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  1. Red Flag !

    What I find amusing is their usual reference to "right wing", " populism", when I thought the essence of a democracy was for a political Party to be exactly that - "popular", in order to glean majority support. Or is it the case that we're the subjects of a liberal elite, that now monopolises the levers of power, including the BBC ?
  2. Local History ?

    Are there any history buffs out there who could enlighten us on the early history of the Town ? The Mersey Valley was subject to periodic flooding and no doubt formed a natural boundary for British (celtic) tribes, such as the Brigantes. I believe however, that there were fords, and whether "Latch"ford or "Or"ford have some meaning in this regard, I don't know. Seems the Romans had a crossing point in the vicinity of the Parish Church, built a corduroy road over marsh ground by the river (Wilderspool Causway) and had a factory site in that area. The Saxons may have used the River as their boundary with the Viking Dane-Law ? The Normans had a Motte and Bailey in the vicinity of the Parish Church, and I guess early settlement would have been in that area, as the first bridge at "bridge foot" wasn't built until the middle ages.
  3. Confused by the News ?

    Unfortunately, the majority of TV news has a liberal bias, with speculation on the outcomes of the negotiation being positively dystopian. Whilst I've no doubt the Gov is sincere in it's aspirations for "the best deal"; they are up against feint hearts in Parliament, who's sabotage could create the very result they fear - "no deal". However, despite a combative posture by the Brussels elite, in their effort to keep the 27 in line; I can't see French farmers or German car workers, tolerating losing one of their biggest markets through a tariff war. The Labour Party, are equally divided on the issue, as the Tories, but need to be carefull they don't take ownership for a bad result: IE voting down a deal that includes exiting the single market, the customs union and the ECJ, as this would not be forgiven by Leave voters in their constituencies.
  4. Confused by the News ?

    Just read a piece, stating that there was now an exodus of EU nationals from the UK; but on closer reading just under 200,000 had left, but in the same period over 250,000 had entered the UK, so a net in flow. The fact that net immigration into the UK still exceeds emigration must be taken as a post-Brexit vote of confidence in the UKs future, surely.
  5. Red Flag !

    Think, in true snowflake style, they'll get a load of credit cards, and as they max one out, they pay it off with another, and so on. !
  6. The KFC panic

    Think the fact that the Police have launched an appeal to stop folk calling them over this matter, says everything about KFCs customer base !
  7. What Happened to community police officers

    Spotted one in Marsh House Lane today: she was about 5ft tall and plump, and enforcing the law all on her own !
  8. Gun Law ?

    Don't disagree with that Asp; my comment was about the Yanks, rather than to them - as in any democracy, everyone has the right to vote for the policies they want. Alas, all too often, the politicians ignore the majority aspiration, as with Brexit.
  9. Red Flag !

    ... and the latest allegation is that Jeremy had meeting with a Communist Czech spy during the cold war period - birds of a feather etc. But what secrets a marginalised back-bench MP would be able to divulge, I don't know ! Think the Press may be in for a shock if he gets into No10.
  10. The Future ?

    I think the idea Dave, is eventually to morph humans into robots, sort of bionic man style. There is already a debate in the scientific community about the dangers of a reliance on AI, which will rely on pure logic, without emotion or empathy, and make decisions accordingly. The reason we're top of the food chain now, is through superior intelligence; if we invent entities with superior intelligence to ours, they would eventually treat us with contempt and begin to take over. I robot !
  11. Gun Law ?

    "Not our business" - suggest you tell the BBC etc, it's been all over the news, so I guess it's a legitimate issue for comment, this side of the pond.
  12. Gun Law ?

    Not really Asp: I'm fairly neutral on this actually, but I can't see the need for military grade automatic weapons at all.
  13. Gun Law ?

    The principle behind the founding fathers making the 2nd amendment, was that an armed populace would never suffer a dictatorship; but that was in the days of muzzle loading rifles. Whilst weapons have had their uses in "taming" the frontier and for hunting; I fail to see how military grade automatic weapons fit into this picture ?
  14. The Future ?

    A Dr Ian Pearson believes that anyone born after 1970, has the potential to live "forever"; due to advances in AI and bio-technology. Whilst I don't disagree with the theory, as I believe only non-biological being will escape this planet, I'm not sure such technology will be available to all, as initially it would be too expensive for the Plebs and no doubt the rich may wish to ring fence it for themselves. With increased automation in any event, the Plebs would become surplus to requirements and any intelligence superior to that of mere humans, would probably take over in any event. So, even if such an option was on offer, would you wish to live forever ?