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  1. A month back, my old Alfa suddenly developed a weird cutting out problem which left me kangarooing along at 20 mph. Fortunately, there was a hard shoulder and an exit not too far away that allowed me to get off but if that had happened on a smart motorway it could have been a disaster. The figures suggest that the number of recorded near miss incidents has increased twenty fold on these roads which to me indicates that someone skimped on the safety assessment. Bill
  2. So if I know the year the road was built and can gauge the distance between lamp posts, I'd have a 50% chance of being able to guess the speed limit depending on the classification. Looks like going with the flow makes more sense. Hey Stallard, don't you just love the way we do things over here! Bill
  3. Well I'm still confused then because I've never really understood how street lights equate to speed limits. As far as I know Winwick Road has a 40 mph limit for most of it's length and that has street lights (i think). I've just Googled down Midland Way and see plenty of lamps but no speed signs? Maybe I'll just continue to go with the flow and not worry about it. Bill
  4. Given the size of the UK, it’s probably just easier and cheaper at the moment to use road transport for goods. I’ve spent a lot of time in the states, and there, the railways carry huge amounts long distances so there are very few trucks on the interstate motorways compared to the UK. Even when the cost of fuel becomes prohibitive, I doubt rail as we know it will be the answer and instead we’ll probably use semi-autonomous road trains that can then simply be driven to their final destination. Bill
  5. A slight digress, but what's the actual speed limit on the "Expressway"? I believe it's 30 mph, but when it's not congested, most seem quite happy doing 40 or more. I always feel a bit uncertain when driving along there as I don't like holding others up but equally I don't want a ticket. Bill
  6. Given the choice, most of us would prefer the convenience of a car, however councils seem to disagree with this and prefer us all to use bikes and public transport. But given they can’t force us to use the bus, they instead do as little as possible for the motorist, even to the point where it looks like they’re deliberately trying to make it more difficult for private car owners to get around. Fast forward to 2050 where we’re all electric and most of the environmental arguments won’t exist. People will still prefer to own a private car over a shared-self-driving Ubermoiles but either way,
  7. So did you see their plans to build a brand new 1000 bed isolation hospital from scratch? They reckon it'l be ready in a few of days! Bill :}
  8. Following previous outbreaks, think a huge number of Chinese have permanently adopted mask wearing, even to the point where some see them as fashion items. Last year I was on Devil's Causeway in Northern Ireland, miles from any civilisation with a strong wind blowing directly off the Atlantic. You probably couldn't have wished for cleaner fresher air anywhere in the world, yet the place was full of Chinese tourists, all wearing their masks. Bill
  9. Well that always happens when too many try to jump on the same specialist bandwagon irrespective of where they’re located. Running might be a big thing right now but supplying only running shoes seriously limits the number of visitors, so to keep them coming back they need to be right on their game. It seems very few shops these days stand the test of time and even the big names are deserting our town centres. Perhaps they should look at stores like Handcock and Woods and see if they can work out what the magic formula is. Bill
  10. Well like most people I’m only going off what I hear and see on the news but if you know better, then feel free to update me of exactly when it was worse. You’ve made your views on climate change/global warming very clear and I even agree with much of what you say but the authorities (while not directly blaming climate change), do say the that the scale of this disaster is down to the weather. The fire authorities said they couldn’t carry out a lot of the preventative burns they normally do, not because of any locked gates or green issues but simply because of the weather conditions this
  11. I’m sure they’ll be discussing this very point at their meeting today. Given the strong public opinion, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Queen tells Harry to get this right because one isn’t going to be seen bailing anyone out. Bill
  12. I'm no big fan of Greggs but my grandkids certainly aren't very happy that they've stopped doing the meat and potato bakes. These poor excuses for a proper meat and tata pie were apparently just a northern regional option, who'd have thought that? Bill
  13. Well yes, according to one of the Labour party wannabees, which I found a bit surprising. Personally, I reckon if they want to distance themselves from the royal family and become financially independent, then they should organise their own security, at least while outside the country. Bill
  14. I’d hope that most thinking people would look at the big picture about what’s happening over there rather than take the word of an Aussie drongo with an internet conspiracy theory. Clearly these are the worst fires they’ve ever had and yes, some of the environmental laws haven’t helped but the consensus view of the professionals is that extreme weather conditions over the last year has been the primary cause. These unusual conditions may well be linked to global warming, but equally so, it could just be down to the natural variability of the weather and that’s never going to change.
  15. That'd depend how hungry they were, otherwise they might not have a leg to stand on. Bill
  16. Bill

    Merry Christmas

    Broadly speaking, your are correct Sid. Bill
  17. Bill


    No not at all. There’s always been help for the needy, we just never referred to them as foodbanks in the past. But think about how things have changed since you and I were lads. Back then most people tended to remain in the town where they were born and work there too, so families were always a lot closer together than they are these days. Then consider also the fact that most of us lived in streets where we had neighbours that we could always borrow a cup of sugar from but today the term neighbourly is almost unheard of. Fewer people go to church, socialise in a local pub, shop at local
  18. Bill

    Merry Christmas

    Never mind the quantity Gary, it's the quality that counts! Bill:)
  19. Bill


    No child in this country should ever go hungry but if they do, who’s fault is it? The poor blame the government while the rich point fingers at the parents but sadly to me, to some extent, they’re both right. It’s all relative though because one person’s definition of poverty would be another’s idea of sheer luxury but wherever we set the defining point for poverty, there’ll always be some who, rightly or wrongly, consider themselves hard done by. This makes it an almost impossible problem to solve, especially for a government, short of driving us all into communism. For me, if anyon
  20. Bill

    Merry Christmas

    Same here. I'm starting to believe there might be something in this global warming thing. Only kidding I think it's about 5C at the moment. Anyway, hope all my forum mates all had a very merry Christmas and I'm just going to start getting a bit merrier now I'm done with the day's driving. Bill
  21. Bill


    But wasn't it the case that 90% of their business and staff was already US based? Bill
  22. In any case most of the current hospital isn't that old, probably 20/30 years tops so either the planners weren't forward thinking enough or as Davy says it's just overcrowded with people who should just see a local doctor or take an lemsip. Bill
  23. i agree with Gary, as far as I can see there's nothing wrong with the place other than the lack of parking spaces and too much time wasted on form filling. Bill
  24. Perhaps that's because their always ill from all the bugs that folk take into their surgery. Fortunately I don't often need to see a doctor but when I do, I never seem to have any problems getting an appointment the same day. I was in hospital yesterday for a minor procedure, all arranged and done in less than a week. First rate service which makes me wonder what all the fuss is about. Bill
  25. I wonder how long it will be before they stop doing that? I know it's not that expensive but I always get my ticked validated for free in the market and most times we end up spending money in there so I guess it's working well for the market traders. Question though. The sign in the new car park says the place gets locked at 10 pm which seems a bit early if your going for a night out. ????? Bill
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