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  1. Saronie

    Past Warrington Cinemas

    and Kent Street Mission on Sunday!!
  2. Saronie

    Morris Dancers Buses

    I am looking for photographs of buses owned by local morris dancing troupes. Especially those used by Mrs Percival and the RONETTES of Warrington. saronie@live.co.uk
  3. Saronie

    Mersey now "clean"?

    The salford end has airators , as the locks are used for many sporting events the mersey ferry tour of the canal is good especially for lovers of wild life
  4. Saronie

    Transporter Bridge

    Thanks for the welcome, I have been around since 2004 but only became active on the internet when I became "semi" retired recently.
  5. Saronie

    Mersey now "clean"?

    Would you swim in Pennington Flash ? but they held the iron man swimming section in it.
  6. Saronie

    Fire Engines M6

    does anyone know why there are about 20 fire appliances parked up in the northbound works unit on the M6 at Newton-le-Willows
  7. on the "ice cold in alex" picture there is an Austin Metropolitan - I wonder if it was the one owned by Mr Bridge who owned a DIY shop on padgate lane?
  8. here is the wikipedia link about Gartons http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gartons_Agricultural_Plant_Breeders I found it very interesting
  9. Saronie

    Stretton Airstrip

    I see on Winwick Lane (M6 J23 to Lowton Lane Head)there is a large wind sock in one of the farmers fields, wonder if this for landing or as a guide for crop spraying?
  10. Saronie

    What's That Smell?

    Oh memories of the bone works at woolston
  11. I has been reported that the threepenny bit church at Lowton has been closed down this week by H&S
  12. Saronie

    Old people

    Everyone in the country could spell K E Y N S H A M but could they spell Bristol?
  13. Saronie

    Old people

    did anyone go to the Ritz to watch Peter Brough and Archie Andrews? did you get a mini mouth organ off Larry Addler? do you remember the late night pop concerts at the Odeon, I think Dave Warwick ran them
  14. Saronie

    Past Warrington Cinemas

    /no mrntion of the Cameo. I seem to remember the rendezvous cinema / coffee bar / dance hall where Hilden House is now they opened the foyer as a cafe during the day
  15. Saronie

    Mersey Ports Master Plan

    I worked on the corner of forrest street for many years and i remember that wheh they opened knutsford road bridge on a sunny day, it expanded and they could not close it. the fire brigade would punp water on it to cool it down.