some very rich people, employ an army of lawyers, accountants etc; to ensure their investments are "tax efficient" ; we keep being reminded that tax avoidance is NOT illegal. If politicians produce legislation, that is so full of loop-holes, that avoiders can drive a coach and horse through it, and if National Governments compete to attract investment via tax reductions; they only have themselves to blame.
  20. Paradise Papers ?

    Like most "news" issues lately; the media are diving in with both feet; they've known about the off shore activities of large companies and individuals for decades, and so has HMG. As I remember it, the last review of tax policy was carried out using "experts" to produce the legislation. Then those same "experts", knowing every detail and potential loop-hole, went into the private sector to advise clients on tax avoidance, thus making their personal fortunes. It's another world !
  21. Paradise Papers ?

    Not sure this falls within the same bracket Asp. Traditionally, Councils were swimming in assets, owning most, if not all the land upon which Council Housing estates were built (unless this was transferred to Housing Associations?). Such asset strength placed them in a good position to borrow, if they were allowed (by HMG) to build more Council houses, which are clearly needed. The off shore aspect, is banking reserves in a tax efficient manner, in order to maximise returns.
  22. Paradise Papers ?

    The problem is, that individual Nations seek to attract investors with low tax rates, even within the EU (eg Ireland and Luxembourg); so unless global conformity can be achieved, economic competition between Nations will win. As Asp says, anyone investing in an ISA will have no control over how their money is handled, other than the knowledge that fund managers will endeavour to maximise their returns, including the term "tax efficient". Capital requires no passports or visa, and can be moved around the globe at the push of a button. As for the point scoring in Parliament, it appears some Labour local Councils are involved in increasing returns via "off shore" tax efficiency. So, no easy answers I'm afraid.
  23. MP's credentials - have they any?

    Who's been harassing who ?
  24. PC out of control ?

    Think we're plummeting the depths of infantile nonsense now Con, time to ignore it.
  25. PC out of control ?

    Off into the realms of nonsense I see, trying to find one cogent argument you've actually put up in defence of political correctness - there are none.