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  1. Brexit's losers -

    I agree visa v Germany; they are clearly hissed off at providing the largess to all these begging bowls; but the way it seems to work is that they lend the money for the rest to buy their cars etc, then still demand interest on the loans (EG Greece). The problem is Con, we can't "mean it", because we have an EU 5th column in Parliament determined to wreck the will of the people as per the referendum result, and with some in the Tory Party, seek to sabotage any display of our real strengths. EG: the future of EU citizens in the UK, which imo should be a card to play. I can't see that Poland would welcome the return of over 3 million ex-pats to start consuming their public services and benefits. We've also got this obsession with the single market, which is in reality, no more than a glorified protection racket and any reversion to WTO rules is a two way street - thus tit for tat tariffs - if that's how they want to play it. The reality is, there is no such thing as a "soft" Brexit; anything less than leaving the single market, the customs union and the ECoJ, means we're still in the EU, but with no political input (like Norway).
  2. Brexit's losers -

    What the Gov don't seem to realise, is that the EU has to be seen to give us a bad deal; in order to stop the other 27 from exiting too. The east Europeans are at odds with Brussels over their migrant inflicting dictatorship, the southern Europeans are struggling with basket case economies; the only thing keeping them together is their belief in handouts from Brussels. Well, if we leave them with a 20% hole in their budgets, it's going to sting; so they're trying to bluff £billions out of us to soften the blow.
  3. Brexit's losers -

    .. and now the Tories have caved in and are using bribery as a tool of negotiation; offering £20billion for the privilege of staying in the single market for two more years and receiving continued migration from the EU. Clearly, the majority of politicians believe themselves to be above the will of the people.
  4. Will Fat Boy get his nukes ?

    Well it is one of the three options !
  5. Grid lock -

    Diz, this was earlier than that, and sadly now the norm - queues in Battersby Lane, and around the Island, Orford Laneski. Getting back to the question, can't see two toll bridges in Widnes improving matters - can you ?
  6. Most popular name ?

    Perhaps a gender neutral name - just to be on the safe side ? !
  7. Most popular name ?

    been on holiday Fugs ?
  8. Will Fat Boy get his nukes ?

    Well, he's going to have to go some to catch up to the Yanks !
  9. Grid lock -

    Slightly more important than being stuck in traffic.
  10. Grid lock -

    Finished up in a queue of traffic along Battersby Lane, which was backing up from Bridge Foot. So thought to myself, if this is how bad it is now, what's going to happen when tolls are placed on the two Widnes bridges ?
  11. Lots and lots of talking and hand wringing from the international community, but no solid solutions on offer. 1) Economic sanctions won't work, as Putin said " they'll eat grass before giving up their nuke programme". Kim has a point of course, why shouldn't he have his nukes, to "deter" the US and others from regime change ? From the West's point of view; if he really does represent a threat to the current world order, it would seem two options present themselves: either take him out or his country out; something Western liberals wouldn't have the stomach for. so will continue wringing their hands. So as the saying goes, we'll just have to put up or shut up.
  12. Nutters -

    Seems one in four girls aged around 14, suffer from depression. One wonders how previous generations managed to grow up.
  13. Nutters -

    Come on Dave, gender neutral underwear please !
  14. MPs walking the tightrope -

    The champagne socialist inside the M25 bubble, like Shaka Unnuna; criticising the detached comments of Rees-Mogg on food banks, while wading into regular restaurant meals at over £50 a pop. All of them taking regular pay rises over the time that essential public sector workers have been capped on 1%. Time the stables were cleaned out, if the penny ever drops with the electorate.
  15. MPs walking the tightrope -

    The problem is Dave, as with all politics and especially the Labour Party: it all comes down to dogma rather than common sense or even representation. MPs straight out of UNI into research jobs, then into a safe seat, without the slightest notion of how traditional Labour supporters think, let alone live, pontificate on subjects coloured by their trendy peers. The majority of MPs are Remoaners, who completely mis-read the public mood over Brexit, and now arrogantly assume it was the "uneducated, racist and xenophobic" masses that got it wrong, and that rational judgement belongs to them alone. Ironically to a point they may be right, as it was some of those same masses who evidently voted them back into Parliament at the G/Election.