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  1. Just thinking about this, when you shop these days, details of what and how much you buy are stored on their systems so couldn’t a check be made to identify the people who are causing the problems with panic buying. Not saying name and shame them but a gentle email reminder that they’ve been spotted might dissuade them from doing it again. We have Big Brother so why not use it for the national good rather than just sending out discount coupons,


    Bill :)

  2. My normal Wednesday night pub is a tiny real ale place in Caddishead called the Grocers but before last nights announcement, the pub had already decided to close temporarily and return it to being a local store selling products such as fruit and veg grown in the local area. Many of the pubs customers were farmers or had allotments and it was quite normal to see bags of spuds and eggs being swapped for beer. 


    Bill :)

  3. My business is small, only employing 12 staff but the technology allows us to work 100% from home, however working from home does have its downsides not least the social isolation it creates.

    Before I set up my business, I spent two years locked away in a small room developing a product and other than meals or an occasional cuppa, I didn’t see or speak with anyone. I used to joke about it being like a prison without bars on the windows. I eventually realized that having no proper interaction with people wasn’t great, I hardly spoke with the wife and the postman used to drop the mail and run. This was self-imposed isolation but none the less it brought home to me the problems of working from home and the importance of getting out and interfacing face to face with others.

    Before this crisis, my staff were already working remotely from home but were asked to try and come to the office at least a couple of days each week to maintain a sense of teamworking. The more local lads seem to prefer to come in most days and I think this shows that working from home isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

    Current situation is everyone works from home and I just call in every few days to check for any mail.


    Bill 😊

  4. Asp

    Well if there are three confirmed cases in Warrington, the consensus view is that there will be at least ten times that many infected that have not yet been detected or not showing the symptoms. Take this number and double it every three days and this time next month there will be 30,700 infected and the week after that the number grows to more than the whole population of Warrington.

    If it’s all a load of hype as you say Asp then people and governments around the world have all been fooled. Where do you read this stuff :)


    Bill 😊

  5. Whether to go on a course of treatment can be a difficult decision and not helped when the specialist admits that all the test results were inconclusive, and that’s the situation I found myself in a couple of months back. Over the past few years, I’ve been having what I believed to be IBS but after a couple of colonoscopies and an MRI scan it was suggested that it may be Crone’s disease.

    The treatment was to take an immuno-suppressant drug for a period of two months but on reading up on this, the side effects seemed drastic for what still could be just normal IBS. As you know, side effects are normally classified as extremely small percentage chances but with this, it was words like almost certainly and high probability, so I decided against it.

    So, you can imagine my relief this morning when a medical expert said that this kind of drug would put anyone taking it into one of the highest risk groups for Coronavirus. Phew!


    Bill :)

  6. Ha ha.

    These bloody averts aren’t so great though and I’m stating to get a bit worried.

    Last week it was all half naked ladies and dating agencies but now it’s all Funeral Directors.

    Does Google know something I don’t?


    Nah! don't be daft, not even Google knows more than me :)


    Bill :)

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  7. Well I’ve just got back from Sainsburys and there were an awful lot of completely empty shelves after the weekend stampede. It seemed to be all the popular basics that had gone i.e. no Heinz baked beans but plenty of Sainsburys own brand. No mince beef but plenty of the more expensive choice cuts. No potatoes except the pricey new ones and so on.

    On a more positive note, it was good to see that all the staff were really working like Trojans trying to get the stuff back on the shelves like their lives depended on it. And chatting to others (at a slight distance) everyone was appalled at what had happened but none the less most made light of it and kept smiling.

    Overall, it wasn’t quite as bad as I expected and we managed to get just sufficient to last the week.

    Oh, and sorry, it was me who got the last loaf.


    Bill 😊

  8. Blimey Asp, how many more times?

    Your PC has an ad-blocker. (100% certain)

    It’s nothing to do with how the site is accessed. (100% certain)

    We’re all going to die. (100% certain)

    What you think and know are two different things 😊 (100% certain)


    Bill 😊

  9. Confused.

    That’s no problem. I seem to remember in the dim and distant having a gets together with other forumites where this was one of the items on the agenda but as usual it turned out to be more of a drinking session, so not exactly a waste of time.

    I used to also use the Guardian forum which initially was very active but as they continually added more and more invasive advertising it became such hard work that everyone abandoned it, Their web pages are so bad now I don’t even bother trying to look at them and rely on WWW 100% for my local news.

    It’s a shame that this forum isn’t as well used as it should be these days and with an ageing population with time on their hands and a bit more in tune with technology it could still be turned around. I know in the past Gary was always concerned about kids and idiots creating havoc here and didn’t want the hassle of trying to police it, hence it never really got promoted. These days though, the forum’s not a target for kids or the unwanted as they now have multiple social media sites giving them a perfect outlet for their angst.


    Bill :)

  10. Confused,

    Eh up who’s criticising Gary? The only thing I said was that he’s probably forgotten to renew the subscription, a thing that’s easy to do and as I said, I’ve done the same myself.

    As for it being a free forum, again that’s not a criticism, it's what they're classed as and the vast majority are supplied this way. They might be called free forums but they do require some small payments to keep them advert free, which up until now has been via WWW or Gary’s own pocket.

    The thorny issue of who pays for the forum has been brought up several times in the past with no outcome. Personally, I wouldn’t have any objections to chipping in, but others here say just use a blocker, so it’d end up just me paying. 


    Bill :)

  11. Again, you shouldn’t need a technical expert before you can use this site and allowing it to go the same way as the Guardian forum went will be disappointing, especially for those with less abilities.

    This sort of thing is normally limited to little obscure websites created by private individuals rather than a professional internet-based business.


    Bill :)

  12. In my experience, all message board like this exist purely to make money, either from the user’s direct subscriptions OR from selling advertising space. They pretty much all offer a free service, and ALL can control the advertising for a premium. If this one can’t it must be from MickyMouse.com.

    I used to pay the subscriptions for my business forum on a two-yearly basis (about £100 a year) but I forgot to renew it one time and had a huge rash of complaints from customers.

    The Warrington Guardian is a classic case where their site is unusable due to the advertising, unless of course you’re a smart arse capable of tinkering with the PC which most people are not. A small amount of advertising such as top and bottom banners is tolerable but I’m sure this is a case of not paying anything.

    But I'll stand to be corrected.


    Bill :)

  13. My alternate plan is to lock all over 70s away for a couple of weeks then throw a huge party for the younger generation.

    They all catch the virus but it’s not bad, they don’t need a hospital and they’re all immune in a couple of weeks so the virus can’t spread.

    Then let the oldies out for their party.

    Whola! Sorted and everyone's a winner (aside from the hangovers).

    Who needs these experts.


    Bill :)

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  14. That most certainly is the case Asp.

    Adverts, which aren't viruses btw must be getting removed by something else on your PC probably some kind of blocker. And before we start a whole debate on what we should have to do to stop seeing this rubbish, lets give Gary the benefit of doubt and assume it’s just an oversight because he’s too busy jogging around the town.


    Bill :) 

  15. My understanding of most forums is that unless you pay an annual fee you'll get adverts. Pay a small fee and this plague of ads will vanish, pay a slightly higher fee and the less annoying banners top and bottom will go as well.

    This is as bad as it gets so it's probably due to Gary either forgetting to renew the subscription or just giving up on us. ;)


    Bill :)


  16. I'll put money on the fact that that wasn't done by the people most at risk but by stupid selfish people. It's media pictures like that created the situation in the first place. 

    btw I don’t want to catch it, not because I’m overly worried for myself but because I don’t want to pass it onto others who may be less able to deal with it. And anyone who thinks I’m overreacting or taken in by hype should keep their thoughts to themselves.


    Bill :)

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  17. Or the handle of the shopping trolly!

    I’m with Observer on this one. I understand what the government are trying to do but they’re not going to slow down the virus spread just as long as we have people who say they don’t care because think it’s all a load of rubbish and that more people have died in other circumstances. The thing not to loose sight of is that we don’t yet know how far this will go but we’ve already reached the stage where we can’t go to the hospital of even see a doctor and it’s going to get a whole lot worse.


    Bill :)

  18. Agree with everything you say about the financial situation but unless you’re playing on the short-term markets, everything is going to return to normal eventually.

    On the virus thing though, I don’t think you can blame anyone, especially seniors for being concerned, given the exponential rate of spread and how easy it is to get infected. Apparently, we all need to get this at some point for our immune system to be able to fight it and that will most definitely kill off a lot of people before any vaccine is developed.

    Whether or not all this is an over reaction depends on your point of view, but when all the scientific and medical experts from around the world recommend a course of action that we don’t think is necessary, then clearly, our point of view is flawed. The UK's plan is to not jump too early with the shutdowns but to try and push the peak of the infections back as far into the spring as possible so much of our country remains open for business. 

    Looks like we're both going to loose out on our foreign travel plans. :(  :(  :(


    Bill :)

  19. Well they said it was a man and there lies the problem.

    I think I can understand why names or photographs are withheld in police investigations but in the case of spreading a virus, wouldn't it make sense to identify the person so that anyone who knows them that may have been in contact would know?


    Bill :)

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